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Vancouver CPA asks you to dive into the psychology of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has a tendency and, is potentially wired the right way because they can easily influence people from within their environment. They can easily influence their employees to work at the best of their abilities, they can stay on task with their mission and work towards their time and financial freedom. They can work and see their vision, be it a short-term vision or long-term vision, and they can mitigate problems, and work towards solutions if in fact problems to come up. It is the entrepreneur who is successful because they are good at getting people to buy their good or their services from them.

However, says Vancouver CPA, this can very well be a detriment as well, as with the ability to be influential potentially can come a risk of overconfidence and arrogance. If there are potential problems, they will feel as though they are untouchable if they make an impassioned, dramatic speech or if they plead their case. However, the problem with that is everybody can make a passionate, logical argument on quite frankly both sides of the issue. What happens is they have done their homework, and they’ve gone on the Internet and they’ve read a couple of thoughts about the distinction between a contractor or an employee. Once they’ve done this minimal amount of homework, they feel as though they are safe and that they have a great argument. Unfortunately the ruling product party is probably not going to see it that way and the process is probably not going to go down the way that they think it will. They think that they have one. They think that if they come into the office and make a great argument, that somehow the CRA is going to have no other choice but to buy into their particular argument.

If you’re not going to have an opportunity to close again, warns Vancouver CPA, that’s not how it is potentially going to work with the Canada revenue agency. The successful, well accomplish entrepreneur who was used to being able to persuade people, the Canada revenue agency will definitely be there for minimal match. The argument that these people who are working for me are in fact contractors and nonemployees is one that the CRA takes very seriously. The CRA is then going to, upon feeling sceptical of this business owner, is going to call up and ask for specific details about these specific individuals.

Often times will happen is you won’t know who you are talking to is they will not introduce themselves as the Canada revenue agency. They’re going to gather details in writing, on their phone conversation or they might even come in for a in person on-site interview. The interview will often be with the owner themselves. They might even consider isolating a couple of the so-called contractors in question and asked them several questions so that each, and not just what the entrepreneur, or accountant says. They will eventually get to the actual contractors as well.

Vancouver CPA says that the Canada revenue agency is going to send the owner a very big bill in the case that they have retained contractors as employees and vice versa.

Bear in mind, states Vancouver CPA, that the Canada revenue agency is a very Judah judicious faction of the government and they are very cautious on who they accept as a contractor. Their sole task is to collect money in taxes from for the government.

Pragmatism is a very big consideration in whether you have a contractor that you are paying a few hundred dollars to year. Consider the fact that may be the risks in that scenario are very low. Consider being pragmatic on evaluating the risk, and not worry too terribly much if it is in fact a low risk. Ask yourself what are the amounts that you are going to be paying the contractors? The CRA auditors will eventually and usually even ignore approximately $500 or less. They usually have approximately a 500 are threshold in their audit procedure however, if the discretion if the discrepancy is part far more, you will and you have thousands or several thousands of dollars by year, 5060 or hundred thousand dollars of payments, to unincorporated contractors, and you’ve been doing it for years, that’s when the risks start to eventually get very high for you.

It consider the fact that risk is the single most important factor to losing your business, says Vancouver CPA. There is a lot of considerations on specific questions that they are going to ask you if in fact they are sceptical. They will consider your insurance and if you have insurance, other customers that you have retained, etc. What is their risk of profit and loss? If you profit from a business it goes well and you will not have to pay any money. However, if the process does not go well, you will absolutely lose money. They look at the so-called, contractors and ask if there is a risk that they are actually going to lose money. That’s one of the most important risk factors of small business.

All those questions they are going to ask lead back to that particular rationale. Is this person in a legitimate business owner, with a chance for profit and a risk for loss?

As well, control, it should be considered is the second most important factor in your business. You must consider what is going on with your contractor. Are they responsible for their own training or is that training going to be paid for by the business owner? Maybe potentially they will be training themselves? What happens, if they need a replacement for the day or for the week? Is that business owner going to insist that they need them for that particular work of that particular job.

Auditors will ask does this person have any other clients?