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Part-time Cfo Services | Why Schedule Payroll?

If accounting tasks aren’t scheduled, they often don’t get done says part-time CFO services. When accounting tasks don’t get done, business owners are operating their business without up-to-date or correct financial information, which could lead to poor financial decisions. Business owners should get in the habit of creating a schedule for their accounting department, and sticking with it. This can help them ensure that all of the necessary financial tasks get done, in order to help them stand top of their finances, and make great decisions in their business.

Paying their employees is one of the most important things that a business owner can do, and so it makes sense that this should be one of the first things that the schedule and their accounting schedule. One of the most important things they should take into consideration when they are scheduling, is ensuring that they have enough time from cut off payday. Part-time CFO services says that many business owners make the error of having the cut off. The two short period what this ends up doing, is creating unnecessary strain on the business owners cash flow. If an entrepreneur does not have enough cash in their bank account to pay payroll, a short cut off. Means that they won’t have enough time in order to bring the additional funds in necessary to cover it. Recommendation for business owners is to have a minimum of one week having cut off and payroll, this way if an entrepreneur doesn’t have enough money in their bank account to pay payroll, they have a in order to bring that money in through collections.

Another reason that having a longer cut off. Is extremely important for payroll says part-time CFO services, is in weeks where statutory holidays fall, those additional days off, can really impact a business if they have a very short cut off period. A longer cut up a can help business owners avoid cash flow issues, as well as running into holiday cut off problems. But most importantly, a longer cut off period. Will allow a business owner enough time to review people properly. They should be reviewing all of the source deductions to ensure that the source deductions are correct, as well as the source deduction payment to Canada revenue agency. They also ensure that every employee has been paid correctly, no mistakes have been made by underpaying someone, or missing someone entirely.

Business owners can also create efficiencies by arranging other payments to happen at the same time as payroll says part-time CFO services. The way this works, is since a business owner is already doing banker conciliation to ensure that they have enough money to run payroll, they should also see how much money they have left over after making those payroll payments, and any additional money can be used for paying their vendors and bills. This can group all of the payments into one, which will save time, and allow an opportunity for business owners to review everything at the same time for errors before they come out of the bank account and potentially good problems.

Business owners are often run into financial problems in business says part-time CFO services, industry Canada says that 50% of all entrepreneurs close the door to their business within five years, and 29% of those entrepreneurs that close their doors say that the reason the business failed was because of cash flow issues. Since running out of money is a huge problem for many business owners, they should understand that by scheduling their accounting department, can you help them significantly. Not only does it increase efficiencies, but it also can ensure that all necessary accounting tasks completed, which ensures that business owners have up-to-date and accurate financial information in their business, in order to help them make the best financial decisions for their business.

One of the most important ways that business owners can use scheduling, is in their payroll system. Part-time CFO services recommends that entrepreneurs schedule an the cut off date as well as the payroll date. And that in between the two, there is enough minimum of one week. The reason it’s important not to have a short cut off., Is in order to allow the business owner time to bring cash and, if they don’t have enough money in their bank account to cover payroll. By having a shorter timeline, this creates an unnecessary strain on a business owners cash flow. A longer timeline will allow business owner to make additional sales, or make some collection calls to collect on the outstanding amounts in order to have the room in their bank account to run payroll.

Business owners have two short of the timeline between cut off and payday, run out of time in order to review their payroll information. This lack of review a means that business owners don’t have the opportunity to review the source deductions that are coming off their employees paychecks, and the source deductions that they are then sending often to CRA. It also ensures that they do not have the time in order to review all of the hours that there employees worked, and the amounts that they are getting paid. It’s extremely important that business owners do not errors on putting their staff, so this double check system is vital. Having a long timeline ensures they can review for errors.

What they can also do when they are scheduling and payroll to their accounting schedule, is that schedule other payments at the same time. The reason for this, is entrepreneurs are already going to be disbursing cash, and therefore doing a bank reconciliation in order to ensure they have the funds, it makes sense to do both payroll and paying bills. Also, by running payroll first, and seeing how much money is left over for bills can ensure that a business owner has enough money to pay their staff first. Entrepreneurs without a schedule tend to make payments in weeks before payroll, and then get payroll and realize they don’t have enough money. This situation is completely avoided by scheduling payroll and payables at the same time.