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Virtual CFO | Understanding Income Statements In Their Business

Entrepreneurs often have a poor understanding of why their business is making money, but they are running out of cash those virtual CFO. With 50% of all businesses who close the doors to their business within five years, and 29% of those failed businesses will say that they ran out of cash, cash flow problems in business is a huge problem that many businesses base. Helping businesses understand how to read income statements , business owners can learn how to avoid cashflow problems in their business, and be proactive in their business finances.

The business owners know how to read and income statement, they will be able to understand why being sharp a certain way on their income statement, and why their bank balance looks the way it does. The first thing that they can learn when it comes to reading and income statement, is learning that revenue is added to their income statement at the time of invoice says virtual CFO. Many business owners think that it shows up on the income statement when they received the money, but thatís not the case. It shows up at the time of the invoice, but it doesnít show up in their bank account until they get paid for it. By understanding this concept, business owners can understand why their income statement shows a positive balance, but their bank account may not to.

Another way that business owners can understand income statements in their business, is understanding how loans show up on the income statement. Many business owners are under the misconception that the loan amount in its entirety will show up on the income statement says virtual CO, but they need to understand is that only the interest shows up. So the business owner is paying a loan, they need to be aware that the interest will show up on their statement, but they will be paying the full amount of the interest charges, which is why the bank balance amazing off if theyíre not taking that into consideration.

Other things that donít show up on income statements says virtual CFO that business owners need to be aware is shareholder dividends as well as capital leases. Business owners know that dividends, loans and leases donít show up on the income statement, and the business owner needs to take special care in paying attention to how much profit is being made by the business on a monthly basis, and that they need to bring in at least as much profit as they are being out in dividends, loans and leases. Recommendation is for business owners to take a look at their income statements, profit and loss statements and bank balances often enough to ensure that there making profit to pay those loans and dividends submit up brand to cash a problem. The cash flow problems in the business when they are paying more to dividends and loans than they are making in a profit.

50% of all businesses are out of business within five years, and 29% of those failed businesses will say that they ran out of cash says virtual CFO. Entrepreneurs often donít have a great understanding of why their business is making money, but they are running out of cash. As Warren Buffett said accounting is the language of business. Business owners can have a better understanding of business finances, then they will be better equipped to not only understand cash flow issues, but be proactive in avoiding those cash flow issues.

By understanding their income statement as well as profit and loss statement, business owners can understand how cash flow works in their business. For example, business owners need to know how the profit and loss statement is affected when they use cash by assets. Ritual CFO says when business owners purchase assets, the money for those assets comes out of their bank account right away, doesnít show up on the business owners and loss statement the way they expected to. So they may see the money in their bank gone and not see the assets listed on the profit and loss statement. Once they understand how itís listed on the problem statement, then they can better understand why it doesnít show up there but it shows up on their bank account.

Itís also important for business owners to know how loans will show up on their income statement as well says virtual CFO. Because even though business owners may think that the principal of the loan will show up their income statement, this is not true. Only the interest shows up, so the business owner is being a loan, the fact that the principles not listed on the income statement might business owners believe they have more cash in the business than they do, because they have to pay the principal that loan even though it doesnít show up on their income statement. By understanding how that looks, business owners can avoid running out of money in their bank.

The things that donít show up on the statements are the capital leases and shareholder dividends says virtual CFO. A business owner needs to be very diligent in keeping those in mind while looking at the bank balance to ensure that they have enough money in their bank to pay for them, since they donít show up on the income statement. Business owner also needs to understand that they need to take in at least that amount in profit every month in order to not have a cash flow problem.

Once business owners know how to read their income statements as well as their profit and loss statements, begin better understand why all that looks like they are making money, but they have no money in their bank. By understanding this, they can start to come up with strategies on how to avoid these cash flow problems in their business.