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Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

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How to Get Started

Clients who would like to know more about our services are encouraged to call us at 780-665-4949, email us at, or fill out our web form on .

Initial Questionnaire by Phone

The first step is going through a short, 5-minute questionnaire by phone. This allows us to determine if our services are likely to be a good fit for your business. It also allows us to have enough information on hand to maximize the value we can provide in your free initial consult.

Can I Do the Initial Questionnaire by Email?

Although going through the initial questionnaire by phone is usually quicker and allows us to address any uncertainties immediately, we can also send out the initial questionnaire by Email.

Do I Need to Have Any Information Handy to Do the Questionnaire?

Absolutely not! The questionnaire consists of relatively simple questions designed to give us a rough idea of your circumstances. Estimates or uncertainties are fine at this stage.

Scheduling the Free Initial Consult

Immediately after you provide the initial questionnaire answers by phone, we will let you know our upcoming available meeting slots and get you scheduled in. If you did the initial questionnaire by Email, the emailed questions will include at least 10 of our upcoming meeting slots for you to choose from! Although it’s important to note that our meeting slots are booked on a first come first serve basis, so it’s a good idea to respond to the email as soon as possible and select a couple of slots if practical. Alternatively, you can always call in and get our up to date availability.

Do You Do Evening & Weekend Appointments?

Although our regular hours of operation are 9AM – 5PM, we are available for pre-scheduled early evening appointments every day of the week and all day on Saturday!

Information to Bring to The Free Initial Consult?

As soon as the meeting is scheduled, we will email you a list of documents that you should try to bring to the meeting. These documents will give us more specific background into your circumstances and allow us to provide the most value during the initial consult.

If I’m Having Trouble Gathering the Information Should I Reschedule?

Absolutely Not! Not having the requested information readily available is a good indication that you need to hire a new accountant sooner rather than later. Most new clients will need our help gathering some or all of the information that we request.

Why Don’t You Just Provide A Price by Phone?

The rules for Chartered Professional Accountants in Albert state that we should have a complete understanding of the client before quoting a price and for good reason! Obtaining an accounting price over the phone is like calling a dentist and trying to get a quote on fixing your toothache before they do the exam. If you get an accounting quote before the accountant has taken the time to learn about your business, there is a good chance that either the services quoted aren’t going to be right for your business or a good chance that you are going to be hit with extra costs later.

Parking at Spurrell & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

Although we are close to the downtown core, we have FREE angled parking right outside our front door!

How Long Is the Consult?

We set aside a full 2-hour block for initial client meetings! Although initial meetings can be as short as 30 minutes, we make sure we have enough time blocked off to fully understand your business, present our recommended services, and answer any questions you may have. We have heard many times that our free initial consult is more informative than several years of paid service with another accountant.

How Is the Coffee?

We’re not trying to be the best small business accounting firm with bad coffee. We only serve high quality Nespresso coffee brewed to perfections with a natural “crema” on top. We try to stock light, medium, and dark. We can even have a milk frother to make cappuccino!

Can We Do the Initial Meeting by Phone?

Whenever possible we try to do the initial meeting by phone. This helps us get to know the person behind the phone and provides us the opportunity to do a tour of our offices. As our equipment and layout is integral to the services we provide, ideally, we like to help the clients understand how the services are being delivered. That being said, many of our ongoing meetings take place via phone. Thus, we are fully setup to do any meetings by phone. We only ask that you have a computer with an internet connection in front of you during the meeting so we can present relevant documents to you using our free web presentation software.

When Do I Get My Fixed Monthly Fee Quote?

Towards the end of the free consultation, we will be in a position to present a fixed fee monthly quote.

How Reliable Is the Quote?

As we have been providing fixed fee quotes for quite some time and we take our time during the initial consult, it’s rare that our fixed fee will be adjusted after being quoted. Normally we look at adjusting fees at year end, as we help you grow your business, and the project gets larger.

What’s the Next Step After I Sign On?

We are a firm believe in the saying “what get’s scheduled get’s done”. Thus, assuming you’re not behind on any filings, we normally schedule our initial planning meeting before you leave. If you are behind on your filings, we normally give you a list of documents to provide. As soon as the documents are dropped of or provided electronically, we schedule a meeting in advance to review the year end on the anticipated completion date.

What If I Have an Immediate Deadline?

To succeed in business most successful entrepreneurs develop the ability to plan and stick to a reasonable schedule. This prevents them from moving from emergency to emergency with their capacities clouded in a sense of disarray. That being said, we recognize that many people are hiring a new accountant because they’ve gotten behind or someone else has let them down. If you have an impending deadline prior to your initial consult, let us know when you schedule. We will endeavour to address the deadline prior to the meeting. Often, the time pressure can be removed by requesting extensions, filing estimates, or prepaying projected amounts owing. Again, just book in for the next available initial consult and let us know if you believe a deadline will pass prior to your initial meeting. We will do our best to reach out by phone or email prior to your meeting, to provide guidance and support.



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