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Virtual CFO | Should Entrepreneurs Specify Target Markets in their Business Plan


The reason why many business owners of struggle with their business plan according to Virtual CFO. Is because there’s many different aspects that needs to be included in one. And a lot of business owners lack the skills to know what each of those things needs to be.

Therefore, they either struggle trying to create one and give up partway through. Or they don’t even try. However, business owners needs to understand. That having a business plan can make them 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business then if they do not have a plan. This study was conducted by Palo Alto, which is a software company. And this proves how important it is for entrepreneurs to have a written plan to help them grow their business.

However, once a business owner starts creating their business plan, they still might not think critically about their target market. They end up thinking that this is something that they can decide later on in their business. Which will end up in them trying to Market to a much larger area then they can be effective in.

The reason why it’s often too large an area for a business owner says virtual CFO. Is because in order for the marketing efforts to be effective. An entrepreneur must reach out to clients an average of 4.3 times before they will make a purchasing decision.

Trying to Market to a large area can be very cost-prohibitive for new entrepreneurs. Or it can be very time-intensive. Especially for new entrepreneurs. Because business owners tend to have virtually no money and hardly any time. This strategy is not going to work.

If business owners can simply markets to a smaller area more often. Not only is this more cost-effective. But it will actually results and a return on investment. Which is going to allow an entrepreneur to increase the revenue in their business. As their revenue increases. So can their advertising budget, and they can slowly start to expand this important target market.

Does target market is actually so vital to the success of the business says virtual CFO. But not only doesn’t need to be in the advertising section of the business plan. But it also needs to be in the rest of the business plan as well.

It’s going to affect several aspects of the business plan including budget, cash flow projections and pricing. Virtual CFO says it will also greatly affect the advertising strategy that utilize. And business owners must be as cost-conscious as possible. Since they will have very little money to spend on Advertising.

When business owners have this figured out and have their business plan finalized. Virtual CFO says they should create an executive summary that includes the target market. This way, if an entrepreneur needs financing and they give their business plan to . even if the bank officers only read the executive summary. They will understand that the entrepreneur is actively marketing their business, and they’ll be more likely to grow their revenue, and pay the loan back.

Virtual CFO | Should Entrepreneurs Specify Target Markets in their Business Plan

Business plans are an important tool of entrepreneurs says virtual CFO. It can help business owners plan exactly what they’re going to do in their business to help achieve their objectives. Sell their products and services and increase their revenue.

In fact, it’s incredibly important to have one. And many entrepreneurs that don’t end up failing and business. In fact, industry Canada did a survey to find out how many entrepreneurs and Canada were not successful.

What they discovered, was that 15% of all entrepreneurs fail within the first year of business. 30% of Canadian businesses failed by their second year. And half of all entrepreneurs failed by their 5th Year in business.

Business owners can drastically increase their chances of success by creating an effective business plan but not only has an advertising section inside of it. But outlines the target market for an entrepreneur.

Virtual CFO says the reason why the target market is so important, is because it is going to affect the entire marketing plan. And also influence other sections of the rest of the business plan.

Since the business plan is a document that is designed to help an entrepreneur understand everything that they are going to do to be able to achieve their objectives. Knowing exactly what they need to do to sell their products and services and grow their business. Is extremely important for business owners to know as soon as they open the doors to their business.

When business owners start their business, knowing exactly what they need to do in their business. Whether that is to develop their product or service, or markets their company. The sooner they know how to do this, the sooner they’re going to be able to increase their revenue.

Another reason why a smaller target market is better for new business owners. Is because a smaller area can keep marketing expenses down. Because it’s less expensive to Market to a smaller area. and by lessening the expenses, and making it easier 2 Market more often. Business owners actually start to see results from their efforts. Minimizing the amount of time that they have to spend marketing to people before they will buy.

This can help business owners stay on budget. And when they do not exceed their budget says virtual CFO. They will be able to spend that money on other things in their business such as hiring staff, paying bills promptly. or purchasing assets that they need to grow even more.

And when they start their business, knowing exactly what they’re going to do to markets their products and services. They can avoid being one of the fifteen percent of Canadian entrepreneurs that fail within the first year of business.

By starting small, and being effective. Virtual CFO says that’s business owners can increase their revenue, and starts to grow their business. In fact, when business owners are able to do this consistently. They’re going to see that business success is simply a matter of doing what they need to do when they need to do it.