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Part time CFO Services | should businesses buy used or new equipment

Business owners canít afford to pay for financing for the equipment needed to do their job, therefore they purchase used equipment and vehicles as a way of saving money says part time CFO services. As a set of efficient way of saving money is the question they need to ask in order to make purchasing decisions for their business. In order to determine if or used equipment vehicles are better option for business owners, questions they need to know the answer to.

Why should business owners plan on equipment rather than operating capital? The answer to this question says part time CFO services is because it is infinitely easier to get financing on equipment rather than on operating capital. Getting financing in business. It is harder the older business is, and getting financing for operating capital is more difficult than getting financing. Therefore it is in a business ownerís best interest to aim to get financing for purchases rather than operating capital.

What type of loan in Canada exists specifically to help small business owners? The Canada small business financing loan will lend business owners up to $350,000 to buy equipment, vehicles and fund leaseholder improvements. This loan is easier to get because the federal government is back that loan, acting as a guarantor, so the banks are more agreeable to loan business owners this money. This is a great option says part time CFO services when business owners are unable to get conventional financing.

How does this compare to manufacture financing or leasing options? The Canada small business financing loan usually costs base plus prime which is around 7% currently, which is a much better rates than business owners are right to be able to get on leasing options. Even if the leasing agency is advertising a much lower rate, this isnít always the right that business owners get. Often leasing rates are 10 to 15%, and business owners are much better going with a loan.

How do manufacturers and leasing companies attempt to disguise their rates? Manufacturers and leasing companies advertise very low rates, and once business owner is about to sign, the companies tack on additional charges such as application fees or financing charges. Another tactic that leasing companies use is saying that if a business owner by cash itís one price, if they finance, itís more expensive but with 0% financing. This may sound really attractive because of the 0% financing, but actually that increased cost is the financing chart just tacked on in a lump sum. The questions that business owners need to know says part time CFO services is how long is the term, what are the payments, and what would the price be if it was paid for in cash? Once entrepreneur knows the answer to those questions, they can figure out if itís a better option to those leasing company or get financing.

I understanding what loans are out there, and how to calculate leasing charges, business owners are in a much better position to know what is a better option for them should they buy used or new equipment and vehicles.

Part time CFO services | should businesses buy used or new equipment

50% of all businesses close their business within five years, and 29% of those failed businesses say that they ran out of cash Part Time CFO Services. Itís running out of cash is a big problem for many business owners, business owners arenít able to afford to pay or Get financing for the equipment they need to do their job. As a result they turned to leasing or purchasing used vehicles and equipment as a way of saving money. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way of doing business? Answer the following questions will help business owners determine what is the best option for them.

How does the age of the use equipment or vehicle affect the length of the loan? Part time CFO services says that used equipment vehicles have a shorter time period to pay back the loan, so even if the purchase price is cheaper, it may not be more advantageous for the business owner to take, because paying it back quicker will be more difficult. Since running out of cash is a prime concern for businesses, this is not advice. Purchasing brand-new equipment vehicles may be the better option because even though itís more expensive to purchase upfront, lower rates and longer term loans will make it easier for the business owner to pay back.

Can monthly payments on used equipment and vehicles be higher than new ones? Answer to this question is yes, absolutely purchasing a brand-new vehicle or equipment, the business owner has a longer time to pay off the loan then a used vehicle or equipment. This way,Part Time CFO services says even though used is cheaper up front, itís not necessarily better.

How does increased maintenance and fuel cost affect monthly cash flow? This is a really important question business owners will want to consider says Part Time CFO services. The reason is because used equipment used vehicles can be more expensive to run and maintain. As businesses also age, they start with operating capital, leaving hire outlets costs can be financially draining to a business. Consider not just payments, but what is the fuel cost and operating cost on brand-new versus fuel and operating cost as well as maintenance cost on used. Often it makes more financial sense by brand-new.

Help in less reliable vehicles and equipment increase wage costs or steal your time? Time is a very precious resource especially in business because while itís always possible to our money, business owners can never make more time. Constantly maintaining and fixing equipment and vehicles can cut into precious business operating time. Instead of on estimates or quotes, a business owner is then maintaining or fixing equipment. Not only does it time business owner, fixing the broken went also halts production time in the business, causing staff to also be unproductive, forcing the business owner to not only pay for the maintenance of their equipment but also for their staff to stand out and do nothing.