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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Should Accountants Work Collaboratively

Working in Edmonton small business accountant offices has typically been seen as a solitary career, not really needing to engage in collaborative work. However, by embracing the collaborative team environment, accounting firms can actually increase their efficiencies and service their clients to a much higher degree than they would before. As spiral and Associates, they have created an amazing world-class workstation that can help them not only work collaboratively, they can train top-level accountants, automate tasks that they do not need to spend much time on, and spend the remaining time helping their clients develop great business strategies. All this is made possible by utilizing collaboration in their office and developing an environment to support that.

One of the most important aspects of these collaborative workstations is that it allows three people to sit at every single workstation. Every client that comes in to this Edmonton small business accountant firm, gets assigned to accountants. That way, to accountants, can be working on their file at any given time, increasing how fast they can get things accomplished. Also, this means that clients are always going to have two people that know what is going on with their file and if someone goes on vacation, or calls in sick they know that they are going to get on interrupted service. This also allows the accountants to be able to bounce ideas off each other, and put their heads together whenever necessary in order to come up with solutions that benefit the client.

Since every workstation has three seats, but only to accountants that are working with clients, many people often wonder who sits in the middle desk? At this Edmonton small business accounting firm, they actually hire high-level accounting students who have not yet achieved their designation. Because they need to spend several years articling, by hiring students, they can ensure that they are getting a high level accountant, while keeping their prices low. It would cost a client an extremely large amount to get to accountants who were already trained up and deceive their designation. Therefore, by hiring students, they can ensure that they are getting a great value. But because there still students, but an actual designated chartered professional accountant or manager will sit in the middle seat of the workstation in order to oversee their work, review their files and train them. That way they can ensure quality to their clients.

Another important aspect of these collaborative workstations is that everyone can see every elseís bank of three monitors at all times. That way, the two accountants are working on the files at the same time they each know what the other one is doing, and therefore they can work more intuitively and collaboratively than ever before. With this Edmonton small business accountant office embracing the idea of collaborative work, they can service their clients to a much higher level than they ever were before, ensuring consistency and value.

When way that Edmonton small business accountant firms are servicing their clients even better than they ever have before, is by embracing the collaborative work environment. While many people do not understand how accountants can work collaboratively, because it is traditionally seen as a solo career, by developing amazing collaborative workstations, the accountants that is Burrell Associates are changing way accountants do business, in order to help their clients not only get the information that they need much quicker but at a much higher level at a much lower cost.

Because traditional accounting firms typically charge their clients on an hourly basis, this is least beneficial to their clients. They never can anticipate what they are going to be paying at the end of the month. If they had a particularly successful month and a lot of transactions, they may end up with a much larger bill than they could anticipate. Also, by paying hourly they might see some of the recommendations of their accountant to add specific services as unnecessary, and may actually opt out of doing important tasks because they want to save money. In order to avoid all this, the Edmonton small business accountant office of spiral and Associates have decided to charge their clients one flat fee every single month. Regardless of the tasks that they are doing it every month, they will have one flat fee. Even on extremely high-value months like corporate year ends, tax planning or business planning, they can anticipate the exact same charge every single month. This can help entrepreneurs plan their cash flow and budget to make that payment every single month. It also ensures that they do not have to pick and choose what services they use, they get all important accounting services done at the same price.

In order to be able to afford a flat fee, the accountants at spiral and Associates have to get extremely efficient extremely quickly. In order to do this, they have increased the size and speed of their computer hard drives. The hard drives are 2 TB between they can hold a lot of information, but are also solid states so that they can work even faster and their plug directly into the motherboard. These extremely large and extremely fast computers can mean that accountants can work even faster than ever before. While most other accountants are working towards a cloud-based system, spiral and Associates have decided not to, because that means that the level of service they can provide is dependent on the speed of the Internet. By moving away from this popular method, they can compete on speed. This fast accounting means that they can ensure that their clients have the information they need on an extremely fast basis, that benefits the client.

Another way that collaboration helps Edmonton small business accountant offices service their clients and increase speed, is by having to accountants working on any one client file at any time. Not only is this beneficial to the client, it is also beneficial to the accountant, who has someone else that they can bounce ideas off of, and work together on the files. Having to accountants instead of one means that clients can get their work done even faster than before, which ends up benefiting them and their business.