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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Collaborative Workstations Are Important To Accountants

When businesses stop thinking that technology is important, they stop being able to believe that they can be great, businesses such as Edmonton small business accountant offices need to understand that even they can embrace technology in order to improve their business. As Jim Collins, the author of six business books has said in one of them, technologies important. He cannot remain laggard and hope to be great.î When entrepreneurs hire accountants to work in their business, that have embraced technology, then they will ensure that they will have someone to work in their business that values efficiencies. The account at Burrell and Associates have embraced this idea, and have created work world-class workstations, that have allowed them to increase their efficiencies and increase the amount that they can help their clients.

The reason why embracing technology has worked for this Edmonton small business accountant office is that they do not charge their clients an hourly fee. Although most accounting firms do, what this ends up doing is allowing the accounting firms that take a long time to do their work to be able to build their client more. This seems backward, instead of being rewarded for being efficient, they are in stead inspired to work slowly. However, accountants at Spurrell and Associates have developed a system that allows them to build their clients a flat monthly fee. This does several things, they can ensure their clients can count on their bill every single month which can help them plan for that amount, which makes it easier on their business’s cash flow. But also it can ensure that they never get a surprise bill at the end of the month if they have more accounting that needs to be completed. This way, the accountants that is Burrell and Associates have a win-win for themselves and their clients.

Another way that these Edmonton small business accountants have embraced technology, is by utilizing extremely large hard drives that are very fast. Speed should be important to an accounting firm, so they can get things accomplished quickly, and because it is Burrell and Associates charge a flat fee, this is the case. By ensuring that every computer has a to terabyte hard drive, that has a solid-state that plugs directly into the motherboard, not only can they store an extremely large amount of information, they also can ensure that they are working as quickly as possible.

The next thing that entrepreneurs will notice about the workstations at this Edmonton small business accountant office, is that they each have three monitors stacked directly on top of each other. Studies have been done to show that by having three monitors exponentially increases the efficiency of accounting offices. The reason for that, is because each accounting task requires having three critical components showing at all times. The report on one screen, a journal entry on another as well as the supporting documents on the third such as the bank statements, invoices or receipts. By allowing every single one of their accountants to view all three of these components at the same time, they can work extremely efficiently.

If entrepreneurs took the time to consider how important technology was to all businesses including Edmonton small business accountant offices, they would seek out accounting firms that utilize technology in order to increase their efficiencies. The accountants atís Burrell and Associates understand how important technology is to increase efficiencies, and have created collaborative team workstations that can help their accountants not only work faster and more efficient but can also work collaboratively, in order to increase the clients experience and ensure that they are always getting consistent service.

While many other accounting firms do not understand the importance of efficiencies, because they build their clients on an hourly basis, the accountants at this Edmonton small business accountant firm bill their clients one flat monthly fee, therefore creating efficiencies is extremely important to them. One of the best ways that they can increase their efficiencies, is simply by ensuring that every one of the workstations that their accountants work at has three monitors. Studies were done regarding the importance of having multiple monitors and accounting firms, and saw that while the productivity went up between 1 to 2 monitors, it went up the same amount from 2 to 3 monitors. By ensuring that all of their teams are working from three monitors each, the Edmonton small business accountant professionals that is Burrell Associates can ensure that they are allowing their staff to work as efficiently as possible.

Another way that they increase the efficiencies in their office by these collaborative workstations, is allowing more than one accountant to work on a file at any given time. They sit and work in teams, and every client that works withís Burrell and Associates gets assigned to a team. This means that they are always working with more than one accountant, and regardless of if someone is on vacation or calls in sick, there is absolutely no interruption of service. By being able to sit and work with the team, they can ensure that they are getting the best service that they possibly can and again with their one monthly fee, they can ensure that they are getting the best service for their price.

Many entrepreneurs wonder how Sperling Associates can ensure that they are charging just a flat monthly fee, and never have that fee increased. The way they can do this, is by hiring chartered professional accountants students who are in varying degrees of experience. Since all CPA students must do three years of articling, but hiring these students to work in their office, they can ensure that there delivering an extremely high level of service at a much lower rate than accounting offices who hire only highly trained highly experienced accountants.

By developing collaborative workstations, Edmonton small business accountant firms like Sperling Associates can ensure that there delivering a great service, and they are able to do so at a fraction of the price of other accounting firms.