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Key Performance Indicators Online Ad Clicks | Edmonton Business Consultant

And they say Google doesn’t work, guess what? Google works and some of your competitors are killing on Google. You just wrote one bad add.

Yeah, I can see why cause it’s mad.

Hi, thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask [inaudible] CPA. Today we’re, you need to talk about key performance indicators and the KPO we’re talking about this time is online ad clicks. I Have Tyson here with me again on, so Tyson you seen how the online ads work and don’t work in some sense? Yes sir. So, Edmonton Business Consultant, they can be pretty pretty significant team at time helped us a lot. Yeah. Yeah. And you can see some other clients, I’m sure you’ve seen the records where they, they spend a lot of money. It doesn’t work at all sometimes. Uh, that’s the, the fact of it. So the quote that we have for days, Jim Collins, author of six business books, including one of my favorites, good to great. The good to great companies did not focus principally on what to do, become great. They focus equally on what not to do and what to stop doing.

The statistic that we have here is in this or candidate will tell us that 50% of all Canadian small business with fail and 42% of these fail small businesses. Uh, we’ll say their inability to attracting of customers is one of the primary causes for failure. Making it the most common site it term and you know, tying it back with the court is because they’re likely focus on things that aren’t working and what needs to know where they stopped doing so they can focus more time on the things that are doing in order to generate more customers. And the, you know, a story that we have continuing on in this, in this series of videos is business owners. They identified, they know revenues a problem. You would have done financial statements for them. We’ve done the analysis and revenue is the issue. Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, we can’t minimize expenses, uh, any further.

They know they’re going to need to track, uh, and achieve key performance indicators or Kpis in order to hit these objectives in a meaningful way moving forward. They know they’re going to get 40 Google reviews and they know they’re going to get one Google review every single month. Thereafter. They know that they’re going to do 12 youtube videos and they’re going to do one youtube video every week thereafter. And they’re going to get those transcriptions uploaded onto the website that they rank. And they got an ad spend worked out. So they’re spending a certain number of ads. They got an ad out there that is getting enough impressions and then they want to go from impressions to lead, but they’re going to miss something really key in the middle in between impressions and lead. Edmonton Business Consultant, so Tyson talked to us a boat. You know, what question these business owners should be asking.

First off is when someone asks, how many clicks are you getting? What does it mean? So the clicks means usually what that they’re talking about there is you have an ad that’s Edmonton Business Consultant, and they’re wondering how many people clicked on that ad to go to your website or to your landing page. And so that’s the number of actual people that not just have seen me at the scene yet is the impression what the click is. Actually, they clicked on the ad and they got redirected to your website or landing page. Usually that’s what they’re talking about. All right, dude. Most people make the copy and ads too long. They do so, and this was my natural inclination to do it is you know, we’re business owners, we’re passionate about a subject and we know a lot about a subject, but people have very short attention spans and Google is littered with competitors and alternatives.

So you got to make the ad super short, super concise, and it says exactly what you want to say in the fewest words possible. You know, going back to the Shakespeare, brevity is the soul of wit a. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. You got to make it as simple and as concise as possible. It’s specially on an ad or that space. Is that it? Premium. All right. Is it possible for an ad to have a lot of impressions but not a lot of clicks. Yeah. You can have an ad that has a bunch of impression but no one’s clicking on it. So your ads getting in front of thousands and thousands of people, but no one is actually clicking on that. And that’s why we need to monitor not just impressions, straight to leaves, but impressions to clicks to leads.

Yeah. Do a lot of people write bad ads then blame the advertising platform? Yes. Yes. And we’ve had the old clients who y’all I spent money on as well. What did you write? Or I don’t know. I had someone do it for me. Uh, or you know, they, they just didn’t spend a lot of time on getting that copy in the ad, making that offer, enticing enough that someone’s actually going to click on the ad and they say, Google doesn’t work. Guess what? Google works and some of your competitors are killing on Google. You just wrote one bad ad. We just have to write it better. Add in order for that to work. If only your 0.5% of all impressions and clicks is that a bad thing? So you would think that we’re talking about less than 1% 0.5 of a percent, you know, are going to click on an ad.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Depending on the metrics and the profit margin your business, that could be a con of very successful advertising campaign we’re talking about for every 200 people who see your ad, one of them is going to click on your website. Edmonton Business Consultant, believe it or not on an ad campaign, that can be fantastic, right? You want to think about how much it used to cost to drop, you know, a thousand flyers and you were hoping to get one out of a hundred will dropping a flyer generally is a lot more expensive, just one flyer. Then getting one impression on Google. So if you can get, you know, click, um, no, it’s, that’s actually really good. So, uh, depending on the business, sometimes it can be, the metrics can be a little bit different. A lot of business is 0.5%. It sounds terrible. It can actually be a complete moneymaker.

What does is cost per click or CPC? So the cost is when you start looking at the cost of running that ad and you divide that total cost of running that ad divided by the number of clicks, you’re going to get a cost per click. How much did it cost you each and every time that someone clicked on that act? Cause that’s the goal. At the end of the day, it’s not just the number of impressions. Impressions aren’t really what’s going to drive it. It’s, you know, you want to generate leads in order to generate leads. We’ve got to move them from, from seeing the ad to clicking on the ad to then taking action. Edmonton Business Consultant, but you know, what does that cost per click? If the ad is targeted at irrelevant keywords, what will happen to the CPC? So sometimes you can have an ad targeted at a relevant, irrelevant keywords and it can really manipulate your, your cost per click.

You’re getting a lot of people clicking or not clicking, who you know aren’t really interested in your service, solely know you have these keywords that don’t really deal that well with your, with your ad. And it looks like you’re going to have to spend a lot of money to get people to click on the site. But maybe it’s just you need to go back to your keywords into your keywords, really represent the ad. What’s in the ad that copy the and the problem that you’re solving with that ad that you’re putting in front of the customer and how often people are going to to click on it. Is it possible for clicks to not convert to leads because of bad websites? Yeah, so sometimes the other part of it is, yeah, we’re getting all these clicks, all these clicks are coming through. Why am I getting no leads?

And the people would go back to Google like Google, this Google thing doesn’t work. It doesn’t work at all. Edmonton Business Consultant, well no. Sometimes you, maybe we’re getting the impression we got a good, we’ve got the right key words in there. We’re getting in front of enough people and the right people, not too many, but the the right people and were those people are looking at the copy. It’s kind of an enticing offer and they’re clicking and they’re coming to your site, but then your site is not set up to convert it to, um, so it’s getting between clicks to leads. If we know they’re clicking but they’re not converted, we start looking at, you know, really strongly what, what happens on that website? What does that website look when it draws them to it? Is it actually encouraging them to take action? Maybe the ads are good and the website is bad.

How often should you track the performance of your ads? I think you should check the performance of your ads weekly. I think this is a task that you should be doing each and every week, uh, in your business and looking at, you know, how many, how many impressions did I get on my ads, how many clicks that I get on my ass, how many new leads did I get on my business? And you know how much of that leads is actually converting into new business. That’s what weekly exercise that is the lifeline of your business. You know, know nothing happens. You were in some revenue in a business. Um, so it’s something that you should be doing each and every week. Should you have a professional help you with that? I think you should have a, a professional help you with his eagle back through the steps.

There are so many steps in this process. Um, you know, rate for, you got to set up your Google places rate to begin with. You can make an error and said he kept the Google replaces you have it in the wrong category and no one’s seeing it. Um, you don’t know how to set it up. Edmonton Business Consultant, you, you know, then you know, how am I getting reviews? What does the script on the reviews? What are some ideas to generate some more reviews? Then I want to do my first youtube video. Why? You know, we get a first youtube video, but what mid metatags union than youtube videos so anyone can actually find that youtube video. What services you’re going to use in order to transcribe that video and, and then once you have that service transcribe it, you got to get it up onto a website that’s got to be Seo compliant.

Just the software alone to check on his Seo compliant is going to be a couple of hundred dollars a month. If you’re trying to do this on yourself and you’re still not know what you’re doing. I mean, your time is probably better spent developing more content than being a coder. I mean, because it doesn’t matter if the coder has done perfect, can you become the world’s best coder? You still have no content because you spent all your time learning how to be a coder. So I’m not sure that that’s relevant at all. And then we get into an ad and we can have a mistake in the keywords that we’re looking for, you know, so we’re not getting enough interest. You know, we’re not generating enough impressions from those ads. We’re not counting the number of clicks that’s coming on to it. You know, we’re not monitoring the leads.

There is a lot of steps in this process. It’s really easy to blow a lot of money out the door on ass that are not working and they’re never going to work. And there can be a fix, you know, when he need to have that second set of eyes who, who can review and also offer suggestions. Uh, you know, trying to write copy for an ad by yourself in a vacuum is difficult. This is something you want to bounce off of someone else. And a lot of times you want to bounce it off of someone who’s not in your industry or, you know, [inaudible] I’m trying to bounce accounting ideas off another account and they don’t know how that’s going to, you know, resonate with a non accountant because it doesn’t matter. I’m not trying to generate business from other accounts. I’m trying to venerate business from people who need to hire an accountant.

I don’t electrician, I’m not trying to get other electricians to call me. I’m trying to get people whose lights don’t turn on to call me. Edmonton Business Consultant, or lights are flickering in their place. So, yeah, I think this is the point where, uh, you should have a, a probably another professional help you with that. Edmonton Business Consultant, so that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for tuning in. Again, as always, please hit the like and subscribe button. So we did do you deliver you tips on how to beat the odds at business and we look forward to reading your comments below so we know what to address in future videos. Thanks very much.