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Part-time Cfo | Why Mission Statements Should Be One Sentence

While many entrepreneurs have an effective business plan that they put together their part-time CFO. Even if you were entrepreneurs have problems, mission, and vision statements written out in their business. And even fewer use those statements on a regular basis to help grow their business.

And as business owners know how important it is to have a business plan to keep their business on track. Many entrepreneurs do not know that they are the problem, mission, and vision statements can help keep that business plan on track. Or even know what to do with those statements once they have created them.

And in fact, entrepreneurs may have gone through the exercise of creating these statements for their business. But then not known what to do with them once they made them. And they are not getting the mileage out of them that they should be. Or, they have created the statements. But they are not as the synced as they need to be. And therefore the cannot work in the way that they are intended to.

One of the first things that business owners should do says part-time CFO when writing their problem, mission, and vision statement. Is to ensure that they are all just a single sentence long. This may seem like a difficult or impossible task to do. Because it might be very easy to communicate complex ideas in several words.

But it is much more difficult to communicate the same complex idea in very simple language and a few amount of words. However, part-time CFO says that this is the key to ensuring that it can be useful. And that a business owner can easily communicate their mission and vision to their staff.

However, once they have worked with their part-time CFO to come up with a dynamic and simple problem, mission, and vision statement. The next thing that a business owner needs to do. Is to write them in the executive summary of their business plan.

An executive summary of the business plan is one of the most important sections of the entire plan itself. Because it summarizes all of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur’s business plan. And while many business owners right there executive summary to appeal to their financial institution. So that they can gain the financing that they need.

A business owner should also understand that they themselves should be reviewing their business plan. And by putting all of the most aspects of their plan into the executive summary. They’re also reminding themselves of the most important parts of the plan that need to be accomplished in order to succeed.

By keeping this in mind. Part-time CFO says that business owners can not only write a more effective problem, mission, and vision statement. But then start to use it effectively. In order to help stay on track with their business. And accomplish the business’s goals. By always keeping in mind what those goals are and what they hope to do.

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One of the problems that entrepreneurs face is that they do not understand the importance of their problem, mission, and vision statement according to part-time CFO. And even if they have them written out in their business. They are not using them to their fullest extent.

Not only should a business owner have these statements written out for their business. And then have those statements in their business plan. But if they are not communicating their problem, mission, and vision with their staff. They are missing out and the opportunity to build company culture.

In fact, it is very important that business owners staff all know exactly what problem they are solving for their customers. So that everything that they do in their business, from the highest level tasks to the lowest. Will be with solving that problem in mind says part-time CFO.

Also, if they know what the mission and vision of the business are. They can ensure that every task that they can meet. Helps the entrepreneur get closer to that goal. Helps them understand how they should be conducting themselves.

This is why problem, mission, and vision statements need to be a single sentence long each. So that a business owner can effectively communicate the message to their staff quickly and easily. But also so that all levels of employees will be able to hear the problem, mission, and vision of the business. And know exactly what it means because it is not open to interpretation.

The simpler the message is says part-time CFO. The easier it is going to be for employees to be able to commit these sentences to memory. And then we call them whenever they need in order to make decisions or problem solve while through the course of their day.

In order to ensure that all employees can remember the mission and vision of the business. Part-time CFO says that a business owner’s going to have to communicate those ideas more often than they may realize they have to.

Ideally, a business owner will be communicating these ideas to their staff on a daily basis if not more. They should be saying it to their staff on a daily basis. At the beginning of each shift or the start of the day. And some business owners put it on all company communication. Or even write it in every single room of the business. So that it is simply a part of the company culture.

Therefore, if all staff and the business owner act with the problem, mission, and vision of the business in mind. Then they will be more likely to accomplish the business goals and ensure that no matter what task they accomplish. That they are achieving the goal of the business. In helping the entrepreneur succeed.

Therefore, if a business owner wants to truly impact their business. Not only will they take the time to write a problem, a mission and vision statement. But once they have them written, and approved by their part-time CFO. A business owner will fit in their business plans executive summary. And start communicating it regularly with themselves and each of their staff members.