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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Is A Business Plan Template Helpful

One of the problems that many entrepreneurs face is that they require a business plan to help them overcome obstacles says Edmonton small business accountant. However, they are unable to afford to pay their accountant for this great service. Industry Canada says that half of all entrepreneurs end up failing within five years. The three most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada is that they are unable to find the right market for their product, they are unable to find the right team, and they run out of money these things are all addressed by a great business plan. Instead of seeing half of all their clients failing in business, Sperling Associates decided to ensure that every client that they worked with have the ability to get a plan that they would be able to use to not only avoid those problems in their business, but also grow their business and become successful.

The first thing that they needed to do to ensure that everyone of their clients could get a business plan, regardless of how much they were struggling or not was to not charge any additional fees for their business plans says Edmonton small business accountant. The reason for this, is because the businesses that needed it the most, the ones who are struggling and were in danger of failing, Rawls the ones that were less likely to be able to afford additional charges, especially an hourly fee, that leaves them not knowing how much they would eventually have to pay for the service.

In order to ensure that Sperling Associates could avoid charging for business plans, was to find a way to automate the process so that they could provide the service consistently, and quickly. Therefore, they set out to create an efficient and effective business plan template. They have been refining and honing this template over several years to help their clients succeed. This template started by making a list of all of the most common problems and mistakes that entrepreneurs make, and creating another list of the most effective solutions that have been proven to work on that particular problem says Edmonton small business accountant.

Having this list of things meant that there accountants did not have to commit all of the scenarios and problems to memory, and they did not have to commit solutions to memory as well. By allowing the templates do most of the easy work, freeze up the accountants brain power to think about other important aspects of the business plan that are not possible to be automated says Edmonton small business accountant.

Creating a business plan template meant that entrepreneurs were able to get consistent and extremely good business plans that they could use to grow their business, with out having to put their business farther behind by paying an unknown bill. By doing this with everyone of their clients, Sperling Associates were ensuring that they would not have to see their clients that they work so hard for failing. By implementing this process with all of their clients, this Edmonton small business accountant is changing how many businesses can succeed.

Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Is A Business Plan Template Helpful

There are three different types of businesses that typically need business plans says Edmonton small business accountant. There are those businesses that need financing, and require a business plan before they can get a business loan. There is also businesses that are making major changes, they are buying another business, a building, merging with another company, or just planning to grow by twenty-five or 50%. That kind of growth have been with the specific plan. And third, businesses that are struggling, and are not sure why they are struggling, or what they need to do differently to change that. The biggest problem with the latter type of business, is that they are least likely to be able to afford to pay for business plan, and change the trajectory of their business.

With the struggling businesses, Spurrell Associates decided to stop charging extra for their business plans, so that the businesses that needed help the most could get that help. However, they needed to change the way they did their business plans to ensure that they could do their business plans consistently, and at a high level. Therefore, they created an efficient templates that they could use with all of their clients, and create effective business plans, at a high level but also people he says Edmonton small business accountant. Many professionals and not just accountants but doctors and lawyers believe that templates are not useful, or necessary. They believe that they have gone to school for so long, and that is why they get paid a lot of money, because they do all the thinking. Or, they believe that their job is too complex to be able to be templated or checklist.

However, they should understand that checklists and templates can be used by all sorts of businesses including emergency room doctors, who started saving even more lives when they start implementing checklists in their emergency room, and pilots not only to safely fly and land planes, but also save lives in a disaster they were able to utilize a checklist says Edmonton small business accountant. If doctors and pilots can save lives using templates and checklists, so can business professionals and entrepreneurs use them to improve and grow their business. Ultimately, at the end of the day, a template or checklist can never replace the expertise of these professionals, it can only add to it, and make a very talented professional work even better. Checklists can help improve work, even by the person who wrote it.

The reason why templates are useful, is because it helps professionals perform at a higher level, because it does not require them to consider all of the options and scenarios from memory. It also means that they do not have to instantly recall those scenarios or solutions by memory, and allows them to think of more complex solutions, so they use the checklist to do the easy work, and then use their brain to do the difficult work says Edmonton small business accountant.