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Business owners who are not able to grow their business, often complain about how hard they are working and never getting ahead says virtual accountant. However, business owners can increase their chances of growing the business just by creating and following a business plan in their business. Itís just like Benjamin Franklin once said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

In order to help businesses succeed in creating a business plan, business owners need to know how to create business plan effectively. Itís important to not only include all of the key components says virtual accountant but itís also important to include the hows and whens. By using live plan, an online software that is designed specifically for business planning, business owners can include all of the most important component parts of their business that include fun sections such as time block calendar. Itís important for business owner to time block in their business plan in order for them to get accurate projections, as well as plan out when they are going to work on the desks they need in order to grow their business. By including their calendar in their business plan, a business owner is more likely to follow through, and more likely to succeed in growing their business.

What are some other component parts that are very important to have in a business plan asks virtual accountant. Business owners should include a projection, and thatís not unusual. However in great business plans, projections should not only include the income statement, but it should also include the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. Even though this is very difficult to produce as a projection, itís very important that business owners do this, in order to see how accurate the projections are going to be. Also, business owners will want to make the projections be monthly projections rather than yearly projections. This is partly because itís very difficult to know if a year projection is going to be accurate, because since cash flow is so vital and so scarce in the beginning of the business, that if care isnít taken to be meticulous in planning, a business owner runs the risk of running out of cash. A lot of things can happen within a year, and a your plan have the business owner running out of cash halfway through the year and not even know it.

Often business owners are told they need to do a five-year cash projection, however virtual accountant says they donít need to make their projections any longer than 2 to 3 years with your one being the current year. Doing more than five years is very difficult to get accurate because there are too many variables. For small businesses at 2 to 3 year projection will be adequate enough. Five-year projections are just speculations.

By knowing the important information to include in the business plan, and also how to include it can help the business owner not only have a plan for how to grow their business but the roadmap on how theyíre going to get there.

Business owners who complete the business plans for their business are 50% more likely to grow their revenue then business owners who do not says virtual accountant. Itís extremely important in the business owner is very serious about growing their business, that they create and develop a business plan. Without having a plan, there business does not have the direction required in order to get to where they want to take it.

Itís important for business owner to know what the most important parts of a business plan are in order to include them. The most important part of the business plan is the executive summary because this will include all of the most important parts of the plan as a summary. Many people wonít read beyond the executive summary, so have the first is very important. Since business owners often use a business plan in order to secure financing is a virtual account, they will want to include all of the information up front that a banker is going to be looking at in case they do not read the plan for other either. In the executive summary will be the mission statement, products or services that are being sold, the rabbeting, cost of producing, and profit margin of those products and services. Also included will be owns the company, along the company has been in business, when the business Inc., where the company banks, who is the insurance provider for the business, when is the businessís year end. These things are not often the most exciting parts of the business plan that are extremely important to include in order to get the financing that a business needs.

Even though a business owner has included an overview of their products in the executive summary, it will also want to include a product section which owners can think of as a product menu. Should include a list of all of the products from their smallest product to their largest they will also want to include cost, gross margin, and revenue for those products says virtual accountant.

A business owner will also know the risks in their business better than anyone, so many donít understand why they would have to include the risk in the business plan. Virtual accountant says it is important to include this, so that business owners can formulate a plan on how to mitigate those risks. Knowing there is a risk and doing how to minimize that risk are two very different things. Simply by outlining their strategy, business owners avoid those risks from the beginning.

By writing a great business plan, businesses can use it as a roadmap in order to get their business to where the they needed to be in order to go there revenue and grow their business. Thereís a reason why businesses who donít have a plan failed to grow.