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Business owners may not realize how difficult it is to qualify for loans once their business has been in operation for a few years says virtual accountant. Since 50% of all entrepreneurs close their business within five years, 29% of those businesses say that the reason why their business failed was because they ran out of money. Helping businesses qualify for loans, can help them grow their business and become successful, and helping them avoid the fate of running out of money in their business.

Businesses who need to lose should hear about the Canada small business financing program, that can give them up to $350,000 in asset purchases, or leaseholder improvements, or up to $1 million in our real estate purchase, or a combination of a real estate and assets purchase. The reason why this is an option for businesses that have been turned down by other financial institutions is because it is a loan that is backed by the federal government. They are far more likely to loan businesses money on this program, because with the federal government acting as the guarantor, the bank never is worried about if the business is going to default on this loan. Because of that, virtual accountant says that this is owners are more likely to qualify for this loan traditional loans.

Although there are many advantages to this owner, business owners also need to understand that there are a few disadvantages. Virtuals accountant says that one of the biggest disadvantages is the number of paperwork that goes into this loan. Banks often are less pleased about renting this loan, because not only must they do a lot of paperwork also have to coordinate with the federal government. This set their own policy on this loan, even though theyíre doing all the work. This means that the bank typically is going outside of their typical processes, or itís taking them far more time that it usually does to qualify and process the loan. Because of that, many large banks are less willing to loan money on this program. They may set their own security for the loan, then make it so steep that most business owners would be hesitant to take it. Because of this, many entrepreneurs will find that the banks that are most willing to take on this loan are smaller banks or credit.

Although this can give businesses up to $350,000 and hard assets, or up to $10 million in real estate or combination of the two, business owners should take note of the things that they cannot find this loan. They arenít able to pay for any advertising or marketing initiatives including websites and virtual accountant says that business owners canít pay for things like payroll with it either. This is strictly for hard assets, leasehold improvements and land use in a real estate transaction.

By understanding what programs are available to them, business owners can apply for the Canada small business financing program, and change the fate of their business.

Business owners that need to qualify for loans who have already been turned down by traditional financial institutions may think that they have no options left says virtual accountant. However, many business owners donít know about the Canada small business financing program, which can help them qualify for loans with the have been turned down by their bank. Businesses who make up to $10 million in revenue each year qualify for this loan although itís much easier to qualify for, business owners should understand that itís not guaranteed.

One of the biggest advantages of this loan, is that the federal government is essentially guaranteeing the loan, acting as to guarantor. Virtuals accountant says they was that the business owner is going to default on its loan, therefore the bank has a lower risk associated with loan business owners this money. This is especially good news for businesses that needed to fund more risky ventures, or businesses that had no prior history.

There are some disadvantages of this loan however confirms virtuals accountant. The biggest one is that there is a large amount of paperwork, which makes it may not be excited to work on. The banks also must coordinate with the federal government. this takes additional time or forces banks to go outside their typical processes, and they would rather not do that additional work. While they canít deny the loan out rate, banks are also allowed to request their own security on the loan. Banks that are not that interested in getting those loans to high-security audits but it does make sense for the business owner to see yes to.

Business owners also need to realize that just because this is a lower risk to something that itís at zero risk loan confirms virtual accountant. Banks can still ask for personal guarantees alone, and if a business owner defaults on the loan, the bank may still come after the business. Business owners also need to understand says virtuals accountant itís also loan that has interest in application fees associated with it. The interest for this loan is a sense rate of 3% plus prime. Currently that amount is 6.5% which is not an extremely low weight, but itís also not high amount either. Business owners will also be faced with paying an application fee of 2% but only one is, in their first year.

Virtual accountant says that business owners should understand that even though this is a much easier loan to qualify for, business owners should understand that itís not even though risk loan, thereís interest associated with it. Because of those factors, business owners understand that by doing the business plan, not only can they help themselves qualify for this loan, but it will also allow them to create a plan to pay back the loan they do get it. By qualifying for the Canada small business financing program, business owners can help themselves grow their business and avoid running out of money in their business which is one of the most common reasons why businesses Fail.