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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Technology Benefits Accountants

When entrepreneurs are looking for which Edmonton small business accountant to work on their companyís finances, they may not consider how the use of technology and collaboration can impact that decision. However, they might want to consider how various accountants charge for their services. The reason why that is important is that when accountants charge their clients an hourly rate, they end up or did for slow work because the more time they take to complete jobs for their client, the more they are able to bill. And entrepreneurs do not see the results of this until they’re hit with then extra-large bill at the end of the month, that they were not prepared for.

Because of this conundrum, there is one Edmonton small business accountant that is working to change that. The business professionals atís Burrell and Associates have decided to stop rewarding accountants that take extra long time with finishing files for their clients, and instead, move to a monthly fee. No matter how much accounting they accomplish for their clients in a month, they charge them one flat fee. If there is a year-end financial happening in that month, tax planning or business planning, the entrepreneurs are going to be able to pay the same price that they did in the months for those did not happen. This can help entrepreneurs significantly plan the cash flow in their business. As is extremely important for new entrepreneurs who need all the help with managing the cash flow that they can get.

By charging a flat fee instead of in hourly rates, this Edmonton small business accountant office discovered that they needed to increase their efficiencies in their office in order to help a large number of people. In order to do that, they found that they needed to update their computers and by doing so developed these world-class workstations for their accountants.

One thing that set apart this workstation is not just that they were working on extremely large computers that could process a lot of information, but also these hard drives are extremely fast. By having large hard drives that could work faster meant that the accountants at this Edmonton small business accountant office were able to process even more information, and accomplish their accounting tasks even faster. This meant that the accountants could work even faster for their clients, getting them the information they needed sooner, and then being able to move on to the next client. This type of efficiencies good exponentially increase the number of clients that they help in a month.

By utilizing extremely fast computers, Sperling Associates were able to turn their Edmonton small business accountant office from a typical office that build hourly to an efficient one that were able to help their entrepreneurs by giving them one flat fee that benefited them, as well as great and efficient accounting services that allow them to make great financial decisions in their business.

When entrepreneurs think of Edmonton small business accountant offices, they do not necessarily think of hotbed of technological advancements. However, Sperling Associates were able to create extremely efficient and world-class workstations that could significantly help them service their clients, and create efficiencies in their office. The reason why this is so important, is because the accountants in this office do not charge their clients hourly, they charge one flat fee. That means it is extremely important for them to be able to work efficiently and then move on to the next client’s job.

These collaborative workstations not only use technology to increase what they can do for their clients, but they also enable accountants to work on the client files as a team, which can help their clients get the best service for their flat fee. For example, accountants work in teams of two, which allow them to be able to work on files faster, but also bounce ideas back-and-forth, ask questions and get help without having any downtime on the clientís file. By doing this, this Edmonton small business accountant firm was able to increase efficiencies even more. They also were able to hire chartered professional accounting students who have not yet learned their designation because they needed to get experience articling and accounting firm. By putting these students in teams with each other, they can help each other learn and gain experience, and the chartered professional accountants in the office can sit in the middle desk, see what both of the accountants are working on in order to help train them, review their files and oversee client meetings.

Not only is it important for these Edmonton small business accountant offices to work collaboratively, but the way these world-class workstations are composed are just as important as the method of work. For every workstation, there is three desks, and each desk has a computer with three monitors. Not only are these monitors important for the accountants to utilize, but it is also important that the monitors are set back from the desk in order to allow everyone to see what is going on on the computers. This allows this Edmonton small business accountant office to be able to work collaboratively because they can see what the other one is working on. This helps workflow as well when two accountants are working on one client file.

The size of these monitors also factored in greatly to the way these workstations work, by getting three monitors each that are 42 inches high with a minimum resolution of 4K, accountants are able to have a large amount of information on the screen, and still be able to read the very small text in very small numbers that they need. By utilizing these monitors in their workstation, accountants are able to work very efficiently, while using their extremely fast computer in order to get files done for their clients as quickly as possible.