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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Why Are High-quality Workstations Important

Many entrepreneurs may not understand why it is important for Edmonton small business accountant to have high-quality workstations in their office. And the reason is best said by Jim Collins, the author of six business books including the best seller called good to great, in this book he says ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing technology and developing extremely efficient workstations, accountants and Spurrell and Associates can ensure that they are delivering an extremely high level of service as efficiently as possible.

What these amazing workstations look like, is important. Each workstation has three desks, large enough for three people to work side-by-side. Each desk has its own computer and three monitors. When clients come in to Sperling Associates, they are assigned one team, which sits at the same workstation every single day. This team of two or three accountants ensures that there is always more than one person who is familiar with the file, and the clients, which ensures that accountants can take a vacation, or have a sick day and the clients do not actually miss out. When shopping around for the best Edmonton small business accountant, entrepreneurs should keep this in mind.

The reason why each workstation needs to have three monitors per computer is that studies have been done to show the efficiency of having multiple monitors. For most businesses, the productivity level having one monitor and to monitors is astronomical, which is usually where the productivity ends. With the exception of accounting offices, the productivity level goes up from two monitors to three. The reason for this is because every accountant needs to have three critical components showing in order to do their job properly. They need to have the journal entry on one screen, they need to have the report on the other screen, and the third screen needs to have the document showing the reason why the accountant is making a journal entry. Because of these three critical components that need to be showing at all times, Edmonton small business accountant needs to have three monitors for every accountant.

For this accounting team of two people, many entrepreneurs want to know who is supposed to sit in the centeral computer. In order to deliver an extremely high level of service at a flat fee, Edmonton small business accountant hires extremely knowledgeable accountants, who have not completed their degree, so that they already have an extremely high level of knowledge, but still need some additional training. Therefore, a chartered professional accountant or a manager will sit in the centre computer in order to help train those staff members, and review their files to ensure that their continuing to deliver an extremely high level of service.

By utilizing these amazing collaborative workstations in their accounting firm, they can continue delivering a high level of service, for a lower rate. Since most accounting firms charge by the hour, it is not usually in their best interest to develop such an efficient workstation, but the team at Sperling Associates know the value of allowing their clients to pay one monthly flat fee, and therefore are very driven to work efficiently.

When entrepreneurs are hiring their Edmonton small business accountant, they should take into consideration how those accounting firms operate. At Sperling Associates, because they charge one flat monthly rate for their accounting services, it is extremely important to them to be able to deliver their service extremely efficiently. Because of this, they have brought in world-class workstations that can help them develop extremely great accounting service, at the flat monthly fee that their clients have become accustomed to.

One of the reasons why these workstations are so important at this Edmonton small business accountant office is because training is a huge part of running an efficient accounting practice. The reason for this, is instead of hiring high level already trained accounting professionals, the hiring students who have passed their CPA, but still need articling experience, they can get hired on at Sperling Associates, and finish getting trained. By hiring students, Sperling Associates can ensure that their costs are being kept down, and training them in order to develop extremely high levels of service.

One of the things that sets these workstations apart, is the fact that they all have extremely large computers attached to them. Three computers at each workstation, has a to terabyte hard drive and it. This means that at this Edmonton small business accountant office, each computer can store a phenomenally large amount of information. Because the number of clients that they serve, and the amount of information that each client sends in on a monthly basis is quite large, having a lot of space is extremely important. But more than that, these computers are not just large up there also fast. They have a solid core that are plugged directly into the motherboard, which means not only can these computers store a lot of information, but they can pull up that information extraordinarily fast. This can ensure that all of the tasks that the accountants need to do can be done very quickly. The staff who worked on these competitors have said working on other computers after working on these amazing worst stations is like taking the bus after driving a sports car.

The reason why it is so important for Sperling Associates to have extremely fast computers in their Edmonton small business accountant office, is because it since they charge one monthly flat fee per client, it is very important for this accounting firm to work very efficiently. This type of workstation does not make sense for accounting firms that charge an hourly rate, because the slower they work the more they get paid. Entrepreneurs who are choosing which accountant they want to hire in their business should take this into consideration. Do they want to hire an accountant who is rewarded by working slower, or they want to hire an accountant who wants to get the information to them as quickly as possible so that they can continue growing their business efficiently?