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Virtual CFO | Should Target Markets Be In Executive Summaries


Not only is it important for business owners to identify their target market when they create their business plans as virtual CFO. But they should also be putting their target markets into the executive summaries of their business plan as well. Since the executive summary is the most important section of the business plan. Simply because it is often that the only section that is read by people making high-level decisions.

Therefore, when business owners include the target market that they’ve identified in the executive summary of their business plan. Not only will they be more likely to succeed, because they know who their target market is. But they will also be far more likely to obtain important financing or loans that they need to grow their business as well.

But identifying the target markets can be a challenge for many business owners. The reason why according to Virtual CFO. Is because many business owners try to have as large a target market as possible. Sometimes even saying that the entire city is there market area.

The reason why this is not a good idea, is because the larger the area is. The harder it’s going to be for an entrepreneur to try to Market to it consistently. business owners need to understand that in order to get a return on their Investments of marketing, they need to get in front of their ideal and likely customers an average of 4.3 times before they will buy something.

Keeping this in mind, virtual CFO says that when business owners try to markets to an extremely large area. They need to know that they should be marketing at least a five times in that method. Before it’s going to generate results.

So it is much more difficult for business owners to Market to an extremely large area five times. Then it would be for a business owner to Market to a small area five times. If an entrepreneur can only afford to send 5000 Flyers out when they start to market their business. The recommendation would be to Market to 1,000 people five times. Instead of five thousand people once.

By understanding this concept, business owners will be able to come up with a marketing strategy that is cost-effective. And we’ll give them a return on their investment. Since business owners will only have a very small marketing budget to start with. This is the most cost-effective way of approaching marketing. That will allow them to get a return on their investments and grow the revenue of their business.

If his owners do not know who the target market of their business is, they can always talk to their virtual CFO. Who is going to help them figure it out. Although the recommendation is typically for entrepreneurs to start with the geographical location of their business.

Women’s owners understand who their target market is, they will be far more likely to increase their business. that will allow them to increase their revenue, and know that in order to succeed, they can use some of that increased Revenue to starts to Market to a larger Target area.

Virtual CFO | Should Target Markets Be In Executive Summaries

It is very important for business owners to understand how important their marketing plan is Says virtual CFO. It is so important. That it should be affecting all other aspects of an entrepreneur’s business plan. However one of the most important aspects of a business owner’s marketing plan is there target market.

Business owners also need to realize that if they do not have a business plan, they could be setting themselves up for failure. The reason why does virtual CFO. Is because studies were done to find out how effective a business plan was in helping an entrepreneur succeed. The software company, Palo Alto conducted this survey. And found out that their business owners were 50% more likely to succeed if they had a business plan then entrepreneurs who did not have any business plans at all.

So if entrepreneurs are serious at wanting to succeed in their business. They should take the time to sit down with their virtual CFO. And create a business plan as well as a marketing plan. By doing this, business owners will be able to increase their business just by having a plan.

However, the better of plan is, the more likely it will be at helping a business owner increase their revenue even more. Because of that, business owners should be including the target market of their business. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be able to specify exactly who they are going to Market stew in their business, which will help them hit the ground running when they start to Market in their business.

Since most business owners lack marketing funds when they first open the doors to their businesses. Virtual CFO says having a nice small Target markets, can help an entrepreneur Market more consistently to that area. Even if they have very little money.

A smaller target market means that business owners can easily go out and introduce themselves to the people in their area. And it also means that it’s going to take a smaller advertising budget to reach all of these potential customers. This is why it’s incredibly effective for business owners to start small.

If they tried to Market to an extremely large area. It would take a business owner a significant amount of time to personally reach out to each person. And they would have to do that five times in order to see a return on that effort. Therefore starting small, is an incredibly effective strategy says virtual CFO.

They should be including this target market in their executive summary according to Virtual CFO. Simply because the target market is going to directly impact several aspects of the business plan as well as a marketing plan. Having it at the beginning can help remind a business owner who their target market is.

As they get a return on their investments from a small target market. Business owners can start to increase the revenue, and eventually increase their target market as they can afford to. By keeping this in mind, business owners will be able to use their business plan to significantly help their business grow.