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It is often very tough in order to reach out to customers so that you may be able to make sales of your products, says Vancouver CPA. Luckily, however we are living in a time when technology is very advanced and that we have a lot of wonderful social media outlets with which to do sales.

There is is a certain statistic that says CB insights reviewed essays from failed entrepreneurs. Most of the entrepreneurs listed multiple reasons for failure the top three in terms of failure to businesses are, 42% of entrepreneurs who failed report no market for their services or product as one of the reasons. Next, 29% of entrepreneurs who failed report running out of cash is the next reason for failure. The next biggest reason for the failure of a business says 23% of entrepreneurs is that they didn’t have the right team as one of the reasons why their business failed.

Often times, says Vancouver CPA, what happens is clients have huge goals when they first begin to open their business and start small business. However, year into their business we find that they haven’t sold anything.

An important aspect to focus on is the minimal viable product you have to think about what is the least amount of capital and the least amount of time where that entrepreneur needs to get to in order to start making it a legitimate business and making money. People often asks why not more market research has been done? Market research can be a little bit difficult for new entrepreneurs. The quicker you can get to the minimum viable product and the least amount of capital expenses the least amount of time or money that will come out of your pocket ideally.

You don’t happen to know all the variables yet of your business as you are just starting off in a new business, mentions Vancouver CPA, so you need to be continually improving your product day in and day out. Often times what happens is business owners think about it exactly the opposite way. They are always improving the product every day. It is absolutely impossible to consider yourself and your product or your business to set it and forget it. You won’t make any money that way. You have to continually improve it to make it relevant to the customer and what they are looking for. Until you actually start selling the product next month, in six months, or year from now, you won’t know what works for your product and for your customers and what doesn’t.

Often times what happens is entrepreneurs are not speakers and they struggle with what to say and how to express what their product is like. Consider adopting a one sheet. This is the process by which in one letter size piece of paper you have all the variables in all the important parts and aspects for your business, such as the process, how it’s delivered, the benefits of your product, and the value proposition of the product.

Vancouver CPA suggests adopting a “one sheet” in order to present your business or your products. This one sheet will not boggle you down with a whole bunch of unnecessary information that you will potentially forget. Instead, on one piece of paper it will have all of the most important specifics, such as the process of your business or product, how the product is delivered to the customer, the benefits of your product or service, and the value proposition of your product or service. Ideally for the first introduction in particular that’s all that the customer is going to two want to know about.

Likely, as well because you are a new small business owner you won’t know all the variables yet to your small business, your product, and your service. You will need to be continually improving your product in your business. Often times business owners think about it exactly the wrong way. You need to always improve the product every day. Set it and forget it is quite an impossible product and project. You have to continually improve it to make it relevant to what the customer is looking for and how it’s going to improve their lives. Until you actually start selling the product you won’t know what works and what doesn’t work for you, as well as your customer.

Don’t consider about struggling with the sales script. Make it simple for you to understand it and for you to present it. You are technically not a speechwriter or deliver ergo make it very easy for you to be able to connect with your customers.

Make sure, advises Vancouver CPA, you approach your customer for the first time and make some sort of connection. Do not be worried necessarily about if the customer says know that they don’t at all want the product. Often times what happens is that at the very beginning when you start they don’t want the product at all but by the end of your presentation, you will have peak their interest.

As well, consider going after smaller clients first. The bigger clients are more entrenched in the way they do business in the way they do things. They are far more regimented and they must go through potentially a whole bunch of other people to get an answer. Likely, you will not be talking to the one who makes any of the decisions when you talk to the big businesses. On the contrary, if you go to smaller businesses first you will likely be introduced very quickly to the owner and or, the one who makes decisions.

Once you have the prospect, you need to make an appointment. Getting the appointment is absolutely paramount and it is stepped one. Even an online appointment or assumed meeting is good.

You’re going to want the benefits of the product to let them know what is in fact important to them, says Vancouver CPA. Once you have the needs in hand you can now tailor your presentation to their business.