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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Upgrading This Technology And Accounting Offices

Even though entrepreneurs might not consider technology to be important to certain work environments like Edmonton small business accountant offices, technology is of vital part of any business, and businesses who do not understand this tend to fall behind. By upgrading their accounting firms, accounting offices can service their clients even better, and therefore remain competitive in the workforce. Upgrading technology does not just mean getting new computers, it also means changing the way they work and the way they help their clients, so that they are always improving themselves, and aiming to get a better service for their clients.

At the Edmonton small business accountant firm of spiral and Associates, they developed world-class workstations that allow for collaborative teamwork. Although many entrepreneurs do not think of teamwork when they think of accountants, they have discovered that by working in a team, they can provide an even better product and service to their clients. For example, by assigning every single client that they have to a team of two accounting students, this can allow a client to get an uninterrupted service. No matter what is going on in the lives of the accountants, there is always someone in the office that knows what is going on with the client file at all times. By having two people working on the information, they can work together, bounce ideas off each other and problem solve. This way, the client is getting the even best product they can, ensuring that there never missing a beat, even if an accountant calls in sick.

The reason why this Edmonton small business accountant firm hires students, rather than highly trained accountants, is because training is it large part of running and accounting practice. All students who are obtaining their designation need to go through three years of articles. Hiring these highly competent students who already had a high level of training already, they can ensure that they are helping the students get the education they need to in order to become full-fledged accountants, as well, they can ensure that there keeping their costs down, because hiring these highly trained students is far more inexpensive than hiring an entire team of extremely high-level accountants all the time. They can pass on the savings to their clients, by charging a flat monthly fee instead of an hourly rate. This way, the accounting firm wins, their student accountants when and the clients win.

Because this Edmonton small business accountant office hires students, they have a chartered professional accountant or manager who is able to sits in on their meetings with clients, to oversee the meetings, and since the collaborative workstations allow for three people to sits at the desks, the esteem of two students can have the chartered professional accountant that is overseeing them sit at the third desk, and help train them and review their files.

By working collaboratively, accounting firms such as a spiral and Associates can ensure that they are providing world-class service to their clients, helping train the next generation of accountants, and changing the way accounting offices work.

Edmonton small business accountant offices that stay on the leading edge of technology and advancements, end up changing the way they are industry works, which not only makes their industry better, it provides an unparalleled service to their clients, who end up winning. The way typical accounting firms work, is they build their clients on an hourly basis, and are not motivated to work quickly, because the longer they take on a file, the more they get paid. However, by placing an emphasis on speed, spiral and Associates are helping even more clients than ever before, and charging them one flat monthly fee, so that their clients can anticipate the bill, never get surprises, and can get all of the accounting tasks that they need for one price instead of trying to save money by sacrificing some tasks.

One of the ways that spiral and Associates are ensuring that they can work faster is by increasing the amount of technology they utilize in their office. They allow their accounting teams of two to sits and collaborative team workstations so that they can utilize teamwork to service their clients even better. While to accountants are working on one file at the same time, this can ensure that not only do to accountants get very familiar with age client, but it allows them to get the files done twice as quickly, which ultimately benefits the client.

By working together, this Edmonton small business accountant firm has also discovered that increasing the number of monitors they use not only can help them stay efficient but help them collaborate as well. These three monitors are stacked one on top of each other in front of each accounting desk, which allows everyone to be able to see what the other accountant is working on at any given time. The reason why this is important is so that these accountants do not even have to leave their desk in order to engage in teamwork together. In order to achieve this goal, the computer monitors need to be very large, and at this small business accountant office they have settled on 42 inch monitors. They also have ensured that the monitors are extremely high-resolution 4K monitors so that the information can be extremely clear on the screen as well. This is extremely important because they are reading small text and numbers on the screen all day long, the clear the computer screens, the easier it is to work quickly.

By embracing technology and collaborative environment, this Edmonton small business accountant office is able to ensure that there clients are getting the best possible service, for one predictable price, that benefits everybody ultimately. When entrepreneurs are choosing which accountant they want to work on their business, they should consider accounting firms that have embraced technology.