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No degree or experience

No degree no problem. You can use experience gained from a fulltime paid accounting job at our firm to become a CPA and avoid student debt. We pay for team members who start with us at this point to register in a formal financial accounting course and a tax course within the first year.

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Some post secondary or experience

If you have some post secondary or some experience, your journey will be even faster. From here we will help you determine which courses will be necessary for you to enter the CPA Western School of Business PREP program and then we pay for you to register in those courses. All the while you will be gaining the paid experience necessary to become a CPA.

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Degree missing some CPA prerequisites

If you have a degree in any area or 5 years of accounting experience you can often go directly to the CPA Western School of Business PREP program. Now you can focus on just the core prerequisite courses required to enter the CPA PEP program. No need to go back to being a fulltime student or take a full program that often contain courses of little relevance for your career.

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Degree with all CPA prerequisites

This is the final leg of the journey. It normally takes about 3 three years if you are coming out of university with all the prerequisite courses. However, if you are coming from the experience path, that time can sometimes be reduced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for applying?

The first step is to fill out the form on this page. Then you will receive by email the times for our next in person info sessions, including what to bring to the info session. If selected, you will be called after the info session and offered a shadow day. During the shadow day you will get to spend time with the staff to see if it is a good fit and you will take a short skills test, to test natural aptitude. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study for the test. It is not about taxes or accounting. It simply tests natural aptitude. Then management evaluates hiring needs weekly and picks from recent shadow day attendees.

Are the people with degrees better?

Although people with degrees can progress down the career path quicker, they are not necessarily better at the job. Unfortunately, most aspects of undergraduate degrees give little preparation for real world work. We find the skills test that we have been running for over a decade is a better predictor for success in the role.

Are there any guarantees?

In life there are no guarantees. The CPA program is difficult and not everyone will make it. However, as the CPA program requires you to balance course work with a fulltime job, we find that people who are accustomed to having a busy schedule, tend to have an easier time with the CPA program.

Can I attend in another location, remotely, or do a one-on-one interview?

No. As teamwork is paramount to this role, we want to meet people in a group setting.

What is the starting wage and is it negotiable?

The starting wage is $18/hr. As the work we do is unique a large portion of the first year is spent learning. Therefore, we normally give annual raises, and the starting wage is not negotiable.

Are there other benefits?

Yes, we have an extended health benefits package.

What are the working hours, and can I work remotely?

You will get to work from world class team collaborative workstations in the office that help to accelerate your learning. As such, it is imperative that everyone be prepared to work 8AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday from our Edmonton office. Extra time may be required during busy seasons or to accommodate evening or Saturday client meetings.

What kind of training do I get?

You will be paired with a senior associate to receive direct one on one training upon starting. You will also report to a manager who is available to help you develop skills on higher level technical tasks. There is also a short group training session each morning and a more in-depth training session weekly. All of these are done during working hours. Simultaneously we will guide you on choosing formal courses from post secondary institutions.

When are the courses done?

The formal courses are done on your own time.

Will all my tuition be paid for?

To ensure cash constraints are not impeding our teams learning, we are happy to pay for all required courses upon registration. However, if you leave prior to 2 years post CPA designation, you will be required to repay the tuition expenditures on a reasonable repayment schedule.

Do I get to interact with clients?

Unlike other firms you will have significant phone and/or in person interaction with clients in your first year. We believe it produces higher client satisfaction and accelerates the growth of our team members.

What are the main things you are looking for?

Excellent verbal English skills, written English skills, and computer skills are required as a starting point for this role. Beyond that the best applicants are the ones that can articulate why they are truly committed to joining us on our long-term mission to help businesses beat the odds.

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