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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Should Accountants Work Collaboratively

Entrepreneurs often do not put a lot of thought into how their Edmonton small business accountant office works, especially when they are hiring them for the first time. However, accounting offices that embraced technology as well as working collaboratively end up being able to develop amazing work practices, that can help service their clients extremely well, at a much lower fee. For example, the accountants and Associates atís Burrell Associates are able to deliver great accounting at a flat fee per month. Because of this, they are motivated to work quickly and efficiently, allowing their clients to get their files done as fast as possible, while allowing the professionals in the office to work efficiently and quickly to move on to future clients.

One of the ways that Sperling Associates have embraced technology as well as collaborative working in their office, is by implementing these world-class collaborative team workstations. While it might not always be necessary to work collaboratively, these workstations can allow accountants to work well together whenever necessary to benefit their clients. In this Edmonton small business accountant office, all workstations consist of three desks with three computers and each computer has three monitors. This can allow accounting teams to work together, with two accounting students on either side and a chartered professional accountant in the middle to train them, review their files and oversee their client meetings. Working with students this way, can help train them which is a requirement of obtaining their designation, but it also allows Sperling Associates to keep their costs much lower than if they hired high-level accountants for their entire office.

This way, they can deliver an extremely high level of service, at the flat monthly fee that can help their clients anticipate the bill, plan their business cash flow around it, and not receive any surprises at the end of the month. Many other Edmonton small business accountant offices charge their clients an hourly fee and therefore they are not motivated to work quickly, and depending how much work they have to do in that month, an entrepreneur can never anticipate how much the bill they are going to get will cost them.

In order for these collaborative workstations to work efficiently, they need to have extremely fast computers attached to them. While many other accounting firms are working towards a cloud-based system, each one of these workstations have three computers they each have a to terabyte hard drive on them. Accountants need to process a large amount of information, for every client they have, they have a month full of bank statements, credit card statements, invoices and receipts that need to be saved on the hard drive. Not only does that hard drive need to be large, but it also needs to be very fast, so that accountants can pull up the information, work on it and save it quickly. Therefore, every one of these hard drives at Sperling Associates utilizes solid-state hard drives that plug directly into the motherboard without needing a core, which means it can process the information extremely fast. By utilizing technology in these collaborative workstations, accountants can work quickly, and utilize each other in order to help their clients.

Entrepreneurs often do not consider how their Edmonton small business accountant works as part of how they hire accountants for their business, but what the accountants at Sperling Associates are doing, are creating collaborative workstations in order to help train level accountants, to be able to spend less time on tasks, which will allow them to spend more time helping their clients develop business strategies that can help grow their business.

The most important aspect of these collaborative workstations is that it allows a team of accountants to work together. Each workstation has three desks, and each desks have three monitors that are all mounted in front of the desk. This way, each of the team members are able to see what the other one is doing, which can help them increase the location, see what the other one is doing, but most importantly at this Edmonton small business accountant office, allow a chartered professional accountant or manager to sit in the middle desk and help train their accountants.

Since Sperling Associates train up their staff from CPA students who have not yet gotten their chartered professional accountant designation, they need to article for three years, which means they can hire these high level very knowledgeable students, at a much lower rate than high-level accountants, which will allow them to provide extremely high-level services at a much lower cost. By having a chartered professional accountant or manager oversee the team, they can ensure that their continuing to deliver a great service while helping students obtain their designation.

Business owners might not consider why having three monitors is so beneficial to accountants, but because there are three critical components necessary in order to efficiently do the accounting tasks, having three monitors can ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. A study was done on accounting firms, that show the productivity level of one monitor versus to monitors in the accounting firm. That study showed that the productivity level increased exponentially from one monitor to two. They did the same study again but going from to monitors to three, and saw that the productivity level increased the same amount. Accountants are much more efficient when utilizing three monitors. Therefore, at this Edmonton small business accountant firm, they can ensure that they are being as efficient as possible by utilizing these three monitors.

It is not always necessary that the accountants working at Sperling Associates are collaborating, but when it is necessary for them to, the workstations are set up in such a way that the accountants can work together, and efficiently. This way, the client gets a great product and service at a great price, that can help them grow their business exponentially.