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Key Performance Indicators Online Ad Impressions | Edmonton Business Consultant

So from the minute that you spend money on the ad, now we need to track the number of people that actually see that that is your ads impressions.

Yeah, I can see why cause it’s mad.

Hi, thanks for joining us again on another episode of asks real CPA. Today we’re talking about key performance indicators and specifically we’re talking about online ad impressions. I Have Tyson here with me again. Tyson. Thanks Sir for joining us. So, Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, how, how’s the, the tax schedule treating you? Pretty good. I got over half my return’s done, so I’m feeling pretty positive about us. You’re knocking them out right on it. Okay. So the quote that we have here today is Jim Collins Co author of six business books and it really keys in on, um, you know, this issue that we’re dealing with, uh, here lately in our videos is the good to great companies did not focus principally on what to do. Uh, they focus equally on what not to do and what to stop doing. It entirely. Uh, you know, Jim Collins wrote the book on, you know, what companies outperformed the market compared to their competitors and they focus on not just what to do but what to stop doing.

Um, and we’re talking about, you know, business owners who are trying to increase their revenue and Industry Canada tells us that 50% of all Canadian small businesses will go out of business in five years. And uh, 42% of those fail business owners will site, uh, inability to attract enough customers as one of the reasons for failure making it the most common reason that business owner’s site, uh, for failing at business. Now, the story that we have here is the business owners come in and they’ve identified a revenue problem and their financial savings and we’ve given them Mac your financial statements. They know it’s a revenue problem and they know that they have to track and achieve measurable key performance indicators. Uh, in order to fix this problem. They can’t just grasping at straws here and they, they’ve adopted that. They’re their number one KPIs to get 40 Google reviews and continued to get one Google review per month.

Thereafter. They know that they’re going to do 10 initial youtube videos, uh, and they’re going to do one initial, one more additional youtube video, uh, per week thereafter. And they’re going to get all those youtube videos transcribed and put on their website. So they, they rank on Google, Edmonton Business Consultant, and then established that we’re going to spend some money on advertising and you got an ad, an ad spend worked out, and now they think they can jump straight to Leeds when there’s a few more things that they need to count in order to see if they’re advertising initiatives are going to be efficient or not so tight. And what are the questions that these business owners should be asking first? Would it be well, measuring leads alone give you enough info to the sect and ineffective ad? Um, measuring enough leads alone, uh, will not give you enough info.

There could be a number of things going wrong with the ad or somewhere else in the chain and you won’t know what they are unless you’re tracking other initiatives. So, Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, just measuring leads alone is not enough. We can’t go from dollar spent on advertising to Leeds because there’s a lot of things that can go wrong in between spending the money and collecting the lead, uh, that we need to track and be able to dissect. All right, well, measuring leads and clicks gives you enough info to dissect ad quality leads and just clicks will not, uh, be able to dissect a ad quality. Uh, they’re, they’re, they’re also, you know, we’re, we’re half of the way there. So we got for, we spent money on ads and if we just start tracking clicks, we’re going to get a little bit more data. But there’s some things that can happen over here, uh, before the ad spend, before the click even occurs, uh, that are important.

Okay. Edmonton Business Consultant, what are avid impression? So ad impressions are what’s over here. So from the minute that you spend money on the ad, now we need to track the number of people that actually see that at that is your ads impression. So, you know, before we get to the leads we have spend money on as we have tracking money on the number of impressions we have tracking the number of people that actually see that ad. Now we can track the number of people that actually click on that ad. And now on the, on the end and we can measure how many leads are resulting. We need to get the number of it. Ad Impressions. If you have no ad impressions, is it possible your ad was rejected? Yeah. So sometimes you can have uh, uh, it w we even what would be an effective ad and just got rejected, especially if you’re putting it on Google or, or admiral, you know, you can have, for example, a great ad, but it had too many capital letters in it, for example.

And then Google, I was very, uh, specific, uh, uh, parameters and they don’t tell you right away. Um, so you, you submit your ad for approval. And a lot of business owners think I’m done. I submitted my ad for approval. It’s gotta be good. You gotta make sure that it’s actually accepted. You might have a great ad and a great strategy all worked out and you just had one too many capital letters and that thing of Google kicked it out on you. Edmonton Business Consultant, so, uh, you, you want to make sure your ad is actually live. Uh, that’s step one. It sounds simple. It’s like, is it plugged in a type of solution, but it happens more often than you would think if your keywords are too narrow, what will happen to your album? Yeah. So if your keywords are super narrow, you know, if you’re looking at, uh, uh, you know, plumbers, uh, that keyword is, uh, uh, plovers doing leaks in basements for rental properties.

It’s just gets too long, not enough people are actually going to see it rather than Evanton plumbers. Then it was going a lot of people who are going to see that thing. So you want to make it narrow enough that it hits your focus, but you can’t make it, Edmonton Business Consultant, uh, to narrow that, not enough people see it. We need this ad to get in front of enough people in order to have a hope of getting a, uh, another customer or to, uh, you know, you need to get this ad in front of thousands of people. We’re talking thousands of impressions we need to make in order to have it. If we have hundreds, uh, unless for settling something really high tickets or something like that, this isn’t, this isn’t necessarily gonna work. So we need to get the, you know, we’d get to get those impressions up.

Yeah. How can you determine what keywords to target? So the way they determine what keywords to target, you can actually look at the, the Google ads analytics because they track how many people in your local market are actually searching different keywords. Edmonton Business Consultant, and so I view that as probably the one of the most reliable sources. You can use third party software to like uh, a Seo Moz, SCM rush has analytics do, but you just go straight to the source to just go straight to Google and Google will tell you how many people are actually searching those particular key words a month. So you’ll know, hey, am I trying to get someone to click on an ad? A am I trying to get someone to see an ad but nobody actually searches is term. Or if I’m going to put this keyword term, and there’s a lot of people searching this term every, each and every month it’s going to get in front of some people.

Okay. Your customers always searched keywords that professionals would search. Yeah. So sometimes what your customer would search is different than what you as the professional or the expert would call it. A one of the examples I had throw up there is, you know, we, we looked at these numbers for some family lawyers and one of the terms that gets searched is marital law. A lawyer wouldn’t end lawyer. Now Berta at least would never use that term. It’s a, you know, maybe it’s a, it’s an American term that’s a, it’s a sophisticated, but it in Canada that doesn’t get used as, it’s kind of a incorrect term, if you will. Edmonton Business Consultant, so, but it doesn’t matter because it only matters what your customer is searching. You don’t have to worry about what it’s properly called in your keywords because no one knows what keywords you were targeting.

Your keywords are what Google, what ads. If someone types something into the computer, do you want this person to see your ad or not? So a lot of times it’s a, you know, not something that you as a professional would use. You know, someone gave me the, uh, the tip one time is if you, if you want to know what your customer is searching, you get those, you know, those books that come out, you know, it’s such and such for dummies plumbing for dummies, electrical for dummies. Uh, you know, uh, if you can get those sort of books and they look in the index for the, the topics that they’re covering, and you might get a bunch of different keywords that maybe you as a professional wouldn’t call it, but guess what your customers thinking about it and you run it against the Google analytics.

And Google is going to tell you that yes, in fact people are searching for this term. And sometimes those are the best terms because your competitors aren’t thinking of those either. So if your demographic is too narrow, what will happen to your ad impressions? Same thing if your keyword is, you know, really specific. If your demographic is too narrow, you’re not going to get enough impressions, right? And so then the goal isn’t to get the most impressions, but the goal is a, you want to find that sweet spot and where we’re getting it, you know, relevant keywords in front of your ideal and likely buyers. But if we make that demographic too narrow, you know, people living in just one neighborhood with income over a hundred thousand dollars and there’s a thousand people in that neighborhood, then we need probably need thousands of impressions for even to, to, you know, to, uh, to be worthwhile.

So the demographic being too narrow, it can be a problem as well. We’re not getting enough at pressures and we’re not giving enough at bats even, you know, have a chance of getting it click until the website. If you didn’t bid enough for your ads, what will happen? Yeah, if you don’t visit enough for the ads, they won’t get out there either. So the way these ads work, cause there’s a bid price, you know, whoever bids the most Google, we’ll sell them the most space. Uh, and you can, you can use the optimizer. Google will tell you your recommended bid. Uh, you know, which is useful in a lot of businesses. But you know, if you just simply want to say, uh, you know, I want to pay 5 cents, uh, for, uh, uh, a keyword term and chances are this is a common keyword term.

If you’re looking for, you know, uh, Edmonton plumber, Calgary electrician or something like that, Edmonton Business Consultant, yeah, that’s not 5 cents isn’t going to get you there. Someone’s going to outbid you and you’re, you’re going to feel good about this ad and you’re going to think you’re getting a good deal. Uh, but you’re never going to get a, Google’s never going to run that because there they’re always going to sell. They’re going to sell that real estate to someone else who’s willing to pay a higher price. Okay. Is it a good idea to hire professional to assist with this? I think this is a good a point where, you know, if you’re struggling at all, um, not even struggling, it’s probably is a situation where you don’t know what you don’t know. Um, so even if you, you think it’s working, it’s, it’s likely good idea if you’re a business owner and you want to be at your top of your game about this.

Even if you know what you’re doing, you should probably should be hiring someone for a review of this, if nothing else and likely all you need to hire someone and on an ongoing basis, if you want to have a top level marketing campaign and continually deliver that, Edmonton Business Consultant, because you have time to be the expert in your business and continue being the expert in your business. Um, but trying to be the expert in every field is a recipe for failure. So I think it’s one of those things where, and you know, hiring a professional helps and in this day and age you probably need to, uh, you probably need an accountant. You likely need a lawyer and he, you likely once your business hits, you know, some scale or you want to get it to the subscale, you’d probably need some help on the marketing as well too. Uh, so that’s what we have here today. You know, thanks so much for tuning in. As always, please hit the like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver your tips on how to beat the odds at business. And please leave us some comments below so we can, uh, you could, you don’t deliver you some relevant content in our future videos. Thanks very much.