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Edmonton Tax Accountant | Why We Are Not Laptop Lifestyle Accountants

The most important things that a person should look for in an Edmonton tax accountant, is a dedicated professional that going to work hard for their clients. Many accounting firms, as well as software companies have people believing that they can use accounting software that will be able to automate their work so much, so that accountants can actually end up working less but accomplishing the same amount for their clients. However, this is not true, and businesses that hire laptop accountants might end up being disappointed with the level of service, or they may end up with a higher bill, because their accountants are not able to work as efficiently for them as they need.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to understand, is the laptop lifestyle is one where workers believe that they can simply work off their laptop anywhere they are, and sell the idea that people can be successful in business by working just a few hours a day off their laptop. This is essentially the opposite of coming to the office every day and working hard. Ultimately says Edmonton tax accountant, it does not work and if this is the type of business that an entrepreneur has hired to do their taxes, they will be disappointed.

However, Edmonton tax accountant says that as long as an entrepreneurs hiring a hard-working accounting firm, they can end up getting great service and excellent work being done. Such as Spurrell and Associates. They do use software and technology to help automate certain accounting processes. However, they do not believe that you can automate all processes. By using software and technology to automate lower-level processes, they can free up their accountants minds for doing more thought intensive work, so that they can deliver a higher quality product for their clients more consistently.

In fact, Edmonton tax accountant says the mission at Spurrell and Associates is not simply to complete the work. Their goal is to help Canadian business owners beat the odds, which means it requires a high level of thought from their accounting staff, as well as a lot of hard work. This is not as easy as it simply depending on automated processes.

For example, the types of work that clients require being done that cannot be automated by a computer would be high level financial plans, assembling a multifaceted business plan designed to help entrepreneurs succeed, as well as being able to read context of conversations with clients, and be able to read between the lines to deliver thoughtful answers for them. If an entrepreneur hired an accountant that depended on a computer to do those things, they might be very disappointed with the quality of work they receive.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who are looking for high-quality accounting work should contact Spurrell and Associates, because they will be able to deliver high level of work, by knowing what processes can be automated, and what they need to use their accounting team to work hard for.

Edmonton Tax Accountant | Why We Are Not Laptop Lifestyle Accountants

When people are hiring an Edmonton tax accountant for their business, they should consider how that accountant is going to do the work. Hiring a laptop lifestyle accountant could be a big mistake. While many people sell the idea that they can multitask and get a significant amount of work accomplished. The reality is, it takes a brain 23 minutes of uninterrupted work to reach its peak performance. If someone is multitasking all day long, not only are they not reaching their peak level of intellectual performance, that they are probably billing a client far more hours to accomplish a task then they need if they simply worked uninterrupted.

At Spurrell and Associates, they work on world-class workstations and not laptops. The difference is like night and day. It is not the same experience at all, because the world-class workstations are much more efficient, they work faster, they have less downtime than a laptop and can accomplish more. If people are paying an hourly rate for their accountant, and their accountant is working on a laptop, the client should question how much time it takes that accountant to accomplish the tasks. Because they might end up getting billed for a longer time to accomplish the task. However, Edmonton tax accountant likes Burrell and Associates not only combine a superfast workstation that they work on, but they also provide clients a flat monthly bill, so they get faster service and a predictable bill that they can anticipate.

Not only does it take much longer time to work on a laptop, but Edmonton tax accountant also says that it takes a longer time to troubleshoot problems. This is extremely problematic when clients are paying their accountant in hourly rate. And more importantly, the client should consider what are not their accountant getting accomplished when they have to take such a long time to troubleshoot problems?

One of the most effective things that working in an office, uninterrupted and dedicated says Edmonton tax accountant is that it is highly motivating to be around highly motivated people. When the accountants at Spurrell Associates work together, even if one person is less focused, being surrounded by highly efficient and focused accounting team is motivating itself. Edmonton tax accountant says that motivation actually comes from seeing progress, therefore when other accountants can see the progress of their coworkers, that can be motivating in an of itself. When a laptop lifestyle accountant works by themselves, and is not motivated, it can be hard or impossible to get them selves motivated to get the work done that they need. This can spell trouble for their clients.

Entrepreneurs can do themselves a favour, and hired Edmonton tax accountant that is dedicated to delivering high-level service on a regular basis. By ensuring that they have a great accountant that is able to work regularly in their office, with a dedicated team will ensure that there delivering the highest level of service for their clients as possible.