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Virtual Accountant | Should Entrepreneurs Apply for Certain Financing?


If business owners are not specific in their financing request says virtual accountant. They might end up getting the amount of money that they applied for. Or getting close to the amount that they wanted. But they might not get the products that is beneficial to them. Which will tie their hands on how they can use that money.

Therefore, it’s very important that business owners get extremely specific with what kind of financing they need. And in addition to that says virtual accountant. Business owners needs to ask for all of the financing that they’re going to need. Including mortgage and credit card. So that they don’t have to keep going back and asking for more financing. Which they might not get approved for. Because they have such high debt servicing already.

Banks would much rather know all of the financial needs of a business. And give them one Financial package says virtual accountant. Which is why business owners should be very specific and what they need in their business plan executive summary.

Since financial institutions often look only at the executive summary. When they are making their financial decision on whether to loan a business money. The more specific a business owner can be in their executive summary. And the more information there bank will have to make that decision.

Business owners also needs to ensure that they are putting the rest of their business plans summary into this section. So that the financial institution and have a lot of comfort. Knowing that a business owner has a lot of great growth plans. And we’ll be more likely to be able to pay their loan back.

In order to be very specific, entrepreneurs needs to ask for all of the money that they are going to need. And what they are going to be purchasing with that money. If they are going to buy a building, buy a vehicle, and do some leasehold improvements. They need to specify each of those items. And the cost for each.

That way, the bank will know exactly what they are doing with the money. And that a business owner is not asking for more money than they need. In order to use that additional money as operating capital in their business.

A business owner might even want to get so specific that they specify the terms that they’re looking for as well. Virtual accountant says it’s less common for a bank to give the terms that’s a business owner is looking for. But if an entrepreneur doesn’t ask, then they will never know if they might have received it.

By following these rules, business owners will be more likely to get the financing that they are applying for. They also needs to understand that rather than applying at One financial institution at a time. Business owners should apply to many.

Because the due diligence that the bank is going to do. Might take a long time to approve or deny the financing. And an entrepreneur should start over from scratch if they do get rejected. And if they get more than one proposal back. Then they can simply make the choice that’s most beneficial to grow their business.

Virtual Accountant | Should Entrepreneurs Apply for Specific Financing

In order to be as specific as necessary to get financing says virtual accountant. Business owners not only should specify exactly what they are purchasing with the money. But also went Financial products they are going to need.

If a business owner just asks for one lump sum, and they get a certain product of financing. It may actually tie their hands on how they can use that money. Which is why it’s very beneficial for an entrepreneur to ask for all of the amounts of money that they need.

For all of the different things are going to purchase. And also specify what products they’re going to require. So that when they get the financing. They will be able to use each amount of money for its intended purpose.

There are four main Financial products that business owners will be able to specify says virtual accountant. The first one is a term loan. Which is specifically for assets that business owners will purchase for their business.

These assets could be things such as equipment or Machinery that they needs to buy to operate their business. Or it could be something like a leasehold Improvement says virtual accountant. They might be buying a vehicle as well, and each of these assets. Might have different terms associated with them. So an entrepreneur needs to specify what assets they are purchasing, and how much they’re going to cost.

The next product that business owners should be aware of is a mortgage. And while most people only associate mortgages with Residential Properties. A mortgage is actually the terminology used for any real estate or building.

therefore, whether an entrepreneur is purchasing a building, or purchasing land and constructing a building. Each of these three things might have different terms associated with them. Which is why an entrepreneur needs to be very specific in what they are doing with it, and how much it’s going to cost.

the Third Kind of financial product says virtual accountant is a line of credit. And while Banks tend to prefer to loan on hard assets. Many entrepreneurs who apply for a line of credit. Will not be successful in getting one.

But they remain one of the most sought-after forms of financing. Because it comes with the most Financial Freedom. Not only will it allow Business owners to take whatever amount they need, whenever they need it. but because their initial payments are only interest payments instead of paying the principal which is better financially for a new business.

The last product that a business owner should be aware of is a credit card. Virtual accountant recommends that entrepreneurs apply for their credit card at the same time that they apply for their other financing. Because it might not be possible to get approved for a credit card. Once an entrepreneur has received other financing, and their debt servicing is so high.

Business owners need to keep in mind however that the higher limit on their credit card. will decrease the rest of the financing they will be able to get approval for.

My understanding how to be extremely specific. Can help entrepreneurs specify the financing that they need. And be more likely to get approval.