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What You’ll Learn From Real-World Entrepreneurs

Myths of Entrepreneurship

Learn how to avoid the costly myths of entrepreneurship spread by the 99.9% of people who don’t own successful businesses.

Scheduling Success

Whether you are bootstrapping or have millions you only get 168 hours per week. Learn how to organize your calendar for success on any budget.

Personal Finances

Learn to minimize tax and calculate how much you need to sell to pocket an additional $1,000 per month.

Business Planning

A business plan makes you 50% more likely to grow your revenue. Learn how to get the full benefits of a business plan in just 4 hours.

Page 1 of Google

Learn the 4 simple things you need to do to get to page 1 of Google and change your life.

Checklists & Templates

Learn how to write checklists and templates so you can build a million-dollar business without working 80 hours per week forever.

Financial Statements

Learn how to setup easy to read, 1-page financial reports so you can make better decisions quickly.

Building a Team

Learn how to do the work of an entire HR department in just 3 hours so you can build a team to crush the competition.

Location & Times

West Edmonton Mall

Fantasyland Hotel

17700 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4V4

Saturday November 23, 2019 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday February 29, 2020 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday September 12, 2020 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday November 14, 2020 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday September 11, 2021 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday January 8, 2022 8AM-5PM SOLD OUT

Saturday May 14, 2022 8AM-5PM LIMITED SEATING

To Learn More:

Sobering Statistics

9 out of 10 Small Businesses Fail

Entrepreneurs Work 63% more hours than employees

61% of Business Owners Earn less than employees


  • Proven Strategies from real entrepreneurs
  • Practical solutions that work in all industries
  • Organizing your schedule to create businessand life success
  • Personal financial planning strategies designed for entrepreneurs not employees
  • Time efficient business plans designed to grow businesses in the the real world
  • Practical marketing strategies that are proven to generate real customers
  • Setting up financial statements for efficient decisions without accounting knowledge
  • Using checklists & templates to get world-class results without working 80 hours per week
  • Time hacks to recruit & build competition crushing culture without professional HR costs
  • Ability to ask questions on everything we teach in a comfortable group size
  • Networking with real-world business owners without the insurance salesman and MLM’s

Most Video Testimonials of Any Business Bootcamp in Canada

Bootcamp Itinerary

8:00am – 8:45am
Lies of Entrepreneurship

Less than 1% of the population has ever started a business that lasts longer than 5 years, grows beyond 4 employees, and provides time and financial freedom for the owner. Most of the information you’re taught about business is from university professors, 1-man consultants, and government agencies who have never walked the proven path themselves. Learn the cold, hard truths about entrepreneurship to prevent misinformation from sabotaging your success.

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM –
Setting up Your Calendar

Whether you are bootstrapping your business or have 7 figure investment capital, you only get 168 hours in the week. How you spend those 168 hours is the most important factor when predicting success in business and in life. Yet, no one ever shows you the calendar of successful entrepreneurs. We show you the actual calendars of successful business owners and teach time blocking principles that transcend industries.

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Financial Planning

Most financial planning information available is written for employees not entrepreneurs. Learn how to minimize tax and how much sales you need to generate for every extra $1 ,OOO you want to take home. Learn why entrepreneurs need to consider time not just expense minimization. Learn how employees can get more return on their investment dollars by investing in their own businesses.

11:00 AM – 11:45AM
Business Planning

Business schools and government funded incubators teach you to write long elaborate business plans designed to outshine other business plans in business plan competitions. They encourage spending endless amounts Of time on market size, even though most business owners would be the richest person in their entire family with just 1% of the local market. We teach how to create effective plans, in just 4 hours, that are designed to generate actual sales and actual profits in the real world.

1:00 PM — 2:45 PM
Marketing strategy that actually works

Today’s marketing world is more complex than ever with not just conventional marketing options but and an ever-increasing list of digital platforms. Most marketing experts talk about feelings. We talk numbers. We tell you the statistical likelihood that your customers will Google you before they buy from you regardless of where they hear about you. We tell you the 4 factors to get to page one of Google without all the techno babble. We give you the stats about organic reach on todays social media platforms. We tell you a realistic ad budget and what mixture of platforms are necessary to convert real customers. We also tell you about what conventional marketing initiatives you should do, when you need sales now, and you’re waiting for your online initiatives to pay Off.

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Organizing financial statements, creating checklists & templates

Universities favour complicated financial reporting designed in the false pursuit of perfection. This complexity often makes significant errors hard to recognize and generates reports only after the decision-making window has passed. We show you real world examples of how-to setup your books to make your financial information easy to read without an accounting degree, so you can make better decisions quickly. In this section we don’t just talk about making systems for your business, we give you actual examples of checklists and templates being used in real businesses.

4:00 PM — 5:00 PM
Recruiting the best staff & building a competition crushing culture

Large businesses are using their professional human resource departments to recruit the best talent, leaving most small businesses with the leftovers. We teach you how to turn the tables on the competition and build your own A team.

Real Entrepreneur Speakers

Josh Spurrell, CPA

Josh Spurrell has studied, owned, and advised small businesses for over 2 decades. Unlike most CPA’s he started his business career in the “real world” owning a construction company. He used this real world business savvy to build Canada’s top CPA and small business consulting firm, Spurrell & Associates.

Trevor Samons

Trevor Samons is the co-founder and CEO of the top rated marketing and business coaching company in Canada. He has operated several small businesses with his wife and business partner Karen. Trevor is passionate about helping businesses grow, to create time and financial freedom for the owners.

Chris Wilke

Chris Wilke is a second generation garage door contracting expert. He is the founder and CEO of Edmonton’s top garage door contracting business. He is passionate about sharing his experiences of how businesses owners must develop their business expertise on top of their trade expertise in order to realize success

Matt Hammond, CFP

Matt Hammond is the founder and CEO of Sunesis Financial, Sherwood Parks top Certified Financial Planner. Unlike most CFP’s who have never ventured beyond the security of working for a large financial institution, Matt is an entrepreneur himself. This allows him to recognize cookie cutter financial advice that only works for employees and provide financial advice that is actually relevant for business owners.

Kevin Staigh

Kevin Staigh is the founder and CEO of Halo Power, Sherwood Parks top electrical contractor. Kevin is a Certified Master Electrician with over 2 decades of experience. He is passionate about sharing his experiences about how systemizing your business and schedule, will increase the performance of even the most highly trained technicians.

Denise Mitra

Denise Mitra is a co-owner and CEO of Edmonton highest rated bookkeeping company, Always Bookkeeping. Denise has had over 2 decades of experience in tax law and accounting. She enjoys using her experience to grow her team of bookkeepers.

Yahweh Mataguinas

Yahweh Matuguinas is a co-owner and COO of Edmonton highest rated bookkeeping company, Always Bookkeeping. He is passionate about giving business owners easy to understand financial reports, so they can make winning decisions. If you want to understand your financial statements and receive valuable advice on how to grow your business, he is your guy!

Real Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs


Real advice from real entrepreneurs:

Next time you see a business conference we encourage you to do a quick Google search for the presenters. Normally you find little evidence that the presenters have built a real business and scaled it with real employees. Instead you find a lot of solo consultants, government agency employees, and sales people who have probably read a blog and now want to pass off their sales pitch as quality business information.

No up-sells

All of the information that we teach is practical information you can implement without hiring any of the presenters or signing up some overpriced course at the presentation.


Your network becomes your net worth. Most business events are swarming with salespeople and multi-level marketers, not people who have started real businesses. Being a business owner is tough because less than 1% of the population has created a successful business. Unfortunately, most of our family and friends will give us the wrong advice albeit with the best of intentions. Being around real business owners helps you overcome the natural hesitation to take the bold actions required to win at business.

Hotel & Mall Amenities

Frequently Asked Questions

We spend the first part of every section addressing questions from the prior section. We keep the event size relatively small to ensure an interactive question and answer period.

Are there breaks?

There are 15 minute breaks at the conclusion of every section and a full hour for lunch.

Do I have to walk on fire or do breathing exercises?

No. We focus on strategies that will actually help you deposit more money at the bank.

Is food and accommodation provided?

No but there are a plethora of options at the hotel attached shopping centre.

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