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Part Time CFO | Why Put the Mission and Vision in the Executive Summary


Business owners who are creating a vision statement and a mission statement may not be using them to their full capacity say part time CFO. One of the biggest problems with vision and mission statements. Is that business owner spend all this time on them. Put them in their business plan. And then promptly forget about them.

These statements can be a very powerful way to communicate a lot of information very succinctly. they can also be a great inspiration, not only to the business owner themselves. But to all levels of staff.

By using the mission statements and vision statements properly. Part time CFO says that they can be an important culture builder in a business. Helping all of the staff members get on the same page about why they are doing what they are doing for the business.

It’s also a way for a business owner to remember why they are doing what they are doing. Especially as it becomes very busy as an entrepreneur. And business owners can start to lose motivation after several months of working 12-hour days.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they craft their mission statements and their vision statements in such away. That not only are they simple enough to remember. They’re also inspiring enough to use says part time CFO.

One of the most important ways that a business owner can do that. Is by putting their mission statement as well as their vision statement directly into the executive summary of their business plan. The executive summary is the most important section of the business plan.

Because it is at the front, and it summarizes all of the most important parts of the business plan. Including the product and service that they sell, their marketing initiatives, and their financing needs. However, this vision and mission statement in the executive summary is not for the benefit of banks or financial institutions.

The reason the mission and vision statements should be in the executive summary. Is while business owners should be reviewing their business plan regularly says part time CFO. As well as updating it, because it should be a living document.

But if a business owner only has time enough to read the executive summary. It will contain all of the most important points about their business plan. Including the product and service that they sell, they’re ideal and likely customers, there Financial requirements, and marketing initiatives. And finally, it will list the mission and vision statement.

Business owners can Inspire themselves. And be inspired to inspire their staff. And they are regularly reminded about why they do what they do, and how they are going to accomplish their goals. By doing this, entrepreneurs will ensure that they don’t create a vision statement and a mission statement.

And then promptly forget about it. They will have a great tool that can help them build the culture they need. In order to be able to grow the business in the way they want, and accomplish their goals.

Part Time CFO | Why Put the Mission and Vision in the Executive Summary

The importance of the mission statement and vision statement says part time CFO. Is it to help communicate a bunch of complex thoughts very simply and very easily. This is why business owners should have them for their business.

It can be much harder than entrepreneurs assumed to create one sentence each, about the problem that they are solving in their business, as well as their mission statement and the business’s vision statement. It is very easy to ride a lot of words on a complex topic. But it’s much more difficult, to communicate that same song. And very few words. This is why business owners need to spend so much time on their statements.

These can be put into their business plan says part time CFO. But also be used in their business to build culture, and to help staff members understand why they do what they do and how they do it. Therefore, business owners should be creating these statements but many don’t know-how.

The first thing that business owners need to do, is to figure out what problem their customers are solving. When they buy any products or services from their company. It may be very confusing for business owners to think of it in terms of problem-solving the issue. But that’s exactly what customers are doing any time they buy any products from anywhere.

For example, a person who gets their haircuts is solving the problem of having a hairstyle they don’t like. Or having too long of hair on their head. People who are going to the grocery store, are typically solving there and their family’s hunger problems.

By figuring out what problems most customers are solving when they buy products and services from their business. They can start to put together a statement that explains exactly why they do what they do.

The next thing that business owners Need to do, is creating their mission statement. Which is how they are going to fill that need, that they’ve outlined in their problem statement.

A business owner should also consider how they are different from their competition. Or what inspired them to get into this industry in the first place. It might be because no other businesses of the same nature we’re providing that high degree of customer service.

Or that they were not providing it in a way that there was market demand for. When business owners figure that out, they will be able to create a phrase that will ensure that it is effective.
Again, business owners need to ensure that this is just a sentence long, in order to be rememberable and effective.

Finally, a business owner needs to create a vision statement. And the way this is different from the mission statement. Is that the vision statement will include metrics to measure their progress with. And a timeline as well. In order to ensure that a goal is achieved verbally. Business owners need to ensure that there is metrics on how to understands that they’ve been achieved. And a timeline, so that there is some urgency to accomplish it.

By creating their effective vision and mission statements. Part time CFO says that entrepreneurs will have a powerful tool that they can use to help them grow their business.