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Edmonton Tax Accountant | How Flat Monthly Fee Helps Entrepreneurs

The only one who benefits greatly with a hourly accounting fee are accountants says Edmonton tax accountant. The reason for this is because an hourly billing means that accountants that take a longer time finishing their customers files actually get rewarded with being able to bill higher and get paid more. Many clients recognize this, and are sceptical when working with their accountant thinking that they are taking a longer time on their file in order to get paid more, and also sceptical when they make recommendations of additional services for their business. Instead of having a great working relationship which is actually more beneficial to the customer, this type of billing can create problems.

Spurrell and Associates wanted to do something about that type of relationship as well as being able to provide better services to their clients who need them. Therefore, they created flat monthly fee in place of the more typical hourly billing that most accountants use. The reason why they wanted to provide this type of pricing structure was so that they could restore the balance of relationship between customers and accountants. When clients were more able to get a consistent bill and be able to predict exactly how much they are going to be charged every single month, they could start to see their Edmonton tax accountant as a strategic partner in their business that they could start to rely on, and get advice from whenever they need it.

Another reason that this type of billing cycle is beneficial to clients, is because every single service that the accountant can offer is going to be charged out at the same flat monthly price. This means that the entrepreneurs that need the services the most will not have to turn them down out of fear of not being able to pay for them. The way Spurrell and Associates can justify putting far more work for no additional fees is because they see it as an investment into their clients. Industry Canada says that 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in the first five years, therefore if they can change that rate, and help businesses succeed where they might not have succeeded before, they can impact the number of clients that they no longer have to lose every single year because their feeling. By investing in their clients, and helping them be successful they can ensure that there able to keep clients for a lot longer and ensure that their clients can stay in business.

By investing in their clients, they can ensure that this Edmonton tax accountant is setting up long-term relationships that are going to benefit both the business owner and they accountant for many years to come. By creating a great working relationship that entrepreneurs are able to work with their accountant in order to benefit their business, it is going to benefit not just the entrepreneur and the accountant but it is going to benefit society and the economy as well.

Edmonton Tax Accountant | How Flat Monthly Fee Helps Entrepreneurs

One of the most beneficial things that this Edmonton tax accountant did for their business as well as their customers is to eliminate the hourly doing that typical accountants charge their clients. Instead, Spurrell and Associates decided to move towards a flat monthly fee for every single one of their clients. Regardless of what customer they had, or but service they were getting, they all would pay the same monthly fee. This impacted their clients in several different ways.

Edmonton tax accountant said one of the most significant ways this impacted their clients, was no longer did they have to pick what services they were able to afford, and they were able to get the services that going to be able to help them succeed in business most. This typically was tax planning or business planning or both. In the past, entrepreneurs would decline to create a business plan because they were worried and how much it was going to cost. But by moving towards a flat monthly fee, Spurrell and Associates were able to offer this service to all of their customers, which drastically impacted their chances of being able to succeed in business.

Another way that this impacted the clients of Spurrell and Associates is because they are able to see their accountant once again as someone who is an advocate in their business and dedicated to the success of their business. Rather than seeing them as someone who is trying to profit off of working on their finances, they now became someone that they felt like they could confide in, call whenever they had a question, or set up a meeting whenever they feel they need additional help. By doing this, Edmonton tax accountant was able to change the balance of the relationship so that was more of a partnership.

How this impacted the Edmonton tax accountant Spurrell and Associates is that it allowed them to free up the time that they had been spending on creating and sending out those bills as well as answering questions about the bills. Since clients would never know how much they were getting invoiced until they received the invoice, sending out those bills and answering those questions would take a significant amount of the time for the accountants and their admin staff at Spurrell and Associates. By moving to this structure where everybody gets the same Bill that is consistent every single month, they no longer had to spend time reviewing those bills, and since all the customers know exactly how much they were getting charged for each month, stopped having tons of questions every single month. This actually ended up freeing five weeks of time every single year, that Spurrell and Associates can then back on to servicing their clients to a high level. By doing this, this Edmonton tax accountant ensured that they were able to continue giving their clients great service at an extremely high level.