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Every Canadian Household needs a CEO that knows the secrets to #BeatTheOdds at building generational wealth.

Myths of money and wealth

Learn about the inflationary monetary system that moves the money from the people who do the work to the top 20% of Canadians who have a net worth $1.2 million or more.


The average Canadian spends 43% of their income in tax. Most don’t understand how the system works and how to cut their tax bill in half or better yet build wealth at 0% tax.


47% of Canadians are living pay cheque to pay cheque. Learn how to cut your cost of living in half so you can afford to buy assets that pay you while you sleep at any income level.

Real Estate

Learn mortgage qualification tricks, learn to responsibly manage debt, and build a multi million-dollar, tax efficient real estate portfolio, even with average income.


Bank mutual funds & ETFs consistently underperform the best sectors of the market and trigger unnecessary tax. Learn the exact platforms, timing, stocks, and other assets that historically get +10% returns often with 0% tax.

Buying & Selling Businesses

Learn how to acquire a business with $0 down and sell it for $1,000,000 tax free. Learn how you can use this strategy to retain and enrich key employees.


96% of businesses fail and 72% of the time it’s due to lack of customers or cash flow. Learn specific actionable steps to find an abundance of customers who pay fair prices to maximize the value of any current or future business you purchase.

Trusts & Generational Wealth

Over 110,000 Canadians and their businesses are forced into bankruptcy each year. More than 50% of all marriages and common law partnerships breakdown. Learn to protect your wealth and generate tax free income across generations.

Location & Times

West Edmonton Mall

The Comic Strip On Bourbon Street

17700 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4V4

Saturday November 4, 2023 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday May 11, 2024 8AM-5:00PM LIMITED SEATING

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Hotel & Mall Amenities

Sobering Statistics

The purchasing power of each dollar has decreased by approximately 50% in the last 10 years and the rate of inflation is increasing.

The price of an average home has risen from 5 times the median salary 25 years ago to 20 times the median salary today.

56% of workers over the age of 50 are forced out of their job before their chosen retirement age.

96% of businesses fail.

The average Canadian retires with less than 1/3 the recommended savings.

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Real advice from investors and entrepreneurs not sales people:

Many conferences are led by unionized employees of banks, universities, and government who don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel themselves. Others are led by sales peoples trying to sell a product or service they don’t actually use. All the presenters are real world investors and entrepreneurs who are actually implementing the strategies being presented.  

No up-sells

All of the information that we teach is practical information you can implement without hiring any of the presenters or signing up for some overpriced course at the presentation.


Your network becomes your net worth. Most business events are swarming with salespeople and multi-level marketers, not investors or people who start real businesses. Unfortunately, most of our family and friends will give us the wrong advice albeit with the best of intentions. If you want to join the 1% you have to make connections with other people who have a 1% mindset.

Real Investor & Entrepreneur Speakers

Josh Spurrell, CPA

Josh Spurrell has studied, owned, and advised small businesses for over 2 decades. Unlike most CPA’s he started his business career in the “real world” owning a construction company. He used this real world business savvy to build Canada’s top CPA and small business consulting firm, Spurrell & Associates.

Trevor Samons

Trevor Samons is the co-founder and CEO of the top rated marketing and business coaching company in Canada. He has operated several small businesses with his wife and business partner Karen. Trevor is passionate about helping businesses grow, to create time and financial freedom for the owners.

Yahweh Mataguinas

Yahweh Matuguinas is a co-owner and COO of Edmonton highest rated bookkeeping company, Always Bookkeeping. He is passionate about giving business owners easy to understand financial reports, so they can make winning decisions. If you want to understand your financial statements and receive valuable advice on how to grow your business, he is your guy!

Matt Hammond, CFP

Matt Hammond is the founder and CEO of Sunesis Financial, Sherwood Parks top Certified Financial Planner. Unlike most CFP’s who have never ventured beyond the security of working for a large financial institution, Matt is an entrepreneur himself. This allows him to recognize cookie cutter financial advice that only works for employees and provide financial advice that is actually relevant for business owners.

Kevin Staigh

Kevin Staigh is the founder and CEO of Halo Power, Sherwood Parks top electrical contractor. Kevin is a Certified Master Electrician with over 2 decades of experience. He is passionate about sharing his experiences about how systemizing your business and schedule, will increase the performance of even the most highly trained technicians.

Denise Mitra

Denise Mitra is a co-owner and CEO of Edmonton highest rated bookkeeping company, Always Bookkeeping. Denise has had over 2 decades of experience in tax law and accounting. She enjoys using her experience to grow her team of bookkeepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attend if I don’t own a business?

Learning the principles of money and investing helps you beat the odds of building wealth. This applies to wage earning employees, start-up entrepreneurs, and established businesses alike. The sooner you realize that the finances of your household are a business the better.

Will I get a chance to ask questions?

We spend the first part of every section addressing questions from the prior section. We limit the number of attendees to ensure an interactive question and answer period.

Do I have to walk on fire or do breathing exercises?

No. We focus on strategies that will actually help you deposit more money at the bank.

Are there breaks?

There are 15 minute breaks at the conclusion of every section and a full hour for lunch.

Is food and accommodation provided?

No but there are a plethora of options at the hotel attached shopping centre.

Are you doing any events in other cities or online?

Given the staff, equipment, and other resources required to host these events, taking this show on the road would increase the cost of the tickets well beyond the cost of flights and accommodations to attend in Edmonton. Also, this is a bootcamp, not an online course designed to maximize attendance. Much of what we teach is counter to the prevailing narrative and requires long term diligence and sacrifice. We know those unwilling to book a plane ticket and show up early on a Saturday are unlikely to execute on the proven path provided. This is about learning long-term strategies that are statistically proven to increase the probabilities of building wealth, not high risk ‘get rich quick’ schemes. As we can’t preserve the interactive nature of the events with more than 100 participants, we will continue to deliver it only to those willing to show up in person. We hope to see you there!

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