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Part Time CFO | Understanding the Vision and Mission


Business owners needs to write an effective mission and vision statement for their business says part time CFO. Because this can help ensure that they are remembering why they wanted to become an entrepreneur in the first place. And what’s there going to do differently, to serve their customers.

Business owners needs to keep several things in mind when they are creating these statements for their business. But ultimately, they need to be simple and written in easy to understand language. As well as only be a simple sentence long.

Part time CFO says that it is very easy to write a long-phrase to explain a complex idea. It’s a lot more difficult for business owners to write complex thoughts. And only a few words. But if they are able to do this, you will have an incredibly powerful sentence. That can help them accomplish their goals.

What’s the mission is of the business, is how an entrepreneur is going to serve the customers that they have. They might want to include that they are the only company that provides those products or services. Or they might be doing it in a way that is completely unique to their City. Or even that it’s an under-serviced nice that they are filling.

The mission of the business needs to explain how they’re going to solve their clients problems. In simple and easy to understand terms. Part time CFO says that when they’ve created a mission statement that they think is effective. They need to let other people read it, and give their feedback and tell the entrepreneur if it says what they wanted to say, if it’s simple enough, and if it’s under a single sentence.

The mission of the business is considerably harder says part time CFO. Because it is describing the way they’re going to accomplish the mission, but in measurable ways that are time-specific. Therefore they are encapsulating a complex idea, and pudding timeline and measurement to it.

Again, the vision statement needs to be just one single sentence long. Otherwise it can be hard to understand, and difficult to remember. When the business owner has figured out what’s their long-term, the quantifiable goal is. That’s when they will be able to put a time limit to it. Keeping in mind that it’s not going to be able to be achieved quickly. And it must be measurable.

Again, when a business owner has written a vision statement that they believe is effective and accurate. All they need to do, is send it off to their accountants and their friends and family in order to ensure it is saying what they wanted to say about their business.

When business owners are writing these statements says part time CFO, they will want to ensure that they are going into their business plan. and ultimately, their executive summary of the business plan. How many entrepreneurs write the executive summary as though only Bankers are going to see it. Because they will read it & Order to Grant financing.

Is Sooners are overlooking the most important person who’s going to be reading their business plan on a regular basis and that is themselves. And while many business owners don’t have the time necessary to read through a 40-page docket every couple of weeks or months as part time CFO.

If the mission and vision statements are in the executive summary. If that is the only part of the business plan that an entrepreneur reads. At least they are remembering the most important aspects of their business plan.

Part Time CFO | Understanding the Vision and Mission

Business owners should not underestimate the power of a great and well-written vision and mission statement for their business says part time CFO. Many entrepreneurs either fail to write one for their business. Or they write one, and they don’t think about it ever again.

Just like their business plan, that needs to be a living document that is used, updated, and read and remembered. Part time CFO says the same thing should be said about mission and vision statements. The power is in their ability to inspire business owners and their staff. If they don’t keep them in mind. All of the efforts that an entrepreneur went into creating them will be for nothing.

It is an important way to build culture if an entrepreneur is able to communicate this message to their staff often. The first time they hear about the mission and vision statements should be at the interview. However, that should not be the last time they hear about it either.

Business owners need to communicate it often enough says part time CFO that does not only do the staff know it. They can memorize it as well, and use it to help them guide their decisions and actions in the business.

Therefore, a business owner can make sure that it’s written in every room in their business. And make sure that they are reciting it to their staff every day. Whether it’s at the beginning of each shift, or the beginning of the day. Not just once a year at a yearly staff meeting.

They also need to keep in mind, that it needs to be understood and remembered by every single employee. Not just the high-level managers who are making executive and financial decisions in the business. But all of the employees, no matter what role they have in the business, even if they’re a part-timer working evenings and weekends.

It might be very tempting for a business owners to try to create a complex or sophisticated phrase. But that would defeat the purpose, of being easily understood without explanation. And understand by people who will be reading it, and may not be able to hear the entrepreneur’s thoughts on it.

Therefore, by ensuring that it’s written very plainly and clearly says part time CFO. They can ensure that there is no room for interpretation. And that every employee, can not only hear it and understand it. But also memorize it and internalized it. So that they can remember what’s the goal of the business is. So that every task that they do in the business can be meaningful.

Many entrepreneurs often write their mission by looking at their desire for profit. And rather than thinking that that’s the wrong way to achieve this goal says part time CFO. It can be very impactful. A business owner cannot accomplish their vision if they are not making money.

So by profit, they’re able to make the money they need to accomplish their goals. And that can be an extremely powerful way that they come up with this important mission.