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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Should Accountants Change How They Work

For many years, accountants have worked the same way, a loan on each clientís files, billing hourly, but there is one Edmonton small business accountant who is changing the way accountants work. The business professionals at Spurrell and Associates are revamping how they work as well as how they build their clients, ensuring that there creating efficiencies as well as allowing their customers to be able to anticipate their bills. They should be seen as an extremely beneficial move, and entrepreneurs who are looking for accountants for their business should consider searching out accounting offices that work collaboratively as well as build a flat monthly fee.

One of the benefits to entrepreneurs having an accountant that bills them one flat monthly fee is because that will allow entrepreneurs to be able to anticipate how much they are going to be able to pay their accountant. Accountants that charge hourly, business owners are never sure exactly how much they are going to get charged. If there is more accounting to happen in one month over the next, business owners could be surprised by receiving a larger than expected bill. And ultimately, when businesses bill for accounting services on a monthly rate, they have absolutely no reason to be efficient. They can take a long period of time to complete their accounting, and that means they will be able to bill a high amount. The more efficient a traditional accountant works on a file, the less money they get paid, and the less beneficial it is to them. In is beneficial is that is to accountants, it is not beneficial to entrepreneurs.

The hiring Edmonton small business accountant that bills a flat monthly fee, entrepreneurs can be certain that whatever accounting gets done in a month is absolutely necessary, and they can help the cash flow of their business by being able to anticipate that monthly payment. Because of this, accounting firms that have moved away from hourly billing towards this new style need to maximize their efficiencies in their office in order to be able to complete tasks for their clients as quickly as possible.

When way that Edmonton small business accountant offices can increase the efficiency of their accountants, is by upgrading their computers. Towards a cloud base system, Sperling Associates ensures that every single computer that their accountants were gone utilizes a to terabyte hard drive. Not only is it extremely important that they can store a lot of information on their computer because their clients are sending them a large amount of information every single month, but speed is also important to their efficiencies as well. Having an extremely fast hard drive can mean that accountants are able to pull up a large amount of information work on it quickly say that efficiently and move onto the next task. By utilizing fast computers, accountants can exponentially increase how much work they can accomplish in a day.

Many accountants have done the same thing as long as they have ever been an accountant, which is work alone on each of their clients files and Bill hourly, there is one Edmonton small business accountant who is changing all that with their collaborative team workstations. The accountants at Sperling Associates have embraced collaborative work environment as a benefit to their accountants as well as to their clients.

Because the bill their clients one flat monthly fee, utilizing a team of accountants in their office can help accountants work very efficiently on their clients file. By having two people, entrepreneurs can be sure that no task gets forgotten, and there someone there to double-check the work. Also, to entrepreneurs that means that even if an accountant goes away on vacation or get sick, their files are still being looked after and cared for. Meaning there a monthly fee that they pay is still worthwhile.

Every workstation at Sperling Associates is able to have three accountants work at it, and most of their teams have a minimum of two people on them. In order for this Edmonton small business accountant to be able to keep their costs low, they hire high-level accounting students who still need to article before they get their designation, and because of that, having the third person at the collaborative workstation be a chartered professional accountant or manager who can help train them, review their work, and help out with client meetings whenever necessary. By working collaboratively, not only do the accountants benefit, but so do the entrepreneurs who hired them.

Understanding how these collaborative workstations are set up at this Edmonton small business accountant office is important to how they work. It is not just important that they have a workstation with three desks at it. These workstations each have three monitors that are mounted one on top of each other in front of each desk. They are placed in such a way that every single accountant can see what the other one is working on. This lends itself to the collaborative nature of working like this, every accountant can see what the other one is working on, can have open discussions as well as work on each otherís files, pointing out mistakes or increasing efficiencies.

By having these collaborative workstations, accountants will be able to work as a team, creating efficiencies, and ensuring that they can do their best work for the clients possible. When asked how they enjoyed working on other computers once they worked on these collaborative workstations, every single one of the accountants said that going back to a regular computer was like having to take the bus after being able to drive a sports car. The reaction to these workstations at Sperling Associates have been overwhelmingly positive, and has allowed the team in this office to be extremely efficient, even though the only thing that has changed is the technology and how they work together.