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Edmondton Cpa Icon Incorporation

Incorporation & Corporate Reorganization

Starting with your accountant instead of your lawyer corporate registries can save you tax.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Financial Plan

Financial Plan & Tax Plan

The price of a good accountant can help often help you save more in tax than the accountant will cost.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Business Plans

Business Plans

Businesses with a business plan are 50% more likely to grow revenue. It’s easier than you think.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Business Loans

Sourcing Business Loans & Financing

Leveraging our formal plans and our network the business owner can often get financing that otherwise was not possible.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping & Financial Statements

Whether you need bi-weekly bookkeeping or annual financial statements we have a plan to keep you ready to make decisions.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Payroll Payables

Payroll & Payables

We can prepare all your payroll and payable bill payments so you can approve and pay digitally in one click.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Consulting Coaching

Consulting & Coaching

Your success is our success. Good advice does not cost extra. Utilize your professional accounting & business advisory team without the meter running.

Edmondton Cpa Icon Complex Tax Services

Complex Tax Services

Corporate returns, personal returns, T4s, T5s, T5018s audits we take care of it all.


We believe businesses owners fail, don’t get paid fairly for their efforts, or end up paying too much tax for 3 reasons:

  1. The entrepreneur doesn’t plan
  2. The entrepreneur doesn’t know their numbers
  3. The entrepreneur doesn’t have anywhere to turn for comprehensive guidance

Our mission is to help Canadian business beat the odds through planning, reporting, and analysis!

Our History

August 2011 – Josh Spurrell Professional Corporation incorporates and begins operating as a sole practitioner in Edmonton from Scotia Tower | March 2012 – The firm hires a second team member | April 2012 – Begins to digitally process payroll and payables for clients using electronic cash disbursement software | January 2013 – Introduced a cloud server to collaborate on QuickBooks Desktop files in real time, concurrently with clients | July 2015 – Re-brands to Spurrell & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants to reflect the merger of the 3 Canadian accounting designations and our growing team | May 2015 – Begins using web based QuickBooks Online to replace the QuickBooks Desktop files hosted in the cloud | August 2015 – Purchases commercial space and moves to Railtown in Edmonton for more space for the growing team and better parking for guests | January 2016 – Team completes QuickBooks Online advanced certification program and the firm is designated as a “Platinum Level ProAdvisor Firm” | March 2017 – Deploys 9 monitor team workstations to facilitate improved collaboration between teams and improve speed | April 2017 – Institutes flat fee monthly billing to encourage more client interaction and facilitate implementing automated systems for clients | December 2017​ – The firm has grown to 10 staff members | August 2018 – The firm starts publishing #askspurrellCPA videos to help entrepreneurs Canada wide | February 2019 – Hosted the first Beat The Odds #BeatTheOdds At Business Bootcamp| May 2019 – Becomes the best CPA Firm in Canada when judged by the most 5 stars Google reviews 

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