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Edmonton Tax Accountant | What Entrepreneurs Should Look For When Hiring An Accountant

When Mars are looking for the right Edmonton tax accountant to hire, they may be overwhelmed with what information they need to know. However, an entrepreneur does not need to know a lot about accounting in order to ensure that there happy with choosing the right firm for their business. One of the things that they should be looking for, is for an accounting firm who does not utilize multitasking in order to get things accomplished. This can be a huge red flag, and if entrepreneurs speak with the owner, or takes a tour of the facility, they should be able to discover if this is how they work.

The reason why entrepreneurs should avoid any Edmonton tax accountant that multitasks is because it is actually not a very efficient way of working. While many people think that they can work efficiently and get even more accomplished by multitasking, the opposite is actually true. It actually takes a person’s brain approximately 23 minutes in order to reach its peak productivity. Every time someone gets interrupted, or switches tasks, it takes the brain another 23 minutes to get back its peak productivity. When someone is multitasking, they actually never reach that peak productivity, meaning that not only are they not more productive, but they are less productive.

Many accounting firms believe that they can multitask because they are using software and technology to automate processes. However, a great Edmonton tax accountant says while software and technology can be used to automate some processes, accounting firms should not rely on that alone to be efficient. In fact, Jim Collins who is the author of 6 books including good to great has written, thoughtless reliance on technology is a liability. Accounting firms that simply automate processes in hopes that is going to do high-quality work quickly are mistaken. Instead, and Edmonton tax accountant worth hiring will utilize software and technology, but in order to accomplish the low-level work much more efficiently, so that their accountants can spend more time and energy on the high-level work that can help entrepreneurs succeed.

Some of the high-level of work that cannot be automated include multifaceted business plans that are designed to help entrepreneurs succeed. As well as high-level financial plans that will help entrepreneurs pay less taxes and save money. If an Edmonton tax accountant utilize software in order to automate these tasks, and entrepreneur would end up with a poor quality of the business plan, that not only would not be efficient at helping them succeed, it may to do the opposite as well.

When entrepreneurs are looking for which Edmonton tax accountant hire in their business, they should consider interviewing the ones that they are interested in to ensure that not only do they avoid multitasking, they also avoid relying on software to speed up the process that needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully. By doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that their ending up with business professionals that are driven to help see them succeed in business.

Edmonton Tax Accountant | What Entrepreneurs Should Look For When Hiring An Accountant

There are many different types of Edmonton tax accountant firms out there. Entrepreneurs may have a difficult time in choosing which one to hire for their business, especially while many of them promise to be more efficient, so that they are able to charge a low hourly rate. However, clients should be aware of how any accounting firm promises to be much more efficient, to ensure that they actually are able to work much more efficiently. In many cases, the promise of a more efficient workflow is less than efficient, and end up with entrepreneurs paying higher bill, because even though there is a lower hourly rate, they end up getting charged more hours for the inefficient workflow.

For example, some Edmonton tax accountant firms allow their accountants to work on a laptop, rather than in the office. The idea behind this, is allowing an accountant to be able to work anywhere they want, and multitask. However, while multitasking is not efficient, neither is working full-time on a laptop either. It might be an okay solution for certain circumstances, but if an Edmonton tax accountant is working full-time a laptop, a client should expect that they have lost productivity.

Not only are laptops slower, but they also have far more downtime than typical desktop computers. Especially when it comes to accounting processes. If an accountant is working full-time on their laptop, this could end up with the accountant charging for more hours than in their accountant, because it takes them so long to get anything accomplished. This may be why they have a lower hourly fee, so that they can build more hours and get paid the same if not more.

Something else for entrepreneurs to take into consideration, is that it is much more inefficient and takes a lot of time to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely while on a laptop. Therefore, if their Edmonton tax accountant is using a laptop to accomplish their work, clients might want to consider what work is suffering because they are not working as efficiently as possible.

It is also important to note that when hiring an Edmonton tax accountant that works independently, and not an office with other accountants, they might not be able to collaborate as efficiently or at all. For example, if they encounter a problem or a situation that they do not know how to solve, and they are not working with other accountants, it may be difficult to come up with the solution. And when they do, it will take them a lot more time. However, in an Edmonton tax accountant firm where accountants were together, when one of them encounters a problem that they do not know how to solve, another accountant probably has already seen and had experience fixing that problem, meaning that there able to fix that problem faster working together. Even if no other accountant has seen that specific problem for, working together there are more likely to be able to solve that problem faster as well.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should take into consideration how their Edmonton tax accountant works, and if they say that they multitask, or allow their accountants to work anywhere they wish, that might be a red flag for an entrepreneur to not hire that accountant for their business. They should look for an accounting firm that is dedicated to delivering amazing results to help business owners succeed.