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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Should Accountants Embrace Technology

Even though Edmonton small business accountant offices do not seem like they would benefit greatly from increasing the technology in their office, entrepreneurs should consider that any time any business is able to embrace technology it can help them become great. This is said best by Jim Collins, who is the author of six business books and in one of them he says, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î The accountants at Spurrell and Associates have embraced technology in their office, which has helped them significantly change how they have been able to do business and help their clients.

One of the most impactful ways that technology has allowed this Edmonton small business accountant office to operate, is by allowing them to be so efficient that they can charge their clients a one flat monthly fee. This is so beneficial because entrepreneurs will be able to budget for that amount every single month, without worrying if they are going to have to pay an increased fee one month over another. Also, that is Burrell and Associates, this flat monthly fee encourages them to work as efficiently as possible. Traditional accounting firms that charge an hourly rate, have no incentive to work efficiently, because the longer it takes them, the more they get to build their clients. However, a monthly fee encourages accountants to get the information to their client as quickly as possible, which can help entrepreneurs grow their business.

One of the ways that technology has helped this Edmonton small business accountant office, is by having extremely fast computers. When people think of careers that need extremely fast computers, not a lot of people think of accountants, but this can help accountants work extremely fast which can improve their efficiency. All of the computers at Spurrell and Associates utilize a to terabyte hard drive. The amount of information that accountants must process is massive, and their clients are constantly sending them even more information every single month. From scanned invoices, receipts and bank statements, there is a high need to be able to process a lot of very large files. But what is an extremely large hard drive if it cannot work quickly? All of their computers at Spurrell and Associates all have a solid state hard drive. Which means that it is going to be able to work faster than other hard drives. They also plug those hard drives directly into the motherboard without a core, which means it can process information much quicker.

By utilizing this technology, the accountants at this Edmonton small business accountant firm are able to work efficiently which means they can get the information to their clients as quickly as possible, and then move on to their next file efficiently. One way that they can be helped in doing this, is because they have got three monitors for every work computer. The reason why this is so important is because for accountants to efficiently work, they need to be looking at three screens at all times. I need to look at the journal that they are currently making entries into, they also need to have the report that shows the effect of those journal entries, and they need to be looking at all of the documentation their client has provided that shows the reason why they are making that journal entry. Those documents can be anything from bank statements, invoices or receipts.

Almost any business who resists embracing technology to a certain degree resist embracing the things that can help make them great, as indicated by Edmonton small business accountants Burrell and Associates, they have utilized technology in their accounting firm to help increase efficiencies and benefit their client working collaboratively. Business owners should understand how this collaborative work environment can help accountants work on their files efficiently.

They have replaced all of their desks from this Edmonton small business accountant office with these world-class collaborative workstations. The way they are different, is the way they are designed. All the accountants in the office are broken down into teams, and each team works at each workstation. There are three desks and three computers for each station, and the teams are typically broken up into two. The reason they do it this way, is because it is Burrell and Associates hire CPA students who have not yet completed their articling, therefore a chartered professional accountant or a manager of the office will sit in the middle station and oversee what both of the accounting team is working on.

This collaborative team approach ensures that whatever client they have, will have two people that knows what is going on with that file, it is familiar with the client in their information. The reason why this is beneficial in this Edmonton small business accountant office, is regardless of if an accountant calls in sick, is on vacation or is no longer working at that firm, clients never miss a beat, because they always have someone else was familiar with their files. Also by working in pairs, entrepreneurs can be certain that that means no task will ever get dropped or forgotten. By ensuring that two people are working on client files, it can also help spoil and Associates charge that one monthly flat fee, because there able to get the work done efficiently.

When entrepreneurs are considering which Edmonton small business accountants to hire in their business, they should look for those accountants such as spiral and Associates who embraced technology, and encourage collaborative work because that can increase efficiencies, minimize errors for clients, and allow business owners to get their accounting done quickly so that they can have the tools they need to grow their business. By working with accountants who work this way, business owners can be certain that they are receiving an extremely high level of service for their flat monthly fee.