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Vancouver accountant says that make sure that you go over all of the benefits of the Canada small business financing loan with your charter professional accountant to see if that would be a good option for you to grow or save your business.

As well, make sure that you are going over all of the disadvantages as well to see if it is something that you definitely want to enter into a contract with the federal government of Canada.

Vancouver accountant says that there is zero risk for the banks with this Canada small business financing loan. They have washed their hands of all of the risk and pass it on to the Canadian government. Obviously, the Canadian government does not assume any other risk is if it is in default. That entire risk, and the whole amount that you have to pay, is going to legitimately fall on you.

What this necessarily means is the fact that you may lose your business, your house, all of your possessions, etc. as it is a very big loan.

Keep in mind that the interest on this particular Canada small business financing loan is unlike any other conventional loans with their interest plans. CS BFP is a set rate. What this means is they are not legitimately able to choose, in terms of the banks, or the Canadian government, what to charge you in terms of loan. It is set at prime plus percent. When this article was written, prime was at 3.5%. So you are paying interest of 6.5%, which is an average and not necessarily overly risky interest rate. There have been higher interest rates and there have been lower interest rates in the past. Keep in mind that you are staying on the cusp.

The bank can still however request security on your particular loan. Five years ago on the contrary, the banks could not ask any more than the legitimate security. Now, however times are tougher and you are potentially have the right to pass over the bank as they can ask you for a personal guarantee on that entire amount.

In terms of the Canada small business financing loan dispersing their money to you, you can have a maximum of $350,000 on hard assets. As well, you can have a maximum of $1 million of and on real estate. However, they are not ever going to go over the amount of $1 million for you loan. So what that means is you can use $1 million, on simply and just real estate. However, you can only use up to $350,000 on hard assets.

On the contrary, you will be able to use $350,000 on hard assets, and $650,000 on real estate, if you choose in fact to mix and match.

Vancouver accountant says to make sure you’re talking with your charter official accountant to do a business plan, in the middle of the financial year if need be.

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The Canada small business financing loan is a product coming out of the banks and the Canadian government that will allow small businesses to catch up on a lot of the their bills, or potentially even grow their business.

Small credit unions and, for example in Alberta, Alberta treasury branch are more likely and more apt to be able to approve your loan than the big conglomerated banks.

Make sure that you are visiting the small banks first with your charter professional accountant with a brand-new business plan and your application form in hand and completed Word for Word, and making sure that it is absolutely detailed and perfect.

Vancouver accountant says that you will have a better chance at accessing and being approved for this loan if you do legitimate have a busy plan before hand and written specifically for the approval of this particular loan, with your charter professional accountant.

As well, make sure that with your charter professional accountant you have made a plan with which to figure out how to play pay the loan back. This is also a plan that you are going to want to show the bank, as you enter into wanted to figure out how to pay the loan back. They will be able to see that you do in absolutely have a plan and you need this loan so as not to lose your business altogether.

There is a very big benefit for banks, as they assume absolutely zero risk with the loan in terms of if it is default. The bank knows that they are never really going to default, however because the Canadian government is in charge of it. If you are in charge and default on the Canada small business financing loan, says Vancouver accountant, make sure that pay it back as quickly as you humanly can, because the Canada revenue agency always wants their money back, and they are relentless.

There are some disadvantages, says Vancouver accountant about the Canada small business financing loan, although they won’t often pertain to you and your work or your ability to be approved for this loan. What often tends to happen is the disadvantage of this loan is paperwork. There is going to have to be a lot of go-between between your charter professional accountant, the Canada revenue agency, and the banks. There are going to be a lot of particular forms to fill out, so that they make sure that they are going to get their money back. The loans, on one hand they will get a guarantee from the federal government on the other and their going to spend a lot more time and money getting the loan approved by the federal government. This is going to waste your time, as you potentially need a cash influx as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that the maximum amount that you will possibly be allowed is $1 million, however be prepared to accept less.