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Virtual Accountant | How To Avoid A Payroll Audit

Industry Canada has said that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will end up failing, and virtual accountant says that one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail is because they run out of money. When the significant way that entrepreneurs can avoid running out of...

Virtual CFO | Calculating The Gross Margin In A Business

Not only is it very important for an entrepreneur to understand all of the various expenses in their business says virtual CFO, but understanding that, can help an entrepreneur calculate the gross margin in their business which can help them avoid running out of...

Virtual CFO | Understanding Direct And General Expenses

Understanding the difference between general and overhead expenses can help entrepreneurs calculate gross margin in their business says virtual CFO. The reason why this is important is when an entrepreneur understands how much money they are making in their business,...

Virtual CFO | Understanding Profit Margin

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks did a survey of small business owners, testing them on their financial literacy says virtual CFO. They were asked questions about what balance sheets are, what are accruals and how to improve cash flow. Out of all of the respondents,...

Virtual CFO | Calculating The Businesses Profit Margin

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do according to virtual CFO, is calculate the profit margin of their business. The reason why, is if an entrepreneur can understand their profit margin, they can ensure that they are making enough money on the...

Virtual CFO | Learning How To Calculate Profit Margins

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs learn early on in their business how to calculate the profit margin in their business says virtual CFO. The reason why many entrepreneurs do not understand this already is because many entrepreneurs get into their business...