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Part Time CFO | Creating a Mission and Vision that Everyone Understands


Business owners need to understand that not only is their vision statement and mission statement written for their purpose says part time CFO. It also should be written with their employees in mind. So that they can create a statement that is inspiring to everyone. Not just the business owner themselves.

How they can create an effective mission and vision statements, is by thinking first about the products and the services that they sell. And what problem their customers are solving by purchasing them. Many entrepreneurs may not think of it in terms of a problem that needs to be solved.

But when they think of it in that terms. It can be very easy to see it that way. Some businesses might be easier to figure out than others. Such as a coffee place helping solve the problem of thirsty customers, and customers who are looking for caffeine in the morning for example.

Their business might have several problems that they are solving. And businesses should focus on the one that makes the most sense to them, either because it is the majority of the customers looking for that. Or because it is what they are most inspired to focus on.

Something else that entrepreneurs can keep in mind, is that they often start with their motivation of getting a prophet in their business. To help them accomplish their goal. And this is just as effective says part time CFO. And it also keeps the fact that they need to be turning a profit, at the forefront of their mind.

As many business owners don’t accomplish this effectively in their business. Creating a mission and a vision statement that circulates around the need to make a profit so that they can continue helping people is very powerful.

Once they understand those things, they can write their mission statement. Ensuring that it is only a single sentence long. While it can be a lot simpler and easier for a business owner to say what they want to see with several sentences and a lot of words. That’s not going to be very memorable. And less inspiring.

The easier that people will be able to read and understand in as few words as possible. The more it’s going to help an entrepreneur grow the culture that they need to grow their business.

The next thing that they need to create after that this part time CFO is the vision statement for their business. The biggest thing that makes the vision statement different than the mission statement. Is the fact that it will have a way to measure the progress. And give a timeline of when it needs to be completed by.

Again, this needs to be a single sentence. So it can be very difficult to put those measurable attributes into the vision statement. But when a business owner is able to accomplish this. It will be a very powerful statement, illustrating how important it is for a business owner to accomplish their goals.

Part Time CFO | Creating a Mission and Vision that Everyone Understands

Business owners need to understand that writing the mission and vision of their business can be one of the most important things they do says part time CFO. Well they might not think that, especially because many entrepreneurs write their vision statement and mission statements and then never think about it again.

This can actually be an important way to build culture in their business, and Inspire not just themselves. But their staff members. Who are working towards that goal? The more that it can be written at 11 that’s easiest for all staff to understand. The better chance it has at inspiring them.

Therefore, they need to understand how important it is that they’re vision statement and mission statement is written very simply. Part time CFO says that many business owners tend to think that it is going to be effective when it is written in a flowery language, or very sophisticated.

However, not only does it needs to be read and understood very easily. Leaving absolutely no room for interpretation. The only way it’s going to be remembered is if it’s simple. And it doesn’t just need to be remembered by the business owner who created it says part time CFO. It needs to be remembered bye all staff members as well.

So that when they are thinking about a decision that needs to be made, and they can’t get an answer from the business owner. My thinking about the mission statement and vision statement. They will be able to figure out the best way that they can answer that. While accomplishing the Strategic priorities of the business.

In order to be inspiring to all staff members however. Business owners need to understand how often they should be communicating this with their staff members. Part time CFO says it’s not just mentioning it a few times a year. Or mentioning it at their interview and then when they get hired.

This is constant repetition, ideally on a daily basis or more if they can manage it. They can start each shift by repeating it. At every staff meeting and staff training they have. As well as writing it in every room of the business. So that it is inescapable. And very easy to remember and understand.

This is important for a business owner to understand. Not just that they need to be communicating this with their staff on a regular basis. But regular communication with her staff will allow them to build the culture that they desire.

Company culture doesn’t come from just reciting what’s important. But it also comes from an entrepreneur demonstrating it consistently. Therefore, if the mission and vision of the business is to help customers. Everything that a business owner must themselves model is helping that business. So that they can demonstrate to their employees how important it truly is.

When business owners do this, they’re going to start building the culture that they need in order to accomplish all of the Strategic priorities of their business. Because they are able to get all of their staff members on board. And most importantly, The entrepreneur themselves will remember why they became an entrepreneur in the first place. And what drives them to succeed.