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Part-time CFO services | What To Look For On An Accounts Receivable Summary

One of the most important tools that an entrepreneur can use in their business is an Accounts Receivable aging summary says part-time CFO services. The reason why, is because this is the report that is going to help entrepreneurs ensure that they collect money from clients that owe them. If entrepreneurs understand not only how to read their Accounts Receivable aging summary, but also how to use that information to more efficiently collect money from their clients, they can help their business significantly by avoiding running out of money. Since running out of money is the second most common reason why Canadian businesses fail, this can be a significant benefit to entrepreneurs.

One of the first things that a business owner is going to want to take a look at when they are reviewing their Accounts Receivable summary, is any and all invoices that are over ninety days past due. The reason for this, is because the longer and invoices outstanding, the harder it is to collect says part-time CFO services. One way that an entrepreneur can combat this, is by engaging in collection calls and emails every single day. While many business owners are worried about upsetting their clients by phoning them every day, they should consider the importance of getting money from the clients that they have already provided work for, and if they rather have money that they are owed, or upsetting a clients that is not paying them.

Business owners should also consider how often they need to be contacting their other clients in order to do collection calls. Part-time CFO services says many business owners believe that once a month is all that they need to do, but they actually recommend business owners get into the habit of making collection calls any time they are about to disburse any money in their business. The reason why, is because first of all a business owner is going to be doing the bank reconciliation in order to see if they have enough money available in their business to make those payments. If a business owner gets into the habit of making collection calls at the same time they are getting ready to make payments they can ensure the cycle of making payments and receiving money is intact.

Business owners can also ensure that they are updating their Accounts Receivable summary in real time, so that any time they want to pull that Accounts Receivable summary, they can ensure its accuracy. Part-time CFO services they business owners may be too busy or find it too overwhelming to try and update all of their accounting information, however learning how to upload invoices as soon as they make them, and enter payments as soon as they receive them, can help business owners ensure the accuracy of their Accounts Receivable summary so that they can be confident in collecting money.

By understanding best practices when it comes to collecting money, business owners can ensure that they are being proactive in collecting money that they are owed in their business, so that they can avoid running out of money in their business.

Part-time CFO services | We Are The Best Accountant!

It is extremely important that business owners learn how to review their Accounts Receivable summary, not just understand the information, but to look for possible errors, so that they can ensure the accuracy of the information regularly says part-time CFO services. There are several easy ways that business owners can learn to review their summary so that they can ensure the information as error-free so that you can confidently use those summaries to engage in collection calls with their clients to ensure they are receiving payments regularly.

One of the first ways that entrepreneurs can review their Accounts Receivable aging summary, is by looking for negative numbers. The reason part-time CFO services recommends this, is because while negative numbers is not impossible to have on an Accounts Receivable aging summary, it is more unusual. Why a negative number might exist, would be if a client has overpaid an invoice, or paid a deposit. Due to the unusual nature of that happening in a business, a business owner should very easily be able to know if that has been the case or not. If that is the case, then there is no errors. If they have not received an overpayment or a prepayment, then they should look for where it would be an error and fix it.

The next thing that a business owner should look for when they see a negative number on their Accounts Receivable aging summary, is when they see a negative number, and then a positive number for the same amount in a different time. On the accounts receivable summary, but this typically means is that the customer owes the business owner, and then made a payment which the business owner entered into QuickBooks, but did not apply it to any specific invoice. When a business owner sees this, all they need to do is go back into QuickBooks locate that customer and apply the payment to the cracked invoice.

Other ways that this is owners can review their Accounts Receivable aging summary to verify the accuracy of the information, is look for anything listed shareholder, Canada revenue agency, or payroll on their Accounts Receivable summary. Part-time CFO services says the reason why, is because all of these items should have their own account elsewhere in the balance sheet, and not on an Accounts Receivable summary. In a business owner sees this, they can get their bookkeeper to help them move those amounts into the appropriate location, so that their Accounts Receivable summary can be as uncluttered as possible.

When entrepreneurs are able to review their Accounts Receivable aging summary and minimize and fix errors, then they can be very confident in using that report to contact clients that all the money in order to collect it. By doing this regularly, business owners can ensure they are being proactive about maintaining a positive cash flow in their business.