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Edmonton Tax Accountant | Hiring The Right Accountant

Many entrepreneurs are looking to hire the right Edmonton tax accountant for their business should consider how those accountants do their work. The reason why, is because many accountants believe that not only is multitasking an effective way to work. But also, that they believe that by using accounting software and a laptop, they can automate many accounting processes, and work less, but accomplish high quality of work. However, as Jim Collins, the author of 6 books including good to great has said “thoughtless reliance on technology is a liability”. Instead, entrepreneurs should hire and Edmonton tax accountant that is devoted to focused, uninterrupted work in an office setting. This is a much more efficient way to work, and when clients are getting billed by the hour, they should be satisfied that their accountant is working as efficiently as possible for them.

Many reasons why some Edmonton tax accountant believe that they can work off laptop, is because any accounting software companies have created so much automation, that people believe that it takes less work to be an accountant. However, this is not true. While software and technology can automate many accounting processes, it does not actually replace the work that accountants do.

In fact, the automated processes that software and technology bring it to accounting can only accomplish low-level work. Edmonton tax accountant Spurrell and Associates say that what this does for their firm, is it automates low-level tasks, so that their accounting staff can spend more time on higher level work. The higher level work that cannot be done through automation would be things like high level financial plans that help clients save taxes. Assembling a multifaceted and effective business plan that is designed to help entrepreneurs succeed on all levels. If computers can automate this process, Edmonton tax accountant suggests that they would not be efficient or effective at helping their clients maximize their chances of success.

In fact, at Spurrell and Associates, their mission is to help Canadian businesses beat the odds, which is an endeavour that takes time, thought and hard work. This cannot be done simply by using automated processes. Therefore, when entrepreneurs are looking for the right accountant to work with, they should contact someone who not only believes in focused dedicated work. But they should also contact an accountant that believes in helping them succeed in business, and not just getting the accounting done on a basic level.

How important the right Edmonton tax accountant is for businesses, entrepreneurs should a lot of thought into who they hire. Not just to ensure that there not think for someone who is not going to work hard for them, but to pay for accounting services that are designed to help them succeed in business. It can be very difficult for entrepreneurs to know what to do to become successful, that they should ensure that they are hiring the professionals that are dedicated to helping them get there, rather than hiring someone who is trying to get it accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

Edmonton Tax Accountant | Hiring The Right Accountant

Many entrepreneurs do not take into consideration how important it is to choose the right Edmonton tax accountant. The right business professional cannot only accomplish their accounting tasks efficiently, they can actually significantly help an entrepreneur succeed in business. However, not all accounting firms are the same, and those firms that believe that they can multitask, and work anywhere they want off of the laptop and get quality work done are not going to accomplish the task as efficiently as clients might think.

In fact, entrepreneurs should consider how efficient it is to work off of a laptop. Especially when comparing it to the world class workstations of an Edmonton tax accountant like Spurrell and Associates. They have workstations that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and can work faster, experience far less downtime and accomplish more. For example, each workstation has a total of 9 screens that can be used in troubleshooting difficult scenarios. Compared to a laptop, that works slowly, experiences significant lag time, and can be very difficult to troubleshoot problems on.

Not only that, but it can be very difficult for an Edmonton tax accountant that is working remotely to collaborates either with their team, or their clients. No matter how good of programs they use to screen share, and remote access in to a meeting, in person is always better and more efficient than working remotely on a computer. In addition to that, collaboration is much more effective and faster when people work together.

Another very important thing to take into consideration when hiring an Edmonton tax accountant, is that deep focused, uninterrupted work is far more productive than multitasking. Studies have been done that show that brains work at their peak efficiency when they are working for 23 minutes uninterrupted. Therefore, accountants that are continually multitasking never reach their peak productivity. They may believe that their getting lots accomplished, but they actually are getting far less done.

Also, by hiring an Edmonton tax accountant that works in an office with other highly focused accountants can help ensure that everybody stays focused, motivated and on the same page. When clients are hiring which accountant they would rather work with, with a rather hire a highly focused and motivated team that works together, or single accountant that works distracted from their laptop. It is very easy for entrepreneurs to understand the differences between the 2 and make the right choice.

Ultimately, when accountants are choosing which accountant to work with, they should take many things into consideration. Should they hire an accountant that is dedicated to helping them succeed, these going to be able to work efficiently and effectively on the right equipment, and work uninterrupted. When they take all of these things into consideration, and also consider how each accountant bills for their time, it no longer makes sense to hire an accounting firm that works on slower equipment, by using unproductive means. Therefore, clients should contact Spurrell and Associates to help them not only accomplish their accounting, but succeed in business as well.