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Business owners who are working exceptionally hard in their business however are not achieving their business goals may be confused as to why their business is not growing says virtual accountant. The reason for this may be very simple. Businesses who complete business plans for the companies are extremely more likely to grow their revenue. They may be even 50% more likely than those businesses who donít have a plan in place. So to the business owner who is working very hard but not achieving their goals, they can ask themselves if they have a business plan. If they have a business plan, they need to dusted off and grieved debit and if they donít they need to sit down and create one immediately.

There are very few things that are as effective and can drastically improve a business as quickly as creating a business plan. Many business owners donít have one because they are not aware of the impact that having a business plan could have on their business, or they donít know how to create one. Virtual accountant says once business owners know how important it is to create one, the steps on how to do so are easy to follow. The first step that business owners can do is find the right software they will be using in order to create their plan. While lots of business owners are very comfortable using documents programs such as Word or Excel, the recommendation is for business owners to use a business planning software called live plan. This software has an online platform which can make it extremely easy for business owner to work on an update anywhere. Since it is extremely important that business owners update their business plan on a regular basis, making it extremely easy for them to do no matter where they are is an important feature.

In addition to the executive summary that will have a mission statement as well as the company overview section and product section, virtual accountant recommends that the following component parts are given careful thought and consideration by a business owner in order to create a living document that can help them achieve their goals. The market risk analysis is an extremely important thing to include in a business plan because although business owners probably know all of the risks that are associated with their business, having specific plans on what they are going to do when they encounter those risks can help the business owner to minimize the effect of those risks on their business. It also is very important for any financers to see that there is a plan in place to deal with risk. The reason is because banks know that there is inherent risks associated with all businesses, but to show that there is a plan in place to avoid them can help ease a bankís mind and may make them more likely to approve financing for the business. Since a bankís entire loan strategy is to loan money to the least risky business.

There is no reason why businesses should not have a business plan says virtual accountant. Business plans not only help business owners run their business and achieve their goals, business owners that do not have a business plan that business are much less likely to grow. There are several reasons why a business may fail in business, the most common reasons are they couldnít find the right staff, they ran out of money and they ran out of cash. Each one of those problems can be addressed in a business plan so that business owners can avoid that happening to them. By failing to plan how theyíre going to avoid the top three why businesses fail, is almost inviting a business owner without plan to fail themselves.

For each of the three ways businesses have failed, there is a component part in the business plan in order to deal with it. The number one reason why businesses fail is they have an inability to attract customers says virtual assistant. That problem is specifically dealt with in the sales and marketing section of their business plan. Business owners should get as specific as possible, but essentially marketing and sales is how business owners attract new customers.

The second most common reason why businesses fail is that the business owners ran out of cash says virtual assistant. The component of a business plan that helps businesses avoid this is the cash flow projection. If business owners create a cash flow projection that is month-to-month is that if year-to-year, business owners can be even more prepared in their business to avoid cash flow problems with out a Virtual Accountant. Month-to-month plan can ensure that businesses are feeling the cash flow in their business and updating the plan as often as necessary as often as things change. But having a great month-to-month the cash flow projection in their plan, business owners can completely avoid this reason why businesses fail.

The third most common reason why businesses fail in Canada today is that they were unable to find the right staff. This is included in the staff and key supplier section of their business plan. They need to identify who they are looking for to join our team, when theyíre looking to hire those keep team players, and how they plan on finding them. Finding great staff is not as easy as putting out button help wanted ad and the right person comes walking to their door immediately. They need to come up with strategies that can help them find the best people as consistently as they can says virtual accountant.

By using great business plan, business owners can effectively mitigate all of the reasons why most businesses in Canada fail. Any businesses that are struggling right now should create a business plan immediately in order to help them avoid common pitfalls and navigate their business towards success.