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Part Time CFO | Creating a Powerful Mission and Vision Statement


Business owners to not underestimate the importance of an effective problem, mission and vision statement according to part time CFO. The reason why is because of a well-written group of statements. Not only can inspire a business owner and their staff. It can help them remember why they do things differently and to a higher degree of Excellence.

However, one of the biggest problems is that an entrepreneur either does not create A mission or vision statement in their business. Or they create one, and they don’t use it. They stick it in their business plan and promptly forget about it.

Or, the vision and mission statements they create is not inspiring enough. Or it’s too complicated. And a business owner doesn’t end up using it or remembering it.

How a business owner can create an effective mission and vision statement, is by looking at their product as well as their customers. They need to take into consideration that every consumer buys anything. Is simply solving a problem that they have.

Depending on the customer and the purchase, the problem that they are solving can be fairly easy to decipher. Such as a customer who call the plumber. They have a plumbing problem. Or a person who buys food from the grocery store. their problem that they are solving is their family needs to eat food to survive.

However, other problems might be a little bit more traveling to decipher says part time CFO. Or there could be multiple problems for the same product or service that people are buying. Business owners need to consider that for their own business. If it’s a clothing store, are they buying clothes because they need them, why do they need them might depend on the type of clothing store? It might be for work, it might be for the status it might be because they have gained or lost weight.

Understanding that there might even be several reasons for the same product. Will ensure that a business owner thinks about the most common reason why their customers are buying products and services from them. Or, it will help an entrepreneur to lose its focus. On what they would like most customers to be solving, by purchasing their products or services through them.

The mission statements will be a combination of what problem they are solving for customers, and how they are doing it in a way that is unique. or to a higher level of customer service. Or whatever reason the business is different from its competitors. Needs to be included in their mission statement.

The vision statements on the other hand say part time CFO will include all of the measurables that goals need to have. Therefore it needs to have an immeasurable device in the vision statement. And it also needs to have a timeline. That’s not easily achievable.

by keeping this in mind, and by creating a one-sentence mission statement and vision statement. Business owners are creating a very powerful tool that they can use in their business.

Part Time CFO | Creating a Powerful Mission and Vision Statement

When an entrepreneur takes the time to create a powerful mission and vision statement says part time CFO. They need to ensure that they are using it to its fullest capability. The first thing they should avoid doing, is putting it in their business plan and promptly forgetting about it.

It can be an important way that entrepreneurs build the kind of company culture they want. And can help inspire all employees. From high-level managers, down to even the part-time employees.

When all employees can understand what the goal of the business is. And how they can help achieve that goal. By doing their jobs to their best capability. It’s become very important to communicate the mission and vision regularly.

Business owners should avoid telling it once at a staff party, Or at the annual staff meeting. Part time CFO says that business owners cannot simply communicate this once, at the job interview. Or once a staff member gets hired.

The considered communication on a daily basis or more. By the business owner themselves. While they might have high-level managers, that know the mission and vision very well. The business owner themselves need to communicate that. So that they can ensure they are building the culture they need.

Another reason that business owners need to ensure that every staff member needs to hear it. Is so that they can create a simple enough sentence says part time CFO. Business owners might get caught up in trying to create an epic or sophisticated phrase. By using a lot of flowery languages. That might leave several things open to interpretation.

While their high-level managers might know exactly what the business owner is trying to communicate. Because they themselves communicate often. It needs to be left in to know interpretation by all staff members. No matter what their job, or how many hours a week they work in the business.

Part time CFO says that business owners may choose to start each shift or begin the day by reminding all staff members what’s the vision and mission of the business is. they could also write it in every single room of the business. So that’s even if they weren’t paying attention during the meeting. They can easily see the vision and Mission. And remember it.

By making the mission statement and vision statement one sentence long. It also ensures that it is much easier to remember. Business owners who get caught up in trying to make it this huge, impactful series of sentences. I can’t even remember their mission statement or vision statement themselves. Let alone, trying to expect that their staff members are going to remember it’s either.

Regardless of how all of the different methods an entrepreneur chooses to gets the message across. Building Company culture requires consistency and communication. driving home the importance of the mission and vision of the business by repeating it often. Business owners are building the kind of business that has the culture that they need to succeed.