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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Working In Collaborative Workstations

One thing that entrepreneurs probably do not give much thought to, is how collaborative their accountants work in the Edmonton small business accountant office they hired to work for their business. However, the accounting firm of several and Associates have discovered that by utilizing great workstations that allow for collaboration, can ensure their teams of accountants are helping their clients to a degree that they have never been able to before.

These collaborative workstations allow teams of up to three accountants to work at a time on their clients information. Most of their accounting teams that have a minimum of two accountants in each one. The reason why this is so vital is that every entrepreneur will have a minimum of two people that are familiar with their file at all times. If one of the accountants goes on vacation or takes a sick leave, business owners can be certain that their files are continuing to get the attention that they need. The reason why this is important is that entrepreneurs are paying a flat monthly fee for all of their accounting services at Spurrell and Associates. Ensuring that no matter what month it is, that they get all of their accounting services complete is extremely important for entrepreneurs to know.

Another very important aspect of these collaborative workstations is that it allows all three accountants to be able to see all of the monitors very clearly, so that everyone knows what the other accountant is working on at all times. This clarity of information can help the accountants know what the other one is working on, so that they can work very well together. The accounting teams of two will have a chartered professional accountant or manager be able to sit in the middle in order to train them, review files and oversee the information in their client meetings.

The reason it is so important to build have a chartered professional accountant review everything is because one of the ways that this Edmonton small business accountant office helps keep their costs down to allow them to charge their clients a monthly fee, is because they hire accounting students who have yet to complete their designation. These students have an extremely high level of knowledge already, just need to complete their articling before becoming a full-fledged accountant. By employing these high-level students, this Edmonton small business accountant office can ensure that they are getting an extremely high level of value at a lower cost that they pass on to their clients.

Embracing technology for accountants does not just necessarily mean upgrading computers, it can also mean changing the way they have always done things to increase efficiencies. By doing this, entrepreneurs can have their mind to be put at ease that there paying for all the services that they absolutely need, and if the accountant requests additional work being done, they can be put at ease that they are not saying that because they are looking to bill more that month, but because it is absolutely needed for their business.

Just because Edmonton small business accountant offices have always done things the same way, does not mean that they cannot start doing things new indifferently now. Not only can technology change, but so can the way entrepreneurs and other businesses work, in order to increase efficiencies, and be able to provide the even more services to their clients than ever before. One way that an accounting firm in Edmonton, Spurrell and Associates is increasing their efficiencies is by embracing world-class and collaborative workstations.

While many accounting firms have not understood the concept of collaborative accounting, thinking that it is necessary for their accountants to work alone, this Edmonton small business accountant is doing things extremely differently. Not only are they working in teams, but they are also ensuring that they are building their clients one monthly fee instead of building hourly. The reason why they decided to do this, is because it did not seem right that accounting offices that were taking a long time to finish files should be able to bill a higher amount. By billing monthly, the accountants in this Edmonton small business accountant office need to work efficiently in order to make the monthly fee work.

In order to help them do this well, ensure that they are working in teams of a minimum of two. This allows accountants to work together, in order to get the same job done for the client. This means this Edmonton small business accountant office can get things done even faster than if that entrepreneur had gone to a traditional accounting office. Another way that these collaborative workstations can help accountants be efficient, is because they have extremely fast computers at each one. It is not just important that a computer hard drive be able to hold a lot of information, however these Edmonton small business accountant computers are able to process 2 TB of information. They are also extremely fast because their solid-state hard drives that plug directly into the motherboard of the computer. By having extremely fast computers, accountants can process information for their clients even faster. After working on these extremely fast computers, the accountants from Sperling Associates were asked to say what it was like to work on other computers after the experience. They said it was very similar to having to take a bus after being able to drive a sports car.

Another way that these collaborative accounting teams can work efficiently, is by ensuring that each accountant has three monitors at their disposal to do their accounting work. The reason why this is important, is because accountants need to look at three things for every task they do. They need to be looking at their report, their journal entry, and the document showing why the accountant is making that journal entry. Whether it is entrepreneurs bank statement, invoice or receipt for example. By utilizing three monitors at this Edmonton small business accountant office, they can ensure that all of their accountants can work as efficiently as possible, especially when coupled with their extremely large hard drives.