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Part Time CFO | Is It Necessary to Include the Problem in the Business Plan


Business owners need to ensure that they have a problem, a mission, and a vision clearly stated for their businesses part time CFO. These are going to be important for a variety of reasons. First of all, because it’s going to help an entrepreneur remember but it is their business does, and how it can impact the lives of their customers. And also, because it’s important to communicate this information with employees. So that they know at all times what’s the most important objectives are.

However, many business owners don’t even have the problem, Mission or vision clearly stated in their business at all. And if they do, it’s either too complex. Or they are not using it enough to be effective says part time CFO.

Creating an effective problem, mission and vision can be difficult. Not because it is hard to write out those things. But in order for it to be effective. It needs to be brief. And it can be much harder than people realize to say a very important and complex idea. But in very few words.

It needs to be few words, because it needs to be heard, understood, and memorized not just buy the business owner. But from their employees. So that they can use that in their decisions every day. If they have a question about what they should do.

The next thing that part time CFO says is important to remember. Is that the problem statement should be a single sentence long. The mission of the business should be another single sentence. And the vision should also be a single sentence.

Many entrepreneurs are confused says part time CFO when writing notes the problem. What they need to keep in mind, is that all customers are solving a problem when they make a purchase. If they call a plumber, perhaps the problem they are solving is Alik in a faucet. When people are buying clothing, they’re solving the problem of what should they wear? Or perhaps it’s a question to bring something comfortable, or trendy or clothing that’s a status symbol.

Therefore, they need to figure out what the problem is that their customers have that they solve when purchasing their product or service. That problem that most of their customers are solving. Needs to be boiled down into one sentence. So that it can be easily remembered.

The mission is one sentence on how they are going to achieve the problem. Again, part time CFO says business owners needs to keep in mind that it needs to be a single sentence in order for it to be effective. Often, many entrepreneurs start out by looking at their desire for profit to help guide their mission. And this is absolutely fine. Because a business owner will not be able to accomplish the vision unless they make a profit.

And finally, the vision is the next thing that a business owner needs to create. And how it’s different from a mission is because there are actually measurable time-specific goals in the vision. They will say how many customers they want to help by solving their problem and in how many years for example.

As long as it has measurable, time-sensitive goals. And it’s one sentence. The business owner will have the vision that they need.

Once they have a powerful one sentence about the problem, the mission, and the vision of their business. It can help be very inspiring not just to business owners. But to their employees and their customers as well.

Part Time CFO | Is It Necessary to Include the Problem in the Business Plan

Many business owners underestimate the importance of the problem, mission and vision statements in their business says part time CFO. These can be incredibly important statements that can help unify an entire business, not just a business owner. But the employees as well. When the employees can remember the Mission, Vision, and problem of the business. They will be able to use it as a guiding Factor in every activity they do for the business.

Because of this, part time CFO recommends that entrepreneurs are creating very simple statements. They may already know that each of the statements, whether it’s the problem, vision or mission. needs to be a single sentence. But they might try to make it sound very sophisticated by using complex words or thoughts.

Business owners should avoid trying to make their problem, their mission, or their vision statements sound complex. Because it needs to be heard, understood, and memorized by all levels of employees. This means even their highest level managers that are helping them make business decisions. 2 part-time students who are helping them out evenings and weekends.

Therefore, by crafting them in such a way that they are very easily understood. It can help ensure that a business owner will be able to inspire action by all staff members. From reading and understanding the problem, mission, and vision of the business.

The next thing that a business owner needs to do, ensures that they are communicating the Mission, Vision and problem of the business often says part time CFO services. This means doing more than just communicating it during their interview. And then Not reminding employees of it ever again. Or only once a year at their staff meeting.

This is so important periods that it needs to be communicated every day, and even multiple times a day. Bring it up at the start of each day, or the start of each shift is a good idea. Part time CFO also says that some business owners like to have it written in every single room. So that it becomes ingrained into the culture of the business.

In fact, it’s so important to do, that business owner should be putting this into the executive summary of their business plan. Many entrepreneurs are not sure why it needs to be there. Since most of the time, they write their executive summary and such a way to appeal to Banks and financial institutions.

However, it is not being put there for business owners to be able to get a loan that they need. It’s being put there, so that entrepreneurs can see it. While they should be reading their business plan often, to ensure that they are on the same track. This is difficult for busy business owners. And they might only have time to read the executive summary. Which is one or two pages out of 40?

When entrepreneurs are only able to read the executive summary of their business plan. They will still be reminded of the most important aspects of the business. What problem they are helping customers solve, how they are doing it and the measurables used to achieve it.