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Vancouver Accountant | Why Write A Business Plan

Even though the recommendation from Vancouver accountant is people to create a business plan before they open the doors to their business. If entrepreneurs have been in operation for several months, or even several years. It is not too late to create a great business plan.

There are many reasons why business owners may choose to create a business plan, even if they have been operating their business for a while. Because no matter what stage a business owner is apt, a business plan can help them succeed.

In fact, Palo Alto, the software manufacturing company. Did a survey in order to find out if business plans helped entrepreneurs succeed. And if they did, how much they helped business owners.

What Palo Alto discovered, was that entrepreneurs that had a complete business plan were 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business. Over and above business owners that did not have any plan at all. Or who started a plan but did not finish it.

Therefore, any business that wants to increase their chances of succeeding. And wants to increase their chances of growing their revenue. Should create a business plan, regardless of how long they have been in operation for.

One of the most common reasons why business owners may choose to create a business plan says Vancouver accountant. Is because they are making major changes to their business. Perhaps they are moving to a brand-new location.

Or, business owners could be adding a brand-new revenue stream to their business. Which might need some planning on how they are going to launch the new products and services, or what they are going to do to markets those new products and services to their customers.

They might be planning huge business growth. Either in the size of their operations, but doubling their square footage. Or, they are purchasing assets. That will help them increase the amount of products and services that they can sell.

Or, a business owner might be making a large technology purchase, and they may need help understanding how they are going to train staff, or how they are going to implement this technology seamlessly into their already existing business.

These changes can require a lot of thought, and Vancouver accountant says this is when a business plan can be incredibly beneficial to an entrepreneur.

Or, even though a business might be in operation for several months or several years. They can end up struggling, whether their business has gone through some challenges. Or if the economy has taken a dive, and could cause a business to start having problems.

They might start running out of money in their business, and they are not sure what they can do to combat that problem. Or, they are struggling with finding or keeping staff. And that is limiting their ability to create or sell their products and services.

Or, business owners can simply be unable to find the customers they need to increase their revenue. And that is contributing to their inability to bring money into their business says Vancouver accountant.

Regardless of why businesses are struggling, or what changes they have. Business plan can help them get back on track, and find staff, customers and increase their revenue.

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It is very important for business owners to understand what a business plan will do says Vancouver accountant. Because of entrepreneurs are not sure how business plan can help. They may not take the time necessary to create one. And put their business in jeopardy.

In fact, business owners need to understand that the failure rate for small businesses in Canada is extremely high. If they are not actively avoiding the most common obstacles, they could fall victim to those problems.

The third most common reason why business owners fail is because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. And this is why 23% of all entrepreneurs in Canada and up closing the doors to their business.

Fortunately, business owners can put in their business plan how they are going to find staff. And when they are able to put time into a more effective recruiting strategy. They will end up with better, and more qualified staff. That will have a shorter turnover in their business.

And even if entrepreneurs have a turnover rate. the great recruiting strategies that they have outlined in their business plan. Can help them find great staff to replace the staff that are leaving. Since staff leaving is an inevitability of business, learning to overcome this is very important.

The second most common reason why entrepreneurs fail is that they run out of money. In this could be because they are not finding customers to buy their products and services. Which is where a sales and marketing plan within the business plan is beneficial.

But also, business owners may not have a budget, which could cause them to overspend. And in turn, run out of money. Or Vancouver accountant says they might not have the best pricing structure for their products and services.

And they might either not cover their expenses both overhead and direct with their pricing. Or their pricing their products and services to high, that their ideal and likely customers will not buy them at that price.

Having a business plan can help entrepreneurs figure out there sales and marketing plan, create a budget for their business. And figure out their pricing that they have ahead of time. So that they can be more likely to succeed.

And finally, third most common reason why businesses fail says Vancouver accountant. Is because they cannot find customers to buy their products and services. Which is why is very important to have a defined sales and marketing plan with metrics.

By creating all of these components into their business plan. Can help entrepreneurs be more likely to overcome the most common obstacles they have in business.

And when they do that, not only are they more likely to remain in business. They will be able to more likely to grow their business and succeed as well.