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Part Time CFO | Why Do Businesses Need a Simple Mission and Vision


Many entrepreneurs don’t understand how impactful a well-written mission and vision statements can be for their business says part time CFO. So either they don’t go through the process of creating one. Or they create one and then forget about it.

The reason why an effective mission and vision statement can be extremely effective. Is because it can help identify not just to the business owner. But to their staff, how they are going to accomplish their goals and why.

This is an important way that business owners are going to be able to build the culture of their company. But also, when business owners are able to keep this on the top of their mind as well as the mind of their stuff. It can be an impactful reason why everybody does what they do. And why they should do it to the highest level possible.

Part time CFO says that entrepreneurs need to know not only that is important to create a vision and mission statements in their business. But how to create an effective one. Some company’s mission statements or vision statements run on four sentences. Others use extremely sophisticated or flowery language. They might leave some people wondering what it means.

The vision and mission statements needed to be very short, and very clear, so they need to be written in very simple language. They need to leave no questions in anyone’s mind about what they mean. But also be very inspiring. Which is why they need to work very hard at it.

The first rule of thumb is that each statement only should be a sentence long. It is very easy for people to put complex ideas and a lot of words. Part time CFO says it is much more difficult to convey the same idea in very few words.

The mission is going to tell the business owner and their staff why they are going to accomplish the goal. Of solving the customer’s Problem by selling them this product or service. and the vision is going to tell you how they are going to achieve that, in measurable terms, but the timeline attached to it.

Many business owners have heard that all goals need to be attainable, measurable and with a time limit in order to be effective. And the same goes for their vision statement. It needs to not be something that they can accomplish quickly. And when they accomplish that. They can take a look at how they have accomplished their goals. And consider what the new vision of their business should be.

Once they’ve come up with a simple but effective mission and vision statements say part time CFO. They need to run it by their family, their friends even their business advisors such as their business coach and accountant. To see if it actually is as inspiring and impactful as they think.

And if it is impactful and inspiring. Part time CFO says that business owners need to put it directly into their business plan. So that they can be sure that even if they don’t have time to read the entire business plan. That they will be able to read the first part of it and remember what problem they are solving for their customers, why they are doing it and how they’re going to accomplish it.

Part Time CFO | Why Do Businesses Need a Simple Mission and Vision

Creating an effective mission and vision statements are often difficult task says part time CFO. However, that doesn’t mean the business owners should not do it. It just means that once they have. They need to ensure that they are not forgetting about it.

Therefore, business owners should put their mission and vision statements into their executive summary of their business plan. Part time CFO says that some business owners wonder if that means they’re bank or their financing company is going to need to see it. Since they typically right there executive summaries with those institutions in mind

And while the banks don’t particularly need to read or see the mission and vision of the business. There is one other person that reads the executive summary of the business plan more often than any Financial officers. And that is the business owner. The business owner should be reading as well as updating their business plan regularly. Because it is a living document.

Unfortunately, business owners often run out of time to get every single thing done in their business. And reading their business plan might be one of those things. However, if they can put their mission and vision statements into their business plans executive summary.

If all they do is every couple of weeks or once a month. They read their executive summary. They will be reminded of the mission and vision of their business. And be inspired by it

business owners cannot stop there however says part time CFO. They need to ensure that their staff is getting the message on a regular basis as well. Inspiring the staff by letting them understand why business owners are driven to do what they do, and why it needs to be done to a high-level.

Can help ensure that all staff members know what the ultimate goal of the business is. Which should help them understand why they need to do their work to a very high degree of excellence. The more the staff members hear the message. The more it becomes ingrained. And the more it can influence but they do in the business.

This is also one of the reasons why business owners need to ensure that their mission and vision statements are well written in simple English. Is it because they want to ensure that as their staff member hears and reads the statements. It is not left up to interpretation. That the message is very clear. And they don’t have to try to figure out what the entrepreneur was saying.

Business owners need to ensure that they are not just saying this when they do the interview, or hire their staff. They need to be saying it at the start of every shift at the beginning of every day. Posted in every room for everyone to see. By building their company Culture by repeating these statements. They can build the business that they have always dreamed about.