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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Improving Efficiencies With Great Workstations

When people think of extremely technological workplaces, they do not often think about Edmonton small business accountant offices. However, like almost all businesses, technology can improve workplaces if utilized correctly. The author of six business books including good to great, Jim Collins says this about technology: ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing efficiencies, it has changed how accounting offices operate, allowing them to be incredibly efficient which can help their clients develop business strategies, and have the information they need in order to run successful businesses.

The team of accountants at Spurrell and Associates have developed a great system for workplace efficiencies in their Edmonton small business accountant office. Each workstation can sit three people, and have the three monitors. There are two accountants and training that work per client, with one chartered professional accountant to oversee them. This allows clients to never miss a beat if one of their accountants goes on vacation, or is sick. By having more than one person able to work on files at any given time, not only does it increase the efficiencies for clients, but it allows that clients will never skip a beat or suffer from poor service.

The reason why it is important that these workstations have three monitors is because studies have been done that show the efficiencies of people that use one monitor as opposed to two or three. In the case of most offices, using two monitors increased efficiencies exponentially from just one. And that is where the efficiencies usually end for most businesses. The exception is accounting firms. Edmonton small business accountant says that for all accounting tasks, there are three critical components, therefore three monitors can be extremely efficient to use. The first monitor will have the journal entry that the accountant is working on. The second monitor will have the report and the third will have a supporting document showing the reason why the accountant is making that entry. By having theories three components shown at all times can help accountants work incredibly efficient.

Not only is it important to have three monitors, but Edmonton small business accountant says the resolution and size of those monitors is extremely important as well. Each of the monitors will be 42 inches large, but just having a large monitor want to ensure that accountants can get as much information on those monitors possible. For that reason, monitors have an extremely high resolution so that even the smallest accounting information can be on the monitor and be read easily.

By ensuring that their accountants have the most efficientís workstations possible, Edmonton small business accountant can ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible, in order to give their clients the best service possible. All offices can be improved by technology, as long as it is being applied smartly, and efficiently. Entrepreneurs should look for accountants that embrace technology and understand the benefits of working smarter and not harder

It may not be the top of the list for entrepreneurs to look for when hiring Edmonton small business accountant to work in their business, however it actually is something that should be considered. Technology can increase efficiencies of almost all workplaces as long as it is understood how. By looking at the offices of accounting firms that have embraced technology, business owners can see how increasing the efficiencies of their accountants can benefit their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should consider, is the reason why most Edmonton small business accountant offices do not want to spend the money on increasing technology in their office. The reason is that most accounting firms charge their clients by the hour, meaning if they take a long time to complete the files, they will be able to bill a larger bill. However, the accounting team at Spurrell and Associates charge their clients a flat fee per month, so it is actually important to those accountants to get their work done efficiently so that their clients can have the information they need, and they can move on to their next client. By implementing a flat fee charge, business owners can ensure a win-win for themselves as well as their clients.

One of the most important aspects of their world-class workstations is the fact that they have incredibly fast computers. Many Edmonton small business accountant offices do not understand why fast computers are important, because they are not utilizing computers for fast tasks. However, the computers at Spurrell and Associates have a to terabyte hard drive. Which means it can store a large amount of information. Many accountants have moved to a cloud-based system, which is only as fast as the Internet will allow. However, at Spurrell and Associates the hard drives mean that no matter what is going on, the accountants can process the information quickly. In addition to having large hard drives, they also are solid-state and plug directly into the motherboard without needing a core. This makes the hard drives incredibly fast the reason why fast hard drives are important to accountants, as they can pull up the information quickly and make the changes that they need to the files and save it just as fast. By working on fast and efficient computers, can allow the accounting teams to do their job as quickly as possible.

By utilizing technology efficiently in accounting office, Spurrell & Associates, the accounting teams can ensure that they are making sure that their clients are getting all the financial information they need as quickly as they can get them so that they can use the information to make great business decisions and grow their business. By understanding how technology helps the accounting trade, entrepreneurs can look for the right accountant for them, so that they can get their finances worked on efficiently and without worry..