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Vancouver Accountant | Accounts Receivable

Vancouver Accountant introduces you to a list of all the customers who owe you money. This particular list is and includes all the amounts that are all you from what time periods and then it totals the together amounts. After that, the each customer is going to OU and then it is going to give you a grand total at the end of what all the customers all use. So there are going to be four or five separate columns in the AR aging summary. There is going to be a column for paid receipts, one for receipts that are due, one that is two weeks due, another column that is 30 to 60 days due, yet another column that is 60 to 90 days do, and one final column that is 90 days and overdue.

It is definitely going to be net 30 net 60 net 90 and potentially but not almost ever net 120.

The likelihood of paying if it is past 90 days starts to really go down. This is the reason why they have broken the contractual terms. Is it now worth litigating, is something that your definitely going to have to ask yourself says Vancouver Accountant it is something that is potentially thought of as a reason why they didn’t pay. For example they weren’t happy with the work, etc. The collect ability of that amount is now in question at all and you may never receive it. What ends up happening is a negative number means that someone has prepaid so this is good news. It is like a deposit. The normal sequence of events starts out at positive 1000 in a ghost -1000 and then finally it will go to zero.

However, the positive can proceed the work being done. It means that a payment has been made for work that is not completed yet, which is also very good news. The payment has been made in work that is not yet completed.

Vancouver Accountant states that round numbers and the AR aging summary are sometimes estimates, accruals, or journal entries. It is not necessarily possible but there should be a lot of attention drawn to it and you should have a very easy explanation as to why. If you don’t then sometimes it’s not necessarily an actual amount that is happening.

As well, there shouldn’t be any definite cause for why they should be there. You are definitely going to have a shareholder loan account, as all small business owners do. Keep all of the shareholder transactions in and out of the shareholder account. Just have one balance. As well, make sure that related party should have its own account again as it should be convoluted with any other accounts. It should be thought of as the decision were payable liability and employment of the expense account should again and always be separate and by in itself. It shouldn’t have or be in your AR summary at all.



Vancouver Accountant | AR Aging Summary

Vancouver Accountant wants you to understand that there is a payable liability and employment expense account that should also again be always separate. They should never at all be anywhere near or be involved with any numbers from within the AR aging summary. If you definitely see a positive number, then you are going to have to worry about the AR aging summary. It is going to be them that is going to have to write a check as is this going to be a real amount that is going to be collected in cash? If not, then you’re going to have to make a correction in the AR aging summary.

Vancouver Accountant also states the fact that a positive and negative number usually means that you haven’t necessarily made that payment and applied it yet. If you don’t just have to book the receipt but you also have to apply that amount and the payment to the specific invoice. You definitely have to record of most account software that you have received it and have a specific and individual payment applied to again that specific and individual bill. It is also accepted that you are going to be able to update in real time every time within that particular software. It is probably starting point from what most customers need from their bookkeeping software.

Make sure that it is going to be Saudi that is gonna pay it online even. When they receive the payment, they should absolutely book the receipt of that payment at the same time. If you are using QuickBooks to do your invoices consider also using the same software to record the receipt of payment. It just makes it easy on every body that way, it’s one or the other. It is a skill that can be taught relatively quick from your charter professional accountant.

Likely, if you’re not doing it monthly, your chance of collection of that payment is going to go significantly downhill. It is dramatically dramatically on a monthly basis and the bare minimum is potentially two weeks. It should definitely be done every time you do your accounting processes, says Vancouver Accountant. For example, the minimal threshold and the absently have to follow up on is going to be the biweekly. It is also really efficient to do it on the specific sequence so that you’re gonna have to email them every single day and consider the fact that yes absolutely you did the work and they asked you and have agreed that you are to do it and entered into a contractual agreement, but they did not pay so don’t necessarily feel bad about it at all as it is your money. Make sure that you consider a lot of the contractual arrangement that have not yet provided for 90 days to pay the person. Most of those contractual agreements are net 30 or potential net 60. Anything past next 60 sometimes it gets harder to collect the money. We’re ready to help you be successful! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.