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Key Performance Indicators 10 Minute YouTube Videos | Edmonton Business Consultant

Your website, chances are it’s not going to rent. It’s good at beyond the eighth page of Google. And it’s going to be like the tree that fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it.

Yeah, I can see why cause it’s mad.

Hi, thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask spurl CPA. Today we’re talking about key performance indicators, uh, and specifically the number of 10 minute youtube videos that a business has. I Have Tyson here with me again today. So Tyson, are you enjoying tax time again? Hi, I’m, it’s nice. I don’t know. It’s busy, but uh, let’s get to work on a bunch of people’s files against, yeah. How many this is your second year doing third, third, third, third year doing taxes. Yeah. So, Edmonton Business Consultant, so the quote that we have here today talking about key performance indicators, 10 minute youtube videos, Jim Collins quote, we think it’s an important for this, uh, of the stream of videos in either the good to great companies did not focus principally on what to do to become a great, they focus equally on what not to do. And what to stop doing entirely.

Um, the statistic that we’re, you know, we’re trying to, you know, fight against here is Industry Canada tells us that 50% of all Canadian small businesses fail and they fail within five years. And 42% of these failed businesses will list their inability to attract enough customer as one of their primary reasons for failure and making it the most common reason that failed businesses will list for failure. A failure to attract enough customers in the story that we have here are, you know, business owners, we’ve analyzed their financials, we assembled the accurate financials, we’ve analyzed and we’ve identified lack of revenue as the issue. Now they know they have to focus on measurable key performance indicators if they want to solve the problem. Edmonton Business Consultant, they know that their number one key performance indicators, likely getting to 40 Google reviews for the average small business and then trying to get one Google review per month thereafter.

Uh, they probably think that the next step after this Google reviews is this. A simply, you know, spend some money and create some abs and update a website, but they’re missing a bunch of interim steps. So, you know, what are the questions that these business owners, they want to grow their revenue. Uh, they got the Google reviews, but they’re, they’re, you know, they’re already looking on ads and website. What are the questions these business owners should be asking Tyson? Yeah. What are the four factors that aren’t going to get your website ranked? So the four factors that are going to get your website ranked is number one that your, your website has to be mobile compliant. A really easy test. You can go onto Google and just search the more while compliance website tests. This is the easiest one of the four. Uh, the second one is your website has to be s e o complaint.

Um, and there’s software that you could run to test if your is going to be or compliance, you know, uh, uh, Seo, Seo, Moz, SCM rush, she’ll good software. They’ll test if it’s compliant or not. And this is one of the ones where it’s a little bit easier because if it’s not SEO compliant, you could pay a programmer to address those issues that are identified in the software to make it compliant. Edmonton Business Consultant, then you get to the, the number of velocity of the Google reviews that you’re getting, which we’ve already addressed. And that’s tends to get a little bit harder and you know, easy to make it more about compliance, you know, a little bit harder to make it Seo compliant, but you can still just pay money to do it. But then we’re just talking about Google reviews. Now you actually got to do a good job.

You got to ask clients, I am follow up on that ass to get the Google reviews. Edmonton Business Consultant, and then it comes to the number of pages with a thousand words or more. Edmonton Business Consultant, now there’s a lot of people will argue with that and say, you could do it in less words. Um, but I’m not, I always tell people I’m not looking at the minimum of what might work. I’m looking at what will work and the thousand words or more on every page will work. So it’s the number of pages on your site with a thousand words more, uh, which one is the hardest? So the Google reviews is pretty hard in itself, but even more hard is the number of pages with a thousand words. And you think about a thousand words in the, our average client. And you know, if we give this assignment to the average and plumber, they’re going to take between four and eight hours to write a thousand words or more.

And we’re talking about, you know, not having to have these pages with a thousand words or more. We’re talking about having a hundred or 200 pages with a thousand words or more. That one is the hardest one to do. You know, how do we get, uh, pages with a thousand words or more, right? What happens if your website doesn’t have enough content? So if your website does not have enough content, it will not rank. So you can pay someone to make sure it’s mobile complied, pay someone to make sure that it’s SEO comply. Edmonton Business Consultant, you can get enough Google reviews, but if you don’t have enough content, enough pages with a thousand words or more, your website, chances are it’s not going to rank. It’s good to be on the eighth page of Google and it’s going to be like the tree that fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it.

No one’s going to act on it either. All right? And what happens if you don’t update the content? So that’s the other thing. It’s not like building a house. You also have to regularly update this content. So you can’t just get, you know, 20 pages worth a thousand words or more and then never post again. You’ll just fall in the rankings and you’ll become irrelevant again. So you have to have enough content to get the ranking and then you have to continually produce content if you want to keep that ranking and specifically keep that Reiki you want to get to the first page. So you want to get or on the organic listing results on the first page of Google, you want your business to show. And in order to do that, either, you know, number of pages with a thousand words or more and regularly updating that content.

So adding to that number of pages with a thousand words or more, right? Well, the website help without content or strategy to produce ongoing content. Edmonton Business Consultant, so yeah, the, the website will not really, like if all you do is have a website and you develop this website and you get some content on the website, but you don’t have a strategy to update that content, it’s, it’s going to be broken. It’s like someone who goes on a crash diet and they lose the weight and the, they get there and then all of a sudden, you know, they’re, they, they gain all the way back and, and uh, sometimes more. Um, it’s the same thing. You got to have a strategy not just to produce that content initially, but an ongoing strategy to actually continually produce that content in an efficient manner that you could actually do as a business owner.

Um, so in order to, you can keep that website relevant, right? So what does the time hack to get a thousand words or more? So the time hack a for a thousand words or more is to actually get, you know, a video or audio and transcribe that because it takes a long time to write down a thousand words, but it is a lot quicker just to talk a thousand words or more on video or on audio and you get that, that those words transcribed and put onto your, your website. Um, and a lot of people will think, well, I can pay someone to do content. Well that’s expensive to pay someone to do content and it might not be very relevant because you know, you’re the, you’re the expert. And some people will say, well, I can pay someone a, Edmonton Business Consultant, potentially pay someone off shore to do content for me.

Well, they’re even less likely to have relevant content and they’re more likely to actually copy that content so it won’t even be unique. So you need unique and relevant content and that’s usually something that you as the subject matter expert are going to have difficulty abdicating to someone outside of the organization. Um, so really the time hack is to do it on video or audio transcribe that, uh, that content. It’s unique. You, you just, you just made it a, you created it yourself. It’s relevant because you’re the subject matter expert and then you can post that onto your website. So, and really we view it as 10 minutes. If you talk for 10 minutes, uh, either on video or an audio and then transcribe it, you are going to have more than a thousand words or more, whether you speak, uh, like one of those records on fast forward or you speak with the slow southern country draw, you speak for 10 minutes, you’re going to get a thousand words.

Most types of, uh, what is the second most popular search engine? So the second most popular search engine, you know, of course you have Google, uh, which is huge. It’s, it’s the 800 pound gorilla. It’s just enormous. And then the second most popular search engine, uh, most people get that wrong and they think it’s, you know, being, or Yahoo, it’s actually youtube. Youtube is the second most popular search engine. And you don’t, when people are looking to find something, hey, look on Google and be, they look on youtube, believe it or not, the amount of times, and look on being in Yahoo and all arrests, they look more on Youtube, which is number two more than all of the rest combined. So Youtube is huge. You know, it’s not as big as Google. Google is the 800 pound gorilla, but youtube is the second most popular by a long shot. But when you’re tired and you’re getting down, right,

number three, okay, can you use the same video for your website and for your youtube content?

100% you can use the same video. So that’s why I prefer video rather than audio because youtube is the second most common search engine. So our, our, our, our goal here is to get enough content so we can use the same video that would want it to get that unique, uh, transcribed words. Why don’t we just do a youtube video? We do a 10 minute youtube video, take that transcription. We put it on our website for every video that we do. Thousand words or more, uh, you know, and now not only do we have the time hack creating a thousand words in the most efficient manner, but now we have that content on the two most popular search engines simultaneously without doing any extra work.

Right? How many videos should you have before creating or updating your website?

So that’s where I would go with that. You should have 12 videos. I think 12 is the number that you need to have before you even create your website. And most people, like I said, they think, oh, my website is a problem. I’m going to write a check because writing a check is easy. Swiping a credit card is easy. Doing 12, 10 minute youtube videos is considerably harder and it takes longer. Edmonton Business Consultant, so, but I view, you know, if you, if you want to make a website that matters, not just make a website that makes you feel good and feel like you’ve checked something off your, your checklist, but something that’s actually going to generate you business. I would suggest that the first step is you get those Google reviews and then you make 12 youtube videos. Now, no, you are ready to actually spend some money on a website because now it’s actually going to help you generate visit. If you have enough content that that website is actually gonna rag that someone outside of yourself and your staff and your mom are actually going to see the website.

Yeah. Uh, what should your ongoing KPI be thereafter in terms of video content?

I believe that ongoing, uh, Kpi content is, you know, that ongoing metric they shooting for as one video per week thereafter. So that’s 52 videos per year. And I think if you do that, you are going to be extremely relevant as a local business. You are going to be a subject matter expert and I believe that people who, uh, the is going to become the, the is already right now content is the barrier to ranking on Google. Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, you get reviews, but you also have to have content and that’s the main barrier to ranking on Google. But as we progressed to this digital age, I think it’s going to become even more relevant that you know, businesses that aren’t generating regular content, they’re going to have a tough time staying relevant. You know, they might be have the ability to eke out income, but if they can’t be found on Google, um, on, on any keyword terms, no people aren’t going to do business with them, is going to become significantly harder for them to get new customers.

Like I said, it’s already 80% of the people are looking at the number of Google reviews. Well guess what? They’re not even going to see who you are unless you have enough content to check on the reviews that you had. Um, so I believe weekly, uh, shoot me the goal for most small businesses. So that’s what we have here today on key performance indicators and 10 minute youtube videos. Uh, thanks so much for tuning in. As always, please hit the light can subscribe button so we can do need to deliver your tips on how to beat the odds at business. And if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear him in the, in the comment section below so we can address them in future videos. Thanks very much.