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Outsourced Accounting Services | Efficient Ways To Generate Leads For Business

One of the most important things that business owners can do to help ensure that they are successful in business according to Outsource accounting services is to get leads for their business. The reason why, is because although 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs end up failing within 5 years of being in business. 42% of those businesses say that they failed in business because they couldn’t find customers. Therefore, learning how to effectively find customers is one of the most important activities that businesses can undertake, besides developing their product, and customer service.

One of the most important ways that business owners can start doing this doesn’t even cost any money says outsourced accounting services. In fact, it should be the first thing that they do regardless of how much money they have to spend on their advertising and marketing budget. The reason why, is because all other advertising and marketing efforts will build on this one thing. Therefore, it’s very important that people learn how to do this in business. It is generating Google reviews. The reason why this is the most important thing to do first, is because 88% of all consumers look at Google reviews to make their purchasing decision. No matter how a business finds a customer, 88% of them will be looking at Google reviews. Not just that says outsourced accounting services, but these consumers will also use the Google reviews to make up their mind of what businesses they are going to Spend their money at.

the good thing about generating Google reviews, is that business owners don’t even need to have a website in order to start doing this. The first thing that they need to do is create a Google business page or a Google my business listing. This is available on Google for absolutely no money. This has never cost anything and never will. The good thing about this, as once they have this page set up, not only can they start generating Google reviews for their business. But they also can start appearing on the first page of Google search results. They will appear in the Map listing, which is right under all of the paid advertisers results. Therefore, business owners can ensure that people are at the very least able to find them.

In order to start generating Google reviews, all a business owner has to do is start asking all of their family and friends to give them Google reviews. As well as get into the habit of asking every single customer that buys anything from them to give them a Google review as well. This might take some getting used to, but the goal will be to get to 40 reviews as quickly as possible. The reason why 40 reviews is important says outsourced accounting services, is because that is the point at which customers believe the reviews that they are reading. Under 40, and people seem to be skeptical about their validity.

When a business gets to 40 Google reviews, they can start focussing on other marketing activities. But until then, no matter how good they are at other marketing activities, if they don’t have the Google reviews to back up their products and services, then their marketing efforts May in fact be wasted. Therefore businesses should focus on getting Google reviews and start to see their business grow.

Outsourced Accounting Services | Efficient Ways To Generate Leads For Business

It may seem like one of the least important things to focus on, Lead generation says outsourced accounting services. But not being able to find customers is the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. Therefore, it’s very important that business owners know how to generate leads, and then when they are generating leads, what they should be doing with them. If business owners are generating a ton of leads, but they are not following up with them properly, they are not going to impact their business very positively. Therefore, business owners also need to not only no, but teach their staff how to follow up on the leads that they get in their business to ensure that they are converting as many of those leads into paying customers as possible.

One of the most important things that a business owner has to do when they get a lead, is call them back immediately. It may not be feasible for a business owner to be able to contact the lead the moment they get the lead, they’re for outsourced accounting services recommends that business owners actually set aside an hour and their day to follow up on all of the leaves that have come in. It’s very important that they follow up with the leads initially within the first day that they get them. This the lead know that they are valued, and they are going to get quality service.

Once a business owner has followed up with the lead, no matter if they’ve come in over the phone, walked in off the street, filled out a form on a website, or emailed, the business owner needs to ensure that they are finding out what problem the customer has, and how their products can solve it. Therefore, when they get them the proposal or their quotes that they’re looking for, the business owner can then specify how good their product is and exactly how it’s going to solve their problem. This effective communication is going to be Paramount and ensuring that the customer feels confident in purchasing from that business.

Once a business owner has followed up with the lead, it’s important that they continue to follow up says outsourced accounting services. In fact, they recommend that business owners set aside an hour every single week devoted to calling all of the leads that have not converted into customers yet. This is including all of the leads that have called since the beginning of the business, but have not turned into customers yet. This regular follow-up ensures that the business owner will be top-of-mind when the customer decides that it is ready to make their purchase.

When business owners learned that following up on leads is just as important as getting them, then they will be able to ensure that they are avoiding the number one reason for business failure in Canada.