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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Team Workstations Are Improving Accounting Firms

When considering which Edmonton small business accountant office to hire for their business, entrepreneurs should consider not just which accountants they would like to work with, but how they do their work. The reason why this is important is that accountants become an important part of the business owners team to help them get the financial information they need to run their business. Being able to work closely with their accountants, can help business owners significantly. By utilizing team workstations and their accounting firm, Spurrell and Associates are changing how entrepreneurs work with accountants.

The reason why team workstations are so important to this Edmonton small business accountant office is this allows more than one person to work with the client, and be familiar with that file. This is very beneficial in case one of the accountants goes on vacation, get sick or leaves the firm. The client will have no interruptions of service from one day to the next, knowing that all of their information is being worked on by the team.

The team aspect is extremely important as well, as this Edmonton small business accountant office employees accounting students in order to help keep their costs down. Each collaborative workstation has an opportunity for student to sit with a senior chartered professional accountant who helps train them, review their files and oversees client meetings. This can allow accounting students to get trained up on world-class stations, and earn the accounting designation that they are going to utilize.

How these collaborative workstations are set up is extremely important to the flow of the accounting office. Having three monitors at every computer and having every workstation holds three computers, it can help accountants be able to see what everyone else is working on so that it increases the efficiency of the office. When both people who are working on files can see with the other one is working on, this can lend itself to great collaboration, which can help minimize errors and increase efficiencies.

The reason why other accounting firms tend to not employ this type of workstation in their office is that since they charge their clients an hourly rate, increasing their efficiencies mean that they just charge their clients less. Therefore it is not beneficial for them. But at Spurrell and Associates, they charge a flat fee per month, so it is extremely vital for accountants to be able to increase their efficiencies in order to get the clients what they need in order to run their business. By utilizing technology and teams, entrepreneurs can be certain that they are getting the best accounting services for their flat monthly fee. This can put their mind at rest that all of the most important accounting activities are going to get done for them every single month that worrying what their bill is going to be at the end of that month. By utilizing this method, business owners can be sure that the Edmonton small business accountant that they use who utilizes these methods, are going to be a great fit for them.

Many entrepreneurs do not understand the enough it is of choosing an Edmonton small business accountant office that utilizes technology. Often, the idea is since accountants just push paper, that the use of technology is not even important. However, as Jim Collins, the author of six business books has said, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a Likert and hope to be great.î Accounting firms that embrace technology, and change how they do business, can help entrepreneurs significantly in their business.

An important aspect of the house Burrell and Associates utilize their workstations, is by ensuring that they have extremely fast computers with an extremely large storage capability. While many other accounting firms are moving towards cloud-based work, the accountants at Spurrell and Associates are instead utilizing the storage Capacities in their computers. Each computer has a to terabyte hard drive, which allows the accountants to be able to store a large amount of information. Out of all the information that entrepreneurs tend to their accountants on a monthly basis, all of receipts, bank statements, invoices, credit card statements for example all need to be saved every single month for every single client that they have. That very large hard drive will allow the accountants at spiral to store everything on-site. Not only is that important, but those hard drives also have a solid-state that are plugged directly into the motherboard without needing a core. All that means is not only can they hold a lot of information, they can work incredibly quickly. The reason why this is so important to Edmonton small business accountant offices, is that the faster the accountants can pull up the information, do the changes and say that, can actually allow them to work on far more files.

Another important aspect of the world class workstations at spiral and Associates is that they have three monitors for each desk. Studies have been done to show how productivity increases between one monitor to two monitors. The study concluded that the productivity level of typical businesses between one monitor to two is astronomical. For most other businesses, this is where the productivity ends, the only exception in that study was and accounting firms. Having more than two monitors continues to increase productivity exponentially. The reason for this was given because Edmonton small business accountant offices usually have three critical components to working on accounting files. They need to have a report on one screen, a journal entry on the other where they actually make their changes, and on the third screen showing the documents of why they are making that entry. For example receipts or invoices or bank statements. By ensuring that the accountants at spiral and Associates are utilizing three monitors, they can ensure that their increasing their efficiencies exponentially.