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Virtual CFO | Businesses Should Market to Small Areas First


How many entrepreneurs have the goal of marketing to the entire city that their business is in says virtual CFO. They should start with smaller areas first. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with understanding the fact that they should have a business plan or even a marketing plan. Let alone what are Target Market should be.

In fact, virtual CFO says that it is of vital importance that an entrepreneur not only has a business plan. But that their business plan has a marketing plan. And that within that marketing plan, they have an outlined area that they’re going to focus on finding their ideal and likely customers in.

Business owners need to understand how important it is to the success of their business that they have a business plan. As Benjamin Franklin once said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. But Palo Alto, the software company. We’re the ones to the first to discover how important this actually is.

They did a survey in order to figure out how important a business plan was to the success of a business. What they discovered says virtual CFO is that businesses that have a plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue. Then any business that does not have a business plan at all.

Therefore, it is well worth and the entrepreneur’s effort to research and create a business plan. Making sure that within that business plan is an effective marketing plan. This will give an entrepreneur a direction on exactly where they need to focus their energy. In order to effectively market their business.

Many entrepreneurs try to focus on a larger target market then they can actually service effectively. whether it’s a lot of money, a lack of time or both. New entrepreneurs generally don’t have the resources to effectively Market to an entire city.

The reason why he says virtual CFO is because entrepreneurs must get in front of their ideal and likely buyers at least four-point three times in order to inspire them to make a purchase. Therefore, a business owner must include consistency in their marketing plan.

The more often a business owner is able to Market to a smaller area. The more return-on-investment they will have. And while it seems like backward thinking. It is true that if an entrepreneur market to fewer people. They will increase the revenue of their business.

As they generate Revenue in their business. They will be able to use the increased funds to find even more customers by increasing their target market. However, business owners must to do this slowly and methodically. By working first on their target market. And ensuring that their business can survive doing this before spending any additional money.

The sooner business owners are able to do this. The sooner they’re going to be able to be successful. It’s very important that entrepreneurs start to generating Revenue as quickly as they can. Because they are running on limited resources. Therefore, the faster an entrepreneur can generate income in their business. The sooner they’re going to be able to be viable in business. And be able to start growing.

Virtual CFO | Businesses Should Market to Small Areas First

Many business owners are struggling with coming up with a great business plan and marketing plan it says virtual CFO. The reason why, is because entrepreneurs are passionate about their business. And not so much about marketing their business.

However, if business owners can take the time to consult with experts such as their virtual CFO. They will be able to create a great business plan that they can use as a blueprint to help them succeed in business.

In fact, business owners must be figuring out who their target market is. Because if they don’t, they may not find their ideal and likely buyers and generate enough sales in their business.

Industry Canada did a survey in order to see how many entrepreneurs were succeeding and how many were not. What they discovered was that 15% of all business owners failed within one year of opening their business. 30% of Canadian businesses failed by Year too. And half of all businesses failed by their 50 year in business.

Industry Canada asked each of the failed entrepreneurs why they were failing. And they got three common responses to this question. And the single most common reason for entrepreneurs to fail in business was because they were not able to find customers to sell their products or services to.

Virtual CFO says that this is the reason why it’s incredibly important for entrepreneurs to understand who their target market is. It will ensure that business owners will be able to find who their ideal and likely customers are. So that they can avoid the Fate that the majority of business owners succumb to.

The reason why business owners often are unable to find customers for their business. Is because they think that their business is so good that it will virtually sell itself. And while this is not true. It is heartbreaking that many business owners are finding this out the hard way. After their business fails.

Therefore, when business owners create their business plans, including an effective marketing plan is going to help ensure that they find the customers they need to succeed.

However, business owners struggle with understanding who their target market should be says virtual CFO. The recommendation for most entrepreneurs is to start in the geographical location of their business. The reason why, is because it can be the most time effective to Market a business in the area that the business is located in

In addition to that, virtual CFO says that when businesses are marketing to their ideal unlikely customers. If they are in the same geographical location as the business. Seeing the business itself and the sign on the building. Will act as another point of interaction. That will help customers have brand recognition so that they can buy the products or services.

The sooner business owners can create their plan with this target market. The sooner they’re going to be able to generate Revenue in their business. And the sooner their business will be viable. Therefore in order to help entrepreneurs overcome the odds of failure. They needed to create an effective business plan right away.