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Edmonton Accountant | No End to the Debate

Edmonton accountant needs to face the fact that there is a lot of debate between exactly how you process and how you itemize your assets and your expenses. For example, what do you do with paper and office supplies? What do you do with cars and equipment? What about...

Edmonton Accountant | an Asset Debate

Edmonton accountant really wants you to understand that descriptively it is not necessarily be long in the particular income statement when you talk about all of your assets and your expenses. On the other hand, it’s definitely going to go straight to the balance...

Edmonton Accountant | the Asset and Expense Debate

Yes, says Edmonton accountant, the asset and expense debate can be a rigourous one, however it can be very cut and dry if you use two very easy thresholds. The first threshold is if you’re piece of equipment, or if your physical thing is worth more than $1000, that...

Edmonton Accountant | a Necessary Jump for Assets

Edmonton accountant states the fact that there can be a very marked an important mistake in that if a lot of your inventory is less than thousand dollars, it shouldn’t necessarily be classified as an expense. On the other hand, it instead should be added to the asset...